Keepers Match Play Results 2022

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The Keepers Match Play, one of the prestige events on our kalendar, had 96 guys competing head-to-head in 6 brackets based on handicap ranges.  This kompetition was single elimination-win you go on, lose you are done.

Each kompetitor would have to win four matches against their own kind in order to take home a pile of Keepers Kup Points, some serious Kash Sweeps, and this handsome plaque you see represented to the right.

The result was four months of great Keepers Match Play kompetition full of anxious moments,  near misses, and more then our share of extra playoff holes.  In the end we had six very worthy champions.

Match Play Cossman Oakmont 2022

Oakmont Bracket

Winner-       Jeff “May Aim Is True” Cossman        $150 Kash Sweeps and The Plaque

Runner-Up- Howie “The Quiet Assassin” Stein      $75 Kash Sweeps

Match Play Polsky Bandon 2022

Bandon Dunes Bracket

Winner-       Jimmy “Here and There” Polsky                               $150 Kash Sweeps and The Plaque

Runner-Up- Stewart “Remember Why We Are Here” Cherner     $75 Kash Sweeps

Match Play Schulman Pinehurst 2022

Pinehurst Bracket

Winner-       Phil “Moses” Schulman                     $150 Kash Sweeps and The Plaque

Runner-Up- Len “The Plumber” Goldman            $75 Kash Sweeps

Match Play Thal Pebble 2022

Pebble Beach Bracket

Winner-       Ray “You Can Call Me…” Thal                        $150 Kash Sweeps and The Plaque

Runner-Up- Dave “Got A Game Of His Own” Benson      $75 Kash Sweeps

Match Play Bobys Riviera 2022

Riviera Bracket

Winner-       Neal “Found My Putting Stroke” Bobys       $150 Kash Sweeps and The Plaque

Runner-Up- Alan “Terp Station” Schwartz                       $75 Kash Sweeps

Match Play Dubin Oakland Hills 2022

Oakland Hills Bracket

Winner-       Arthur “Getting The Hang of This” Dubin         $150 Kash Sweeps and The Plaque

Runner-Up- Eddie “Double Steal” Cohen                             $75 Kash Sweeps

Click Here To See The Detail On The Match Play In Any Bracket

Kongratulations to our bracket champions and thanks to all 96 of the Keepers who participated in this year’s riveting Keepers Match Play Kompetition.

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