Keepers Beat The Pro 2022

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US Open Logo 2022Our June Keepers Kompetition is the annual mano-a-mano match between you and a randomly assigned Virtual Pro from the U.S. Open.  The pro’s hole-by-hole scores from the first round at The Country Club-Brookline will be posted to par to the corresponding holes on the North Course.

For your match you get 110% of your course handicap in this kompetition.  For each hole your net score beats the pro you get 3 points, for each hole your net score ties the pro you get 1 point.  The total points for the day is your Beat The Pro Score.

We will split the field into American and National Divisions based on handicap index.  The event prizes Keepers Kup Points and Kash Sweeps to the top five finishers in each division as shown below.

Everyone in the American Division can choose to play from the Gold or Gold/Green Combo Tees with 110% of their course handicap.  All National Division players have a choice of playing the Gold/Green Combo or Green Tees with 110% of the course handicap from the tees they choose.

For those of you who need a frame of reference, last year’s top prizes went to Steve “Lear Jet” Lerman in the American Division who scored 31 points on Rory McIlroy and to Alan “Terp Station” Schwartz who torched Jon Rahm (pictured below) for 31 points in the Nationals.

If you draw a match with this guy it would be a load…

Rahm Winning 2021 Open


Once you sign up it is your responsibility to schedule a tee time to be played on the North Course between Saturday June 18th and Saturday June 25th.  The Tournament Kommittee would appreciate it if you would play your round with another Keeper.  Please play your tournament round on the date you schedule-there are no do-overs or restarts.

At the kompletion of your tournament round tabulate your Beat The Pro Score, take a photo of the card, and e-mail ( or text it (301-379-1533) and we will update the scoresheet for the event.

Event Prizes Per Division:

Keepers Kash Sweeps: 1st-$120, 2nd-$100, 3rd-$80, 4th $60, 5th $40

Keepers Kup Points:  1st (300), 2nd (200), 3rd  (150), 4th (100), 5th (50)


Please sign up by clicking the Kosher K below. Once the first round of the U.S. Open is done, we will email the list of those signed up with their event handicaps, Virtual Pro Opponents, and a scorecard to use for the kompetition.


Registration Is Closed


Click To See Who Signed Up

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