Keepers Beat The Pro 2017

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The next Keepers X full field event-our annual Beat-The-Pro Day-will be played on Saturday June 16th.  This is a spine tickling individual virtual match play kompetition against one of the prominent pros playing at The Memorial this year.   Each Keeper will pick through our proven random selection process one of eight pro scores from their Sunday round at Muirfield Village matched to par on the North Course.

Maybe you draw Jon Rahm that would be a handful

Using 110% of their handicap it will be a hole-by-hole match against their virtual pro for Stableford-like points.  For every hole the Keeper beats his pro he gets 3 points for pushed holes he gets 1 point.  The total points for the 18 holes is his Beat-The-Pro score for the day.  The kompetition will be played on the bent grass fairways of the North Course with tee times each Keeper requests that Saturday morning through the Woodmont Lottery Tee Time System.

Jordan might be a tough handle if it comes down to making putts

In 2016 aligned with the PGA Championship at Baltusrol the top Kup Points and Kash Sweeps went to Jim “I Can Be Long” Polsky with a 31 point thrashing of Billy Hurley III.  Ron “I Like My Green Tee” Edlavitch was second with 30 points against Billy Hurley III as well.  Sol “Nothing I Won’t Eat” Gordon was third garnering 28 points against Brooks Koepka.

Top Finishing Keepers Goodies:

1st Place  300 Keepers Points  and $100 Kash Sweeps

2nd Place 200 Keepers Points and $50 Kash Sweeps

3rd Place 150 Keepers Points and $25 Kash Sweeps

4th Place 100 Keepers Points and a knuckle five

5th Place 50 Keepers Points and a “atta boy!”

One new wrinkle we do not have a block of Keepers Tee Times for this event.

Once you sign up for the event through the Kosher K below you will make your own grouping and tee time request on the North Course through the Woodmont Website for Saturday morning June 16th some time after Thursday June 8th.

The system, with the help of Keeper Elves, will then give you a tee time for your grouping that morning.  You do not have to play with just Keepers…..a scorecard for each Keeper participant will be waiting for you in the shop…….this is gonna be fun…..don’t miss your chance to BEAT THE PRO!!

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Keepers Kolor War 2017-Mount Rushmore

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Keepers Kolor War “Mount Rushmore-The Seventh Inning Stretch” will be kontested on Sunday May 21st with four teams of 10 players representing the characters from the Washington Nationals Seventh Inning Stretch Presidential Races.

In an entertaining Ryder Kup Three-Stage Kompetition, Team Abe, Team Tom, Team Teddy, and Team George will vie for a pot of team Kash Sweeps as well as individual Keepers Kup points.  Team Kaptains will be designated from those who sign up and a draft of the four Presidential teams will ensue under the careful scrutiny of the Federal Election Kommission.  Handicaps in all matches provide a level playing field-80% in the 2-Man Matches and 90% in the Singles Matches.

Festivities begin Sunday morning with the First Stage 9-hole 2-Man Scramble Matches teeing off between 8:00 and 9:00 am playing for 36 team points per match.  The same pairings will play the back nine the Second Stage Double 2-Man Best Ball/Worst Ball match so they are effectively two matches going at the same time in each foursome.   Each of those matches are played 36 team points so the total available in each foursome is 72 points.

The Kool Kosher K Team Hats for each squad

We break to lick war wounds, grab a snack, and a review the team scoreboard situation.  The finish is the Third Stage 5-Hole Short Game Skills Matches starting at at the Sydney Harman Short Game Area and the Old Short Game Practice Greens at 1:30.  These matches are made up of foursomes of one player of similar handicap from each Presidential squad who will play Almost Skins (7/5/3/1 points per hole) for an available 80 points per foursome.  The whole shebang should be done by 2:30 pm.

The winners booty…..members of the winning team get $50 Kash Sweeps per person with $25 Kash Sweeps per person for the runner-up team.  Individual points from matches will be tallied to determine the four team MVPs (top individual point totals) who get 200 Keepers Kup Points and a Presidential Bobblehead Trophy for their efforts.

Team George MVP
Team Teddy MVP











Last year, in the Battle of the Beers 2016, it was the formidable Team Corona Extras-Moe Dweck, John Friedson, Steve Keller, Herbie Cherner, Harry Harrison, Phil Schulman, Monroe Brett, and Chet Levine-who prevailed as the “Top of the Hops”.

Come out and enjoy our raucous day of Keepers Team Kompetition……..Slots are limited so sign up early.

