Keepers Alternate Shot Match Play Series 2015

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Keepers and GavelWe are introducing the next step in the evolution of Alternate Shot play at Woodmont in the form of the exciting new Keepers Alternate Shot Match Play Series.  This awesome kompetition will be three Tuesday Two-Ball evenings over three months where you and a partner of your choice will play 18-hole Alternate Shot matches against other teams playing in the Series.  This is patterned after the Keepers Match Play in that it is a year-long competition but it is not single elimination so teams are guaranteed of at least three match opportunities over the Series.

Each evening starts at 5:00 in a shotgun start so we can get the 18-hole matches in before the sunlight fails.  Your team will get 80% of the average of your two handicaps on the course each night-Blue Tees on the South and Gold Tees on the North.  This is true alternate shot-one guy drives on the odd holes, the partner on the even holes playing alternate shot all the way into the cup.  It plays very fast as long as you don’t spend time apologizing to your partner each time you put him in a bother.

Over three months-we have designated three Tuesday Two-Ball Nights for the Series. The scheduled three Tuesday nights are May 19th, June 16th, and July 14th.  You do not have to play all three nights to participate in this Series.

The 18-hole matches will be played for 1 point a hole-a total of 18 standings points available per team. For the purpose of the Series Standings we will only count the two best of three possible Tuesday standing points performances for each team. This mitigates the effect on the standings if a team misses one Series event. Standings will be maintained and posted on The Keepers bulletin board.

We will poll the teams the week before each scheduled Series Night to determine who is coming and set the matches accordingly.   Keepers Points Payouts are garnered for the winner of each Tuesday match (50 Keepers points per man for a win and 25 per man for a tie).

Based on the Series Standings at the end of the three Tuesday Series matches, four teams advance to the Final Fore for the championship playoff to determine the Keepers Alternate Shot Match Play Series champion.  The scheduling of the championship playoff will be left open to accommodate the four qualifying teams.

Aside from Keepers Points for each series match win or tie, Keepers Kash Sweeps and additional Keepers Points will be paid out to each team in the championship playoff based on their final position after the championship dust settles.  Spiffy trophies go to the winning team as well.   The format for the championship playoff is still a work in progress but, in the Keepers tradition,  it is guaranteed to be entertaining.

Don’t miss this one-it is going to be a Keeper Kool experience..  You can sign up with your partner by emailing and we will add your team to the Series Roster.  Please let us know if your team is available to play on the first scheduled night on May 19th.  If you do not have a partner and want to play just email me your name and I will put it into the Keepers Shidduch machine to match you up.

Twilight League 2015

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Woodmont LogoThe Woodmont Men’s Twilight League, a Spring/Summer celebration of fun golf and fine eating, will be held Wednesday night’s this year starting on May 20th through June 24th.  Sign ups are open through the Woodmont Website or by calling the golf shop.

As has become the tradition in this Woodmont golf league,  you pick your partner and are placed on one of five teams-which includes a professional captain-for a series of 9-Hole best ball matches over six weeks. Playing with 80% of your course handicap, each match is worth 9 points as you accumulate totals for your team.  There are sweeps prizes each week and and overall team winners for the whole shooting match.

Matches begin each Wednesday evening at 5 p.m. with a shotgun start.  As an added bonus there are 50 Keeper’s Kup Points for every weekly match you win and 25 for every match you tie.  This is a proven way to sneak up the Keepers Kup Standings under the radar.

Best part is that no matter how bad you play you still get the delectable buffet dinner which covers the full gamut of your culinary favorites.  Don’t miss out of the fun, sign up while there is still space for the Men’s Twilight League.

Par Three Tournament 2015

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Woodmont LogoThe annual playing of the Woodmont Par Three Tournament will be held on the North Course on Sunday April 19th.  This year’s version is called “Northern Exposure” and will be a survival of the fittest affair. The course is Par 54-2040 yards made up of 18 unique Par 3 holes-the creative output of D & D & W Design Associates.  The holes range from 80 to 160 yards with most playing under 120, so this is an opportunity for players of all caliber to participate and contribute to a winning effort.

