Keepers Golf & Grounds/Golf Staff Appreciation Lunch 2022

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This year’s Keepers Golf & Grounds/Golf Staff Appreciation Lunch was more like a World Cup Watch Party with Christmas decorations.  It was once again catered by Mission Bar-B-Que which meant there was plenty of smoked brisket, pulled pork and chicken, cornbread, coleslaw, beans, and mac n’ cheese to satisfy the crowd.

Mission Barbque

Greens and Grounds, Golf Shop and First Tee Staff, and a bunch of Keepers were there to watch the Brazil vs Croatia World Cup Match on the big screen.  In spite of what you might guess the partisanship was evenly split (probably a function of the office pool riding on the outcome).  When Croatia scored the tying goal in the second overtime the outburst was nuclear-it felt like we were in a sports bar in Zabgreb.

Watch Party

Crowd 1

Golf Staff 2
Ryan Hiles, Cody Sterner, Lisa Barton, Cathy Amelink, and Alejandro Balocchi


Keepers Craig Goodman, Frank Crantz, Billy Burak, Rich Greenberg, and Ryan Severidt


Kojak and Dorn
Kojak and Double D catering conversation about mac n’ cheese and corn bread


Joel and Ryan
Some business talk….Joel Weiman and Ryan Severidt conjuring up some diabolical green complex for the New South

For The Keepers community service commitment always begins close to home. We are pleased to continue this annual tradition to thank our Greens & Grounds/Golf Staff for everything they do to enhance our golf experience every day.  A special thank you to Wanda Houser who coordinates everything for this luncheon from ordering the food, delivery, and prep for the masses.

BTW, Croatia beat Brazil on penalty shots after the second overtime!!!!!


One thought on “Keepers Golf & Grounds/Golf Staff Appreciation Lunch 2022

    Eugene Youngentob said:
    December 9, 2022 at 4:02 pm

    Thanks for the pictures of what appeared to be a great event.

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