Tuesday Keepers Almost Skins

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The Keepers Kup race turns the half mile pole and starts to head for home.  The next leg begins on the 8th of July when we will hold our next Tuesday Night Nine-Hole Pickup Game.  The format is the always popular Almost Skins where we will group the kompetitors together with similar handicaps to play a net 4-man match for points.  Each hole is worth 7-5-3-1 points respectively to the guys who have the best to worst scores on the hole.  This is similar to the format played in the Woodmont-Woodholme-Suburban Tri-Club event in October.  Tee times will be between 5 and 6 pm on a course yet to be determined.

There are Keepers Points to the top five Almost Skins scores of the day and Keepers Kash Sweeps to the top three.


Tuesday Keepers/Young Guns 4-Club

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On Tuesday June 24th The Keepers and Young Guns will run a collaborative afterwork 9-hole 4-Club event with tee times from 5 to 6 p.m.  The teams will be blended members from the two groups playing a net best ball with 90% of their handicaps.  The 4-club format is always fun where each player will designate 4 clubs they can use during the round (no sharing clubs between team mates)-the putter is considered a club if you choose to take it with you. This takes a little forethought in picking your implements so plan accordingly.

Entry fee is $10 kash per man-all the money will go to pay off the top three winning teams.  There will also be Keepers Kup Points to the top five finishing Keepers.

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Keepers U.S. Open Beat-The-Pro

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This Saturday Keepers event on June 14th pits you in a one-on-one match against one of the pro’s playing at the 2014 U.S. Open at Pinehurst.  We will assemble the scores of 8 of the pros from Thursday’s round at Pinehurst and post them to par on the corresponding holes on the Woodmont scorecard.  You get 110% of your handicap in a kuasi-Stableford kompetition against the pro you picked from the Keepers Kap. For each hole you win in your match you get 3 points, for each hole you tie you get 1 point.  Total points for the day wins the event.

Last year’s event had serious fireworks-it took 29 points to win as (4) guys beat their pros soundly.

2013 Winners:

Phil Malet over Dustin Johnson

Howard Wollner over Lee Westwood

Lew Selis over Luke Donald

Gary Fisher over Sergio Garcia

Don’t miss your chance to enhance you position in the Kup Standings.  Keepers Kup points for the top 5 finishers and Kash Sweeps for the top 3.



Keepers/Young Guns Whoopee Cup

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The annual grudge match of the Old Farts vs the Young Farts will be contested on Saturday May 31st.  Still smarting from last year’s 132.5 to 101.5 shellacking, The Keepers have added legally borderline supplements to their diets and are keen for revenge.

This is a team event with 16 to 24 guys from each squad configured in (3) different formats of 18 hole matches.  All the matches are worth 18 points (one point a hole) so they are contested to the final hole and all kontestants will play from the same tees.  The matches will include 2-Man Best Ball (80% handicaps), 2-Man Scrambles (Blended handicaps), and Singles (90% handicap) with the captains from each side determining who will play which format.

Billy B, winner of last year’s Keepers Match Play, will kaptain The Keepers squad and make all the painful decisions.  You can sign up to make yourself eligible to play in the event by hitting the Kosher K.  Just because you sign up does not guarantee you are in the line-up.  Billy will make final determination of the roster and the matches based on the Burak-Metrics system.

This is a great outing so sign up to be a part as we seek to regain the Whoopee Cushion we deserve!


Tuesday Two-Ball-Alternate Shot

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The next Keepers event is a Tuesday Two-Ball (2-man Alternate Shot) on May 20th with a shotgun start at 4:45.  You can pick your own partner or leave it to our Shitach Kommittee to arrange it for you.   This is true alternate shot-you and your pard will alternate who drives on the odd and even holes.  A team handicap which is the average of 80% of your two individual  handicaps on the course to be determined.  The strokes you get then are assigned to the scorecard holes by handicap hole order.

Tee off as one and we will get in as many of the 18 holes as we can before dusk.  This is a Net All-Star Nine competition so you will choose your team’s best net (2) par fives, (2) par threes, and (5) par fours of the holes you played.

Keepers Kup Points for the low five teams and Keepers Kup Sweeps for the low three teams.  This is a chance to pad your Kup Standings and Sweeps account.  So pick a pard and sign up.

If you want to designate a partner please email after you both sign up for the event.

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Tuesday Pick-Up Game-Single Elimination

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The first of The Keepers Tuesday evening 9-Hole Pic-Up Games will be May 6th with tee times between 4:00 and 5:30 pm.  The format is an old favorite, the Single Elimination Kompetition.  This is a second cousin to our 4-Club event, in that it tests your ability to manage the course with less than the full komplement of tools.