Given the 4-Person Step-Back Scramble format the personal challenge is made slightly easier by the fact that your result does not have to count on each shot.  A team scramble handicap increment will be deducted for each group so it is going to take a bunch under par to win the day this year. There are club prizes for low gross and low net groups.

Last year the team of Doc Keller/Kaptin Keith Eig/Freaky Friedson/World Wide Weber shot 45 gross/40.5 net to win the top prize.  Sniffing at their heels were Missus Dweck/Mishner Dweck/Zee Bot Zweig/Not Da Fink who had gross 46/41.2 net to take second.





The opening challenge from the back range teeing area is Peep Hole
Peep Hole-the opening challenge from the back range teeing area to the first green.
The Road Hole is #9-pitch across 3 lanes into the 7th Green.
The Road Hole is #9-pitch across 3 lanes into the 7th Green.
Tear Bucket is the 15th-a true postcard hole.
Tear Bucket is the 15th-a true postcard hole.


As with all Woodmont events there are serious Keepers Kup Points going to our guys in the top five finishing groups with Keepers.

So grab some partners and sign up your four-person squad for this entertaining competition on-line at the Woodmont Website.  Like the Cross Country at year’s end, this is a unique event you do not want to miss.





(Click to see the Par Three Scorecard)

(Click to review hole detail in the Northern Exposure Yardage Book)



Keepers Pro-Schmo 2015

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Join us for the first Keepers event of 2015 when we play the Keepers Pro-Schmo on Saturday April 18th.  This is a 2-Man Best Ball with a Virtual Pro score from Sunday’s final round at Augusta.

Keepers pick out of the Keepers Kap one of (8) pro partner’s score from Sunday’s round at Augusta. The Pro’s hole-by-hole score is posted to par on the course we are playing and they play a virtual best ball between the Pro Partner’s gross score and the Keeper Schmo’s net score on each hole.

Tee times are from 8:30 to 10:00 am and all Keepers play with 90% of their handicap.

We had 36 Keepers in this event last year with the teams of Kojak/Gonzalo Fdez-Castrano and Doc Keller/Brandon Grace taking top honors at 11-under par on the South Course.  Five others tied for third at 10 under including Chet Levine, Arnie Miller, Jim “Boom Boom” Polsky, Rob Shesser, and Neal Bobys so this was a hotly contested kompetition.

Last Year's Results
2014 Pro-Schmo Results

There will also be a voluntary Players Pool Kash Kompetition-Pars or Better-for those who are interested in a side game.  As is our tradition half the money in the Players Pool goes to fund our Folds of Honor/SMGA Wounded Warriors kontribution at the end of the year.

Get your Keepers year off to a fast start….sign up for the event by clicking the Kosher K.

Keepers Match Play 2015

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Keepers and GavelThe Keepers Match Play is a year-long single elimination version of March Madness which pits each of our guys against each other over the course of the season in search of one Keeper who will stand tall over all others as Match Play Champion.  There is one match a month…. win to move on…..lose return to your locker room cubicle despondent.

The matches are set by the Copyright Pending Stewart Cherner Equitable Match Seeding Formula which insures that players of similar handicaps compete against each other in the Play-In, First Round, and Second Round matches.  With 74 guys filling a grid of 64 there are 10 Play-In matches made up of the new Keepers and guys of similar handicap who did not have Play-In matches last year.  These Play-In Matches will be played on the North Course between April 1st and April 26th.

The 32 first round matches for the entire grid are to be played on the South Course (once it is open) on or before May 17th.  It is the responsibility of each pair of kompetitors to find a time to play their match at their earliest convenience.

WARNING:  The deadline is closer than it seems.

Remember that the Keepers Match Play Policy is that there are no extensions granted for the deadline of matches.  If kompetitors cannot agree on a time to play the first round match by May 17th they will both be forfeited and out of the kompetition.  There is no calling the Commish asking for an exception.

Match Rules:

-18 holes played under USGA rules pertaining to Match Play. Rulings or disputes will be decided by David or another Golf Professional

-Played on the course designated in the grid for each round from the Gold Tee (North) or Blue Tee (South)

-90% of the current course handicaps stroked off the low ball

-If a Keeper is authorized to play the Green Tee under the Keepers Senior Policy they may choose to play the Green Tee using their Green Tee Course handicap and do not have to give back any further adjustment to the other player.

