Keepers Four Club 2019

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Next up  from the Keepers Schedule is our traditional Spring Four Club Event on Wednesday evening May 1st.  With after work Tee Times from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m., this is a 9-hole event where you play the front of the South with four clubs of your choice….and yes the putter is one of the four, unless you intend to “Keith” or “Billy” putt with your Sand Iron or Driver respectively.  You get 90% of your handicap and the Blue/Green Tee Option is available for those who qualify.


Pick em with care!!!

This is always a fun event and your kritical thinking on club selection for the day is krucial to your success.  This might require some on the ground research to determine exactly what four implements will best suit your distances on the front of the South.


Paul “Pablo” Cohen toasting his win in 2018


Event Prizing:

Keepers Kup Points to the top (5)-1st 150, 2nd 120, 3rd 90, 4th 60, 5th 30

Kash Sweeps to the top (3)-1st $100, 2nd $50, 3rd $25


This event challenges you to play outside your komfort zone, but you may be surprised how effective you can be if you pick the right implements.  Don’t get shut out of this fun and entertaining 9-hole game after work.

Sign up now through the Kosher K below:

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Par Three Tournament-2019

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With a name like “Throwback Threes” you might think the Woodmont Par Three Tournament this year was a compilation of replica holes of Ross, Raynor, Tillinghast, and MacKenzie of the “Golden Age of Golf Course Architecture”.  But with holes named after things like Pet Rocks, Flip Hairdoos, Mood Rings, and Bell Bottoms it is more likely to harken back memories of those “Halcyon Days” of your youth.

The Woodmont Par Three has become one of the most popular events of the year as it attracts over 100 participants-men, women, and qualified juniors- to compete in two divisions based on total team handicaps.  It will be played on Sunday April 28th with assigned Tee Times between 7:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

This year the design firm of D & F Associates have fashioned 18 unique Par 3 holes from the Zoysia fields of the South Golf Course.  With holes ranging 70 to 190 yards and two sets of tees on each hole, you will find approach angles into the greens from places you could not imagine.   You have never seen your course look or play like this….these holes will challenge your creativity and the full array of arrows in your quiver.

#1 Hookah unfurls from the Back Tee on the South’s first hole to the left SID Green

Grab your buddies, your spouses, or your kids and assemble your own 4-Person Team to play in this Step-Aside Scramble format.  The individual challenge is made slightly easier by the fact that your result does not have to count on each shot.  To make the kompetition fun for everyone, we split the field into two flights based on the team scramble handicap assigned to each team.  There will be Gross and Net Prizes in each flight once again this year.

#5 Fondue-Tempts you with a play from the solitude of the 7th Fairway across the pond into the back of the 5th Green.  No cheese in this one!

As you can see below, it took excellent team play to take home the Monopoly Sweeps in 2018.  For the Community Chest Flight the veteran crew of Gene Sachs, Matt Bergman, Andy Friedlander, and Steve Block took the gross prize with 43.  The net winner in this division with 42.9 was the team of Joe Scheffres, Mike Bobys, Neal Bobys, and Paul Cohen.  In the Chance Flight Rick Brecher, Nathan Greenbaum, Howard Isaacson, and Ron Edlavitch teamed up for 47 to win the gross and the team of Mike Fisher, Bernie Greenbaum, Ronnie Greenbaum, and Peter Jessel finished the “Greenbaum Sweep” and carded 44 to win the net.

Besides the sweeps prizes for all winners, there are serious Keepers Kup Points going to our guys in the top five finishing groups with Keepers.  So gather some friends and sign up your four-person squad for Throwback Threes through the Woodmont Golf Registration portal by clicking the Peace Sign below.

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(Click to review the downloadable hole listing)

(Click to review the course map with Regular and Forward Tees)

(Click to see a downloadable Yardage Book for the Par Three Course)

Keepers Pro-Schmo 2019

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The Keepers Kampaign for 2019 opens with our annual Keepers Pro-Schmo on Sunday April 14th where our guys will be playing in a low impact Two-Man Best Ball with a Virtual Pro score from Thursday’s round at Augusta.

Play begins with assigned tee times from 8:30 to 10:30 am with 90% handicap from the Gold Tees on the New North Course.  The Blue/Green Combo Tee option is available to players whose Handicap Index plus their Age is greater than or equal to 92.  Keep in mind that dependent on the weather, it is likely to be Cart Path Only that day.

We expect to have our customary large turn out so we will split the field into two divisions playing for two sets of prizes.  The American League will be Keepers with Handicap Indexes of 14.9 or less and the National League comprised of those with Handicap Indexes of 15 or higher.  Prizes for winners include Keepers Kash Sweeps to the top three and Keepers Kup Points for the top five finishing net team scores.

Using AI and our patented Keepers Random Eight Selection methodology, players pick one of (8) pro partner’s scores from Thursday’s round at The Masters. The Pro’s hole-by-hole score is posted to par on the North Course and they play a virtual best ball between the Pro Partner’s gross score and the Keeper Schmo’s net score on each hole.