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Keepers Tuesday Flap Jacks 2017

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Flap Jacks PhotoOur first Tuesday Night Pick-Up Game of the year will be a scrumptious team affair on May 9th with assigned tee times from 4:30 p.m to 6:00 p.m.  The Keepers  will indulge in a 3-Man Team format we call Flap Jacks.  The Keepers Black Box will assemble 3-Man teams from all the Keepers who sign up.  The 9-hole kompetition will be on the North Course Gold Tees with 90% handicaps.

This unique team format counts two net scores on each hole.  On the Odd Holes the team counts their two best net ball scores and on the Even Holes the team’s two not-so-best-ball scores will count.  The total score of the two net balls counted on each of the nine holes is the team Flap Jack Score.

The point is simple….butter that griddle generously because every man’s score has a chance to matter on every hole.

Event Prizes Per Man on winning teams:

Keepers Kash Sweeps:  1st- $50,  2nd $25,  3rd $10

Keepers Kup Points: 1st (150),  2nd (120),  3rd (90),  4th (60),  5th (30)

There will also be a Voluntary Kash Players Pool Game for those who are interested.  The game is net individual score for the nine holes.  Please bring $10 cash if you want in on this game-half goes to the military charity pool and half to prize the top three individual net scores and ties.

To sign up hit the Kosher K below. As a Keeper pick your name from the sign up drop down-click on submit to sign up.

The teams will be fairly created by the time tested algorithms of the Keepers Black Box.  Plan to hang around for dinner as the finishing short order cooks assemble in the Trophy Room.

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Keepers Alternate Shot Match Play Series 2017

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The Keepers Alternate Shot Match Play Series will celebrate it’s third iteration this spring and summer and you don’t want to miss this opportunity to show your stuff at Alternate Shot.

This awesome kompetition will be three Wednesday Two-Ball evenings over three months where you and a partner of your choice will play 18-hole Alternate Shot matches against other teams playing in the Series.  This is a year-long competition but it is not single elimination so teams are guaranteed of at least three match opportunities over the Series.

Each evening starts at 5:00 in a shotgun start so we can get the 18-hole matches in before the sunlight is done.  Your team will get 80% of the average of your two handicaps on the course each night-Blue Tees on the South and Gold Tees on the North (Blue/Green Option for those who qualify).  This is true alternate shot-one guy drives on the odd holes, the partner on the even holes playing alternate shot all the way into the cup.  It plays very fast as long as you don’t spend time apologizing to your partner each time you put him in a bad spot.

Over three months-we have designated three Wednesday Two-Ball Nights for the Series. The scheduled three match nights are May 24th, June 14th, and July 19th.

You do not have to play all three nights to participate in this Series.

The 18-hole matches will be played for 1 point a hole-a total of 18 standings points available per team. For the purpose of the Series Standings we will only count the two best of three possible Two-Ball standing points performances for each team. This mitigates the effect on the standings if a team misses one Series event. Standings will be maintained and posted on The Keepers bulletin board and on this website.

We will poll the teams the week before each scheduled Series Night to determine who is coming and set the matches accordingly.   Keepers Points Payouts are garnered for the winner of each Alt-Shot Series match (50 Keepers points per man for a win and 25 per man for a tie).

The Series Standings will be based on your teams best two match performances after the three Alt-Shot Series matches-so you only need to play in two matches to have a chance to advance.  The top four teams in the Standings advance to the Final Fore for the championship playoff to determine the Keepers Alternate Shot Match Play Series champion.  The scheduling of the championship playoff will be left open to accommodate the four qualifying teams.

2016 Alt Series Champs-Freaky Friedson and Pablo Cohen

Aside from Keepers Points for each series match win or tie, Keepers Kash Sweeps and additional Keepers Points will be paid out to each team in the Final Fore Playoff based on after the championship dust settles.  These ethereal trophies go to the winning team as well.

The super-kool hardware that goes to the winners
The super-kool hardware that goes to the winners

You can sign up with your partner by emailing and we will add your team to the Series Roster.

If you do not have a partner and want to play just email me your name and I will put it into the Keepers Match Making Machine to assign you a pard.

Par Three Tournament-2017

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This year’s Woodmont Par Three Tournament will be an electric affair as it will be played on a reinvented 18-hole short course on the North on Sunday April 30th.  This year’s theme is “Short Circuit-Sure To Get A Charge Out Of This One”.

The unique 4-person event is played over an updated Par 54 course-approximately 1828 yards as the drone flies, made up of 18 unique Par 3 holes-the creative output of D & D & W & F Design Associates.  The holes range from 80 to 160ish yards with most playing under 120, so this is an opportunity for players of all caliber to take part in one of the most unique events on the Woodmont Golf Calendar each year.  You have never seen your course look or play like this so don’t miss out on the fun.