-Ties after 18 holes must return to the 1st tee for a sudden-death playoff

-It is the responsibility of the winner indicate match result on the Match Play Grid on the Keepers Bulletin Board in the men’s locker room

There are links below for printable copies of the Keepers Match Play Grid and the Match End Dates for all rounds.

Good luck…..may the best Keeper prevail!

(Click to see the Keepers Match Play Grid)

(Click to see the Match End Dates)


Opening Day: Member-Member: Member-Guest

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Woodmont LogoPunxsutawney Phil has had his way with us this past month but it seems like the glacier is finally receding and it is time to let your mind begin to focus on the golf season just a few dwindling snow drifts away.

The Keepers have always been avid supporters of the marquee events at Woodmont Golf and these three are now available for registration on the Woodmont website. As with all the Woodmont events there are participation points and significant Keepers Kup Points to Keepers who do well.

Opening Day:

The Woodmont season officially starts with Opening Day on Thursday April 30th. This is a four-man team event-two best balls-one gross and one net-with trophies for individual gross and net as well. Lunch-Tee Gift-Golf-Cocktails/Dinner all for the price of admission.

Keepers Kup points will be awarded to the top five four-man teams with Keepers and bonus points if a Keeper wins the individual low gross or low net trophy.

You won’t want to miss the Member-Member on Saturday and Sunday May 16th and 17th. The event has been reinvented and includes a rejuvenated format, breakfast and lunch both days, on-course delicacies, and a tee gift. Trophies and sweeps to the winners.

This is a two-day two-man team competition with 80% handicap. Your team will be put into a flight of eight teams and then split into two four-team groups. You compete in a round robin with the other three teams in your group for three 9-hole matches worth a point a hole. Based on your total points earned in the first three matches your team will be re-seeded with the eight teams in your flight for one more Battle Royale Match worth double points to determine a flight winner. The overall points winner across all flights will be the 2015 Member-Member Champion.

Keepers Points for each match won or tied and bonus points for a Keeper if he is the overall event winner.

The Grand Daddy of them all is the Three-Day Member-Guest on June 11th-13th. This one is usually a sell-out that includes a practice day on Thursday followed by two days of intense flighted match play competition. The event includes the full monty of gifts, meals, on-course goodies, and golf fun.

Like the Member-Member Keepers Points for each match won or tied and bonus points for a Keeper if he is the overall event winner.

So start the pre-season stretching routine and make some calls, line up teammates, and get to the Woodmont website to sign up for these three marquee Woodmont events.

Keepers 2015 Recruitment Roll Kall

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Keepers and GavelThe Keepers enter their eighth season in 2015 and you are invited to join us in the golf fun and festivities that will result. Our schedule will include 21 Keepers and Woodmont golf events for you to choose from as well as the Keepers advocacy and community service programs for your participation.

The schedule includes (3) Saturday Keepers events, (3) Keepers Tuesday Night Pickup Games, and the new (3) Keepers Tuesday 2-Ball Alternate Shot Match Play events. We will also have famous Keepers Year-Long Match Play and the Keepers Kup Finale in September. Keepers Kolor War is taking a year off and the new offering on the block is the Keepers Tuesday 2-Ball Alternate Shot Match Play Series. A descriptive of the Tuesday 2-Ball Series is in the Keepers Guidebook linked below. The full schedule of Keepers and Woodmont golf events is linked below as well.

Our community support will be similar to last year-donations to the Woodmont Employees Assistance Fund, donation to the Marines Helping Marines organization, 18 holer’s Annual Alzheimer’s Foundation Event, the Keepers 1st Tee Outing this summer, Wounded Warriors Outing this spring, and our Folds of Honor/SMGA Wounded Warriors Players Pools during our Keepers events through the year.

All Keepers must recognize that fair competitions require up-to-date and correct handicaps and knowledge of the rules of the game. The Keepers will abide by all Woodmont Golf Committee rulings and disciplinary actions regarding proper handicap postings and playing by the rules of the games in competitions.