In 2018 we had a full tee sheet and four hungry Keepers, March Birnbaum, Phil Cantor, Steve Lustig, and Artie Aronoff, tied first in the American League Division with efficient Net 60’s to split Kup Points and Kash Sweeps.  In the National League Division Gary Faigen teamed with a rejuvenated Tiger Woods to steal the top spot with Net 58 scoring 300 Keepers Kup Points and $100 in Kash Sweeps.

Father Faigen, with Eldrick looking on, points the way to victory in the National Division


There will also be a voluntary Players Pool Kash Kompetition-Pars or Better-for those who are interested in a side game.  As is our tradition, half the $20 entry toll goes to fund our combined military kontributions at the end of the year to the Folds of Honor Foundation, SMGA Wounded Veterans, Israeli Defense Fund Veterans, and Links To Freedom Program.

Field is limited to the first 48 Keepers who sign up, so don’t tarry….sign up by clicking the Kosher K below.


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Woodmont Cross Country 2018

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The Woodmont Cross Country is the anticipated klosure golf event of the Woodmont season.   This year’s Four-Person Step-Back Scramble Competition, appropriately called the “Reality TV Rockville”,  will be played on the North Course on Sunday October 28th with morning tee times on a newly assembled collection of holes by Dweck and Farrell Design.

Eleven original holes, wending about the North Course terrain,  the likes of which you have never seen before.   The Par 42 Course measures 3375 yards from the regular tee and 2515 yards from the forward tees.  This strategic test includes five par fours, four par threes, and two challenging par fives, with a finishing stretch of holes that will convince you that “reality is much more interesting than fiction”.  Fair, unlikely…..Fun, for sure……this is a unique event you don’t want to miss.

The round starts with a stunning look from the 2nd Tee on the South 150 yards across the landscaped ravine to a back pin on the North’s 4th Green

Forward Tees are provided to challenge the full skill set of all players. Gentlemen with a handicap index plus their age of 93 or higher and all the ladies in the field can opt to play the Forward Tees.

“Project Runway” follows with a drive off the forward tee on #4 up and across the hill…final destination-350 yards away-is a waiting pin on the front of the 1st Green

The format is a step aside scramble with four tee shots on every hole.  Each subsequent shot is played by three of the teammates.  The player’s whose shot is chosen on the drive will step aside for the next shot and the other three play the approach.  The player that has his shot chosen on the approach will now step aside with the first player back in the mix for the third shot on the hole.  This continues until the ball is holed.  All four folks return to play the tee shot on the next hole.

The other abiding rule, to insure full participation in the team result, is that every player must have his tee shot chosen on one hole in the round.  You have been warned…..plan accordingly!!!

The final stretch may look familiar-it begins with the 470-yard 8th hole from the U.S. Open Qualifier played from the stealth competition back tee next to the 9th Green….the forward tee is played from a much more reasonable 350 yard distance.

A team scramble handicap is calculated by the USGA suggested formula which is a black box calculation if there has ever been one.  The team handicap is taken off the gross team total for the eleven holes to get your event net score.

Sweeps prizes are awarded to the low gross and net scores in each flight.  Up to three flights, assuming sufficient numbers in each category, that are based on the tee markers that your team members play from-Flight 1 all your players are playing the Regular Tees, Flight 2 you have players playing from both Regular and Forward Tees, and Flight 3 all your players are playing the Forward Tees.

The day ends with a driveable Par 4 off the forward tee of the 7th….aim at the club house stairs and let the big dog eat…….

This event is open to all Woodmont golfers and you can sign up for this event through the Woodmont Website Golf Event Registration.


It is only 11 holes but they are full of “Hard Knocks”……


Downloadable Course Documents:

(Click to see the Google Course Routing Map)

(Click to see the Hole and Pin Information)

(Click to see the Complete Course Yardage Book)


Keepers Kup Finale-2018

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The Year-Long Keepers Kup Race for 2018 will come down to one last 18 holes of net kompetition for the bragging rights as the Keeper Golfer of the Year.  It will be held on the North Course on Sunday September 16th with morning tee times from 8:35 to 10:35.

After the reset of the season long Keepers Kup Standings as of September 12th, everyone playing has a chance to get into the money.  At the end of the day, the top eight players in the Keepers Kup Standings will collect serious sweeps and Kopper Vessels go to the top three in the Final Kup Standings.  There is also the day kompetition which awards an Embroidered Keepers Flag to the winner of the Keepers Kup Finale Event along with sweeps to the top three finishers in Saturday’s round.

Paul “Pablo” Cohen was the lead dog going into the 2018 Finale and outlasted the field to win The Keepers Kup

Going into the Finale Event the top five in the Kup Standings kontrol their own destiny-if they win the Finale Event they win the Keepers Kup.  The top twelve in the standings going in can win the Keepers Kup with a little help from their friends.

Anyone playing in the Finale Event has a chance to move up into the top eight at the end of the day and kash in on the generous money sweeps for the year long kompetition.

