Keepers Pairs Match Play Results 2022

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PairsThe Keepers Pairs Match Play was an add to our schedule this year.  We took 40 Two-Man teams and had them competing head-to-head in 5 brackets based on handicap ranges.  As with our Keepers Match Play this kompetition was single elimination-win your team goes on, lose your team goes on sabbatical.

Each team would have to win three matches against like kompetition in order to take home the Keepers Kup Points,  Kash Sweeps, and a sporty trophy yet to be determined.

The result was four months of Keepers Pairs Match Play fraught with anxiety, deep exhales, and knuckle high fives.  At the end of the day five championship teams were still standing.

Bortz Stein

Seminole Bracket

Winner-       Howie Stein-Jon Bortz                      $100 Kash Sweeps each and The Trophies

Runner-Up- Brian Fein-Don Fisher                      $50 Kash Sweeps each

Dweck Goldman

Royal Liverpool Bracket

Winner-       Moe Dweck-Len Goldman              $100 Kash Sweeps each and The Trophies

Runner-Up- Don Greenberg-Rich Greenberg     $50 Kash Sweeps each

Schulman Miller

National Golf Links Bracket

Winner-       Phil Schulman-Arnie Miller              $100 Kash Sweeps each and The Trophies

Runner-Up- Peter Glass-Lew Selis                       $50 Kash Sweeps each

Green Benson

L.A.C.C. Bracket

Winner-       Dave Benson-Micah Green              $100 Kash Sweeps each and The Trophies

Runner-Up- Alan Schwartz-Mark Engel              $50 Kash Sweeps each


Royal Lytham/St. Annes Bracket

Winner-       Bernie Greenbaum-Ron Greenbaum   $100 Kash Sweeps each and The Trophies

Runner-Up- Rick Brecher-Mark A. Goldstein           $50 Kash Sweeps each

Click Here To See The Detail On The Pairs Match Play In Any Bracket

Kongratulations to Bracket Champions and thanks to all 80 Keepers who made this kompetition hum.

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