Each Keeper starts the first hole with 10 clubs and eliminates the club of his choice on the next tee.  It is part of the Keepers Honor Kode to verbally announce his choice so all are aware.  If you do the math he will be playing the second hole with 9 clubs, the fifth hole with 6 clubs, and he will be standing on the ninth tee trying to get into the house with just 2 clubs left in play.  The putter is one of the clubs so each kompetitior must choose wisely the clubs to designate out of play on each tee.

Players get 90% handicap to lop off the gross score at the end of the nine holes.  This is a fun format and it definitely fits the players who know how to create shots, especially down the last four holes.

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Par Three Tournament

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The third playing of the almost annual Woodmont Par Three Tournament will be held on Sunday April 27th.  This engaging competition is open to men and women of all handicap abilities.

Given the 4-Person Scramble format the sheer challenge is mollified slightly by the fact that your result does not have to count on each shot.  A scramble handicap increment will be in play for each group so well under par is the expected winning score of the day.

As was the case last year,  this is a challenging array of 18 Par 3 holes-the creative work of D & D Design Associates.   The holes range from 86 to 160 yards with most under 120 yards, so everyone can have a chance to contribute to their team’s success

Ode To Pine Valley captures your attention on the 3rd hole.
Ode To Pine Valley captures your attention on the 3rd hole.
Ball Washer at #13 gets it's name for obvious reasons.
Ball Washer at #13 gets it’s name for obvious reasons.













The environmental respectful Tree Hugger 7th at 115 yards.
The environmental respectful Tree Hugger 7th at 115 yards.
Team Bucket is only an 86 yard pitch-testimonial to Bob Dylan.
Team Bucket is only an 86 yard pitch-testimonial to Bob Dylan.














So gather round people and sign up to play in this year’s Par Three Extravaganza you won’t be disappointed.  Sign up by logging into the Woodmont Club website after clicking the Woodmont W above.  Once you have a team you make your own tee time on the North Course between 8 and noon.

Keepers points are available to the top five finishers with Keepers on their squad.




Keepers Pro-Schmo Virtual Pro Line-Up

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With the day’s grind at Augusta National over the results are in for the top 7 scores of Friday’s second round at the Masters.  These are the guys who qualify for the prestigious Keepers Pro-Schmo on Saturday as our Virtual Pro Partners.  The list of partners for our 38 Keepers to pick from the Keepers Kap are:


Bubba Watson       4 Under         6 birdies

John Senden         4 Under          6 birdies

Thomas Bjorn      4 Under          8 birdies

Jim Furyk             4 Under          4 birdies

Lucas Glover        3 Under          6 birdies

Gonzalo Fdez- Castrano  3 Under  6 birdies

Brandon Grace    3 Under          4 birdies


Noticeably absent are Adam Scott, Bill Haas, Rory McIlroy, Phil Mickelson, and Jordan Spieth who just could not deal with the enormous pressure of making the cut and qualifying for the Pro-Schmo at the same time.  Click the Kosher K below to see the Virtual Pro’s scorecard for tomorrow’s event.

Click to see their Pro-Schmo Hole-By-Hole scorecard
Click to see their Pro-Schmo Hole-By-Hole scorecard

Keepers Pro-Schmo

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The first event of Keepers Seven is the Keepers Pro-Schmo on Saturday April 12th.

Tee times are from 8:30 to 10:00 am and all Keepers play with 90% of their handicap.

Keepers picks out of the Keepers Kap their pro partner’s score from Friday’s round at Augusta. The Pro’s hole-by-hole score is posted to par on the course we are playing and they play a virtual best ball between the Pro Partner’s gross score and the Keeper Schmo’s net score on each hole.

In last year’s tightly kontested event 30 guys played with the likes of Steve Stricker, Brandt Snedeker, Angel Cabrera, Jason Day, John Senden, and Rory McIlroy. Arnie Miller and Rory teamed up with a fine 11-under par 61 on the South Course to win 300 Keepers Points and $100 in Kash Sweeps.  Jim-Jim Polsky and Steve Stricker took second with 62.   The teams of Tom Burne Notice/Rory McIlroy and P.C. Cohen/Jason Day were third at 63.

Last year's field of 32 Keepers and 8 ghosts...
Last year’s field of 30 Keepers and 8 ghosts………


Don’t miss the fun….click on the Kosher K to sign up for the Keepers Pro-Schmo on April 12th.