(Click here to see the kurrent Keepers Kup Standings Season End)

Year Long Keepers Kup Prizes:

Kopper Trophies for the top three in the Keepers Kup Standings

Kash Sweeps- 1st $500, 2nd $350, 3rd 250, 4th $175, 5th $125, 6th 100, 7th $75, 8th 50

Keepers Kup Finale Prizes:

Embroidered Keepers Flag for low net of the day

Kash Sweeps- 1st $100, 2nd 50, 3rd $25  (3 low nets of the day)

Charity Event:

Folds of Honor 2SMGA LogoSeparately we will have a voluntary Folds of Honor/SMGA/IDF Veterans/Links to Freddom Players Pool opportunity for kash prizes.  Half the money goes to the pool for our annual military charities donation and half goes to the winners.

It will be e a 50/50 raffle with four winning raffle tickets being picked from the Keepers bowl.   The tickets are $15 each or 4 for $50-buy as many as you want.  Remember half the money goes to the charities.  You do not have to be present at the Finale to play the 50/50 raffle-if you want in on this you can mail a check made out to “The Keepers” to the Commish and he will mail you back your raffle tickets.

Don’t miss out of the fun….sign up through the Keepers Kosher K below.

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Keepers Blind Fours 2018

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For the final weekday event of the year the Tournament Kommittee has konjured up a totally new format that which will drive more than a few Keepers to distraction.  This is a 12-Hole Two-Man Team Net Best Ball Kompetition where you and the partner of your choice will play three four-hole matches against unknown opponents.

Take a moment to digest that piece of cheese!!

It takes place on Tuesday August 28th.  We begin with a shotgun start at 5:00 p.m. on the first 12 holes of the South Course.  Getting 80% of your Course Handicap from the tees you are playing, each team plays the 12 holes and puts their net best ball for each hole on the scorecard.

When we all the kompetitors are done we will konvene in the Men’s Card Room to have Vanna do the Blind Match Draws and Pat do the Match Kalculations.

Once all the cards are in we cut each one into three pieces representing holes 1-4, 5-8, and 9-12 and throw them into three separate hats for a series of blind draws.

We pull two card snips at a time from Hat A and match those two team’s best ball scores hole-by-hoe for 2 points a hole.  Tied holes are 1 point per team.  This score is posted in sequence on the scoreboard for each match from Hat A.

Now we move to Hat 2 for the second set of matches and follow the same hole-by-hole best ball scoring.  If two teams who played in a previous match are pulled again then we throw the snips back into the hat and pick again (only exception is if these are the last two in that hat).

With all the math wizards in the room, drama should build nicely once we get to Hat III, wishing and hoping for a kind final opponent draw.

Once the ink has dried on the scoreboard the team with the most points across the three matches is your Blind Fours Winner.

Prizes Per Man:

Keepers Kash Sweeps:  1st $100,  2nd $50, 3rd $25

Keepers Kup Points:  1st (150), 2nd (120), 3rd (90), 4th (60), 5th (30)

Dinner will be available from a slimmed down menu provided by the catering folks before the event.

Sounds simple enough….it should be loads of fun.  Sign up with your partner through the Kosher K below.

Event registration closed-email Moe

Keepers Pinehurst Glenmorangie 2018

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Back by popular demand, the next full field Keepers event will be the Keepers Pinehurst Glenmorangie 2018.  This is a “Pinehurst Scotch” format that blends Scramble and Alternate Shot elements into an entertaining Two-Man Team Kompetition.

You get to choose your partner for this one so think about it who you might want to play with before you sign up.

This event will be played on Sunday August 5th with tee times from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. on the South Course.  There is a team handicap calculated with the USGA Formula for these type of events and it is based on each partners 80% course handicap on the South for the tees he will be playing.  Team Handicap will be the sum of 60% of the lower handicap partner’s handicap and 40% of the higher handicap partner’s handicap.

The rules are quite simple:

A. Both golfers on the team hit drives.

B. They walk forward to their balls, but then switch balls for the second shot.  Partner A hits Partner B’s ball, Partner B hits Partner A’s ball.

C. After the second shot they compare the results and select the ball to play on with picking up the other.

D. From the third stroke on they play alternate shot, based on who hit the last shot they choose, until the ball is holed.

E. Strokes on each hole are applied based on the team handicap to get a Net Score.

That is the Keepers Pinehurst Glenmorangie-hit drives, switch balls for the second shot, pick up the worse ball, and play alternate shot into the hole.  This should play rapidly if you limit consultation on the alternate shots to two sentences (which is more than adequate for players of Keepers ability).

In last year’s inaugural Pinehurst Glenmorangie we had to raise our glasses to the team of Marc Birnbaum and Herbie Kushner who torched the field by six shots on their way to a 9 under par net 62.  They shot an unbelievable gross 75 with 9 gross pars and 3 birdies, including a one-under across the critical Par 3s.

Marc and Herbie…..a performance for the ages……net 62 in the Pinehurst Scotch format!


Prizes Per Man:

Keepers Kash Sweeps: 1st-$100, 2nd-$50, 3rd-$25

Keepers Kup Points:  1st (300), 2nd (200), 3rd  (150), 4th (100), 5th (50)


This is a great opportunity to seek some personal golf inner peace and enhance your Kup Standings Position/Sweeps Balances.

Remember you can pick your own partner if you choose….just hit the Glenmorangie Logo below to sign up.


Sign up closed….kontact Moe….