The member fee for 2015 is $335 which will cover Keepers goodies for you, Kash Sweep prizes, and subsidy of our community service commitment. This year’s Keepers Stuff will total around $150 in shirts, hats, other clothing, and some awesome accessories to choose from. The Keepers Haberdashery Subcommittee will be at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando the week of January 19th unearthing kool options for the Keepers giveaways.

You can sign up on line for the Keepers 2015 by clicking on the Kosher K below and picking your name from the drop list provided. Or you can e-mail me at and I can add you to the list. Billing of the Keepers member fee will be processed in the end of March or early April.

If for any reason you do not intend to continue with us please let me know by return e-mail and I will remove you from our roster for 2015.

Either way we would appreciate it if you can let us know in the next two weeks so we can have an accurate count of members for 2015 before ordering our Keepers merchandise.

If you are not currently a member of The Keepers and would like to join in 2015 please send me an e-mail at and we will get you signed up.

We are always looking for new Keepers so if you know anyone who might be interested please feel free to send them the link to this recruitment posting.

Looking forward to your participation in an awesome Keepers Eight Kampaign in 2015.

(Click to see a PDF of the Keepers Guidebook for 2015)

(Click to see a PDF of the Keepers Schedule for 2015)

Click to register for the Keepers for 2015
E-mail    to register for the Keepers for 2015

Keepers Last Supper

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Keepers and GavelThe Keepers Last Supper celebrating the seventh year of The Keepers was attended by 32 Keepers and Staff Friends at Mykonos Grill in Rockville on November 19th.  The evening included delectable Greek food, Keepers awards, and some Q & A with George Solomon, former Sports Editor of the Washington Post.

Full metal meal with all the fixins
Full Greek delicacies with all the fixins
Cocktails before the dinner
Cocktails before the dinner









Plenty of the regular Keeper suspects were on hand, joined by Mike Thomas, Pete Wendt, Trillium Rose, Brice Busse, and Andy Heiberger from the golf staff.

Awards were given out to the Match Play Champs, Lead Dog, Keepers Finale Winners, and Keepers Kup Winners in the normal ceremonial fashion.

Smiling KeepersDistinguished Guests

Steve Keller the Lead Dog
Steve Keller the Lead Dog
Moe and Billy B the Match Play Runner Up
Moe and Billy B the Match Play Runner Up


Kup Winner Len The Plumber-2nd PC Cohen-3rd Neal Bobys
Winner Len The Plumber-2nd PC Cohen-3rd Neal Bobys




Guest speaker George Solomon ran a spirited Q & A
Guest speaker George Solomon ran a spirited Q & A

















Through the generosity of The Keepers and donations of individual members The Keepers are making a donation of $1800 in memory of our departed good friend Gary Jonas who passed away this fall.  Gary was a charter member of The Keepers, an active participant in all of our events, and a valued adviser when it came to Keepers Kommunity Service initiatives.  His memory will be a blessing to The Keepers as long as we are at this.


Our good buddy Gary Jonas
Our good buddy Gary Jonas

Woodmont Cross Country Tournament

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SouthwickWith the leaves falling and the temperatures following the end of the golf season means one last competitive hurrah in the form of the annual Woodmont Cross Country Event.  This is a Four-Man Scramble Competition played this year as a shotgun starting at 9:00 am on Sunday October 26th across the Southwick Twelve as curated by the Dwinkoff Design Group.   Ben and Bill have moved no earth but “discovered” 12 hidden gems among the fields of zoysia on the south end of the property.  Five par fours, five par threes, and two par fives make up an array of holes with the distinct feel of the Golden Age to challenge diehard players to play shots they never dreamed of.  Fair, hardly…..Fun, certainly……this is a unique event you don’t want o miss.

The approach to 50 Shades of Grey from the fifth fairway to the third green supports a variety of possibilities
#3 50 Shades of Grey from the fifth fairway to the third green supports a variety of approach possibilities.