It is played as a 4-Person Step-Back Scramble format so the individual challenge is made slightly easier by the fact that your result does not have to count on each shot.  A team scramble handicap increment will be deducted for each group so it is going to take a bunch under par to take home the Net or Gross prizes.  The UL Rating for the course is “Scoring Resistant”.

Precision is required on the Laser Beam 7th hole

(Click to enlarge the image)

In the 2016 Net competition, Norman Freidkin teamed up with Gary Ratner and Howard and Carol Cohen to take top honors with their team posting an outstanding 38.6 net.  In the Gross competition the team of Marc Birnbaum, Herb Kushner, Howard Wollner, and Andy Lee won with a fine score of 10 under par.

Final Results from the 2016 scintillating Par Three Tournament

(Click to enlarge the image)

As with all Woodmont events there are serious Keepers Kup Points going to our guys in the top five finishing groups with Keepers.  So corral some friends and sign up your four-person squad for this entertaining competition through the Woodmont Golf Registration portal by clicking the Woodmont Logo below.

Click to register through Woodmont Website

(Click to review the downloadable color yardage book for the event)

(Click to see the event scorecard for hole names and yardages)

Keepers Pro-Schmo 2017

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We celebrate the opening of the Keepers X Kampaign for 2017 with our annual Keepers Pro-Schmo on The Accounts Free Day, Sunday April 16th.   Keepers will be playing in a low impact Two-Man Best Ball with a Virtual Pro score from Sunday’s final round at Augusta.  Play begins with assigned tee times starting at 8:30 with 90% handicap from the Blue Tees on the South Course.

The Blue/Green Combo Tee option is available to players whose Handicap Index plus their Age is greater than or equal to 92.  Booty for winners include Kash Sweeps to the top three and Keepers Kup Points for the top five finishing net team scores.

Using the time tested Keepers Random Eight Selection methodology players pick one of (8) pro partner’s scores from Sunday’s round at Augusta. The Pro’s hole-by-hole score is posted to par on the South Course and they play a virtual best ball between the Pro Partner’s gross score and the Keeper Schmo’s net score on each hole.

2016 Pro Schmo Scoreboard

(Click to enlarge the image)

There were 43 Keepers in the field when Dave “Newbie” Benson snuck up on everyone teaming with J.B. Holmes for a net 59 to win top honors.   In an early season hint of what was yet to come, 2016 Kup Winner Moe “Kommish” Dweck came in second shooting net 60 with Henrik Stenson, who himself used this as a stepping stone to win his first major at the Open Championship later in the year.

Dave Benson was all smiles at the Schmo in 2016

There will also be a voluntary Players Pool Kash Kompetition-Pars or Better-for those who are interested in a side game.  As is our tradition half the money in the Players Pool goes to fund our Folds of Honor/SMGA Wounded Veterans/Israeli Defense Fund Veterans kontributions at the end of the year.

Jump start your year with some Keepers winnings….sign up for the event by clicking the Kosher K below.

Event Sign Up Closed

Keepers Last Supper-2016

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Keepers and GavelThe Keepers celebrated our ninth year with 40 members and staff friends enjoying a lavish buffet of Hot Shoppes Kuisine.   The fare included Mighty Mo’s, Teen Twists, Onion Rings, Orange Freezes, Root Beer Floats, and, of course, Hot Fudge Ice Cream Cakes.  Awards were passed out, we had a poetry reading, and Trillium Rose and Brian Levenson ran an informative Q & A on the subject of mental management preparing for and playing the game.

It was a fun evening of reminiscing and giving each other a hard time.  Exit polls showed there were no hanging chads and no disputed results we care to mention.

Catering provide the full Hot Shoppe Experience
Catering provided the full Hot Shoppe Experience
The Town Hall konversation was about managing your mind
The Town Hall konversation was about managing your mind
The Kup Hardware
The Kup Hardware
Alternate Shot Series
Alternate Shot Series
Year-Long Match Play Plaques
Year-Long Match Play Plaques
The Kommish With The Kup
The Kommish With The Kup
Moe Dweck and Ron Hirschel Kup Finale Winners
Moe Dweck and Ron Hirschel Kup Finale Winners
Neal Bobys...The Lead Dog
Neal Bobys…The Lead Dog
Freaky Friedson Alt Shot Series Champ (Partner Paul Cohen on excused absence)
Freaky Friedson Alt Shot Series Champ (Partner Paul Cohen on excused absence)


Len The Plumber with the Match Play Championship Plaque
Len The Plumber with the Match Play Championship Plaque
Nobel Laureate Doc Keller with some poetic injustice
Nobel Laureate Doc Keller with some poetic injustice