The format is a step aside scramble with four tee shots on every hole.  Each subsequent shot is played by three of the teammates.  The player’s whose shot is chosen on the drive will step aside for the next shot and the other three play the approach.  The player that has his shot chosen on the approach will now step aside with the first player back in the mix for the third shot on the hole.  This continues until the ball is holed.  All four guys return to play the tee shot on the next hole.  The other abiding rule, to insure full participation in the team result, is that every player must have his tee shot chosen on one of the five par three holes on the card.  A team scramble handicap is calculated by the USGA suggested formula which is a black box calculation if there has ever been one.  The team handicap is taken off the gross team score for the twelve holes (total par is 45 on the Southwick Twelve) and sweeps prizes are awarded accordingly to the top finishers.

#6 Sid's Sideboard is 165 year carry from the 9th tee to the back pin on the Harmon Short Game Practice Green
Sid’s Sideboard #6 is a 165 year carry from the 9th tee to the back pin on the Harmon Short Game Practice Green.  Yes that tree on the right is an issue.

This event is open to all Woodmont golfers and you can sign up for this event through the Woodmont Website, limited to 48 players.  If you want to designate your team members submit a list to the golf shop by end of business  on Tuesday October 21st so tee groupings can be established.  A detailed yardage book outlining the challenge will be emailed to all participants by the 23rd to give them adequate time to plot their strategies of attack for Sunday’s event.

Only 128 yards from beside the pond on 12 to #12 Pete's Porch will take good judgement in picking the right stick for the task at hand.
Two stories up, 128 yard carry from beside the pond on 12 to #12 Pete’s Porch will take good judgement in picking the right stick for the task.


Why 12 holes?  If it was good enough for Old Tom at Prestwick it is good enough for us.

(Click to see the printable Yardage Book For The Southwick Twelve)

Keepers Kup Finale

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Keepers KupThe Grand Daddy of them all, The Keepers Kup Finale, our richest payday of the year will be held on Saturday September 27th for 18 holes of net kompetition to determine the Keeper Golfer of the Year.

After the Rusty Reset of the season long Keepers Kup Standings as of September 22nd it will be a no holds bar fight for the right to hold the prestigious Kopper Kup.  The top eight players in the Keepers Kup Standings at the end of the day will collect generous sweeps with kopper vessels going to the top three in the final standings.  There is also the day kompetition which awards a silver kup to the winner of the Keepers Kup Finale event along with sweeps to the top three finishers in Saturday’s round.

After the reset the top five in the standings kontrol their own destiny-if they win the Finale they win the Keepers Kup.  The top fifteen in the standings going in can win the Keepers Kup with a little help from their friends.  Anyone playing in the Finale has a chance to move up into the top eight and kash in on the generous money sweeps for the year long kompetition.  Just ask Stewart Cherner and David Ruben who made seismic moves during the Finale to enrich their sweeps accounts the last two years respectively.

Year Long Keepers Kup Prizes:

Kopper Trophies for the top three in the Keepers Kup Standings

Kash Sweeps- 1st $500, 2nd $350, 3rd 250, 4th $175, 5th $125, 6th 100, 7th $75, 8th 50


Keepers Kup Finale Prizes:

Silver Trophy for low net of the day

Kash Sweeps- 1st $100, 2nd 50, 3rd $25  (3 low nets of the day)


Charity Events:

Folds of Honor 2SMGA LogoSeparately we will have two Folds of Honor/SMGA Players Pool opportunities for kash prizes.  In both half the money goes to the charities and half goes to the winners.


There will be a Keepers Kallaway Kompetition-you drop your worst par three, worst par four, and worst par five from your gross scorecard of the day and get 75% of your handicap toward your Kallaway score.  $20 entrance fee to this kompetition remitted the day of the event.  Top three Keepers Kallaway scores win kash.

Separately we have a 50/50 raffle with three winning raffle tickets being picked from the Keepers bowl by Vanna Jo Busse.   The tickets are $12 each or 3 for $30-buy as many as you want.  Remember half the money goes to the charities.  You do not have to be present at the Finale to play the 50/50 raffle-if you want in on this you can mail a check made out to “The Keepers” to the Commish and he will mail you back your raffle tickets.

Don’t miss out of the fun….sign up through the Keepers Kosher K below.

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