Keepers Half Sets 2022-Results

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Half CowThe Keepers Half Sets (a.k.a. 7-Club) was played today in what can only be described as biblical conditions, but once the seas parted 35 of our guys hydroplaned their way over the South Course in an entertaining display of crafty golf skills.

In the tightly kontested American Division Yale “Truth and Light” Kapan set the tone early with a net eagle on 1 and added four birdies and an eagle on 16 on the way to a Net 70 for the top prize.

Rich “Kojak” Greenberg fashioned a solid Net 70 to take second place.  Hot on their heels Don “Starfish” Fisher, Jeff “My Aim Is True” Cossman, and Don “Mr. Tell” Greenberg had Net 72, 73, and 74 respectively to fill out the money winners in the Americans.

American Division Winners

HS American Payouts

The Nationals were paced by Steve “Design Build” Lustgarten who carefully engineered a net 72 on the way to the first place money.  He birdied 1, 4, and 12, tight command over the three-pars, and made net pars on another 12 holes to post this score.

A gaggle of guys tied second in the National Division.  Ray “You Can Call Me…” Thal, Dennis “Come In Houston” Speisman, Phil “Borscht Belt” Schulman, and Arthur “Getting The Hang Of This” Dubin each found a unique way to Net 75 to share the bridesmaid place in the Nationals.

National Division Winners

HS National Payouts

Thanks to 35 Keepers who are now drying out their shoes and sox for making this a great day.  Kudos to Cody and staff for their support of today’s effort.

Keepers and Gavel
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Keepers Half Sets 2022

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The next Keepers event of the 2022 Kampaign is an old favorite we call “Half Sets” (a.k.a. 7-Klub) and it will be played with set tee times on Tuesday May 24th between 12:00 and 2:10 pm.  This format is an individual kompetition that asks you to take on the 18 holes on the South Course with a “half set” made up of your choice of your favorite 7 clubs.

Half CowAs is our custom in full field events we will split the field into two divisions-American (Handicap Index 15.0 and below) and National (Handicap Index of 15.1 or higher) and there will be prizing for five low net finishers in each bracket.  Americans can choose to play the Blue or the Blue/Green Combo Tees and Nationals can choose between the the Blue/Green Combo or the Green Tees.  Everyone gets 100% of their handicap from the tees they are playing from.

It is your job to designate your 7 clubs for the day before you head to the first tee and play all the shots of the day with those implements.  Keepers Honor Kode prevails so it is up to you to komply faithfully with the rules of the day.

Success in this event relies on kareful forethought as you plan your club selection for the day.  The par 3’s  likely draw first attention but don’t forget about positioning for the approach shots on the par 4’s….there are 11 of those.

You can build a foursome of friends to play with by registering them together through the sign up form below. Anyone signing up with less than four guys or as a single will be grouped by us into foursomes.  Please sign up for the event through the Kosher K link below between now and Friday May 13th.

Shortly before the event we will email you a list of the two divisions with event handicaps and the tee times.

Event Prizing Top Scores In Each Division:

Keepers Kup Points to the top (5)-1st 300, 2nd 200, 3rd 150, 4th 100, 5th 50

Kash Sweeps to the top (5)-1st $120, 2nd $100, 3rd $80, 4th $60, 5th $40

This event challenges you to play outside your komfort zone, but you may be surprised how effective you can be if you pick the right clubs.  Don’t get shut out of this fun-we have a limit of 56 players for this event.

Sign up now through the Kosher K below:

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Click Keepers Gavel Below To See Who Is Registered:

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Keepers Kount 2-3-4 2022

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Count Von CountThe next full field event is one we call the Keepers Kount 2-3-4.  This could require you taking off your shoes before entering any score if you are mathematically challenged.

You assemble your own Four-Man team for this kompetition which will be played with a scheduled tee time on the North Course between 10:05 am and 12:05 pm.  You can sign up the four members of your winning team through the link below.  If you sign up less then four the tournament intern will fill out your team roster with available troops.

The format revolves around the sum of a particular number of net scores on each hole depending on the par for that hole.  The team score kounts the 2 best net scores on the Par 5’s, the 3 best net scores on the Par 4’s, and all 4 net scores on the Par 3’s.

The effect of a bad individual number is mitigated in that, according to USGA promulgation, your individual maximum score on a hole is a net double bogie.  Each player gets 80% of their Course Handicap from the tees they choose to play.  Players with a handicap index of 15 or less choose from the Gold or Gold/Green Combo Tees-those with a handicap index of 15.1 or higher choose from Gold/Green Combo or Green Tees.

Event scorecards for your team will be provided the morning of event.  When your are done please turn in the kompleted kard to the scoreboard out front of the Golf Shop.

Event Prizes Per Man:

Keepers Kash Sweeps: 1st-$100, 2nd-$80, 3rd-$40

Keepers Kup Points:  1st (300), 2nd (200), 3rd  (150), 4th (100), 5th (50)

This is a wild and crazy format that will take you out of your komfort zone……that is what the Keepers is all about.


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Keepers Pro-Schmo 2022-Results

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Masters LogoThe Keepers Season got off to a sizzling start as our guys kompeted for Kash Sweeps and Kup Points in the annual Keepers Pro-Schmo.  Those with the best early season skills and a proper rapport with their Virtual Pros are kurrently at the top of the Keepers Kup Standings…at least for now.

In the American Division a new comer to the Keepers ranks, Wayne “New Person” Berson, shot a gross 78 and teamed with the iron-man Sungjae Im to shoot 59 and kapture first place.  Wayne’s net eagle on 5 and a string of net birdies on 8, 9, 10, and 12 proved decisive.

Marc “Fine Grind” Birnbaum shook off any rust as he teamed with Cameron Smith to take second with net 61.  Tied third in the division at net 62 were Rich “Kojak” Greenberg with Cameron Smith and Steve “Kontrolled Kurve” Lustig with Patrick Cantley.  A bevy of kompetitors tied fifth at net 63 including Jon “Leave The Light On” Bortz with Sungjae Im, Peter “Through The Looking” Glass with Sungjae Im, Keith “Kaptin” Eig with Patrick Cantlay, Bobby “Jack Lalanne” Fogel with Cameron Smith, and Don “Mr. Tell” Greenberg with Sungjae Im.

American Division Winners

American Results

Arthur “I’m Getting The Hang of This” Dubin skorched the field with a little help from Danny Willett on the way to shooting a record net 57 on the first day of the competition.  Obviously fresh greens suited them.  Arthur had a run on the inward nine on 14, 15, 16, and 17 where he made natural pars that accounted for 7 shots under in that four-hole stretch.

Tied second at net 60 were Rick “Orange Line” Cohen with Cameron Smith and Ray “You Can Call Me ….” Thal with Sungjae Im.  Tied fourth at net 61 were a couple of old war horses, Harry “Komeback Kid” Harrison  and Steve “The Country Dentist” Keller both with Cameron Smith.

National Division Winners

National Results

Thanks to the over 50 guys and 8 professionals for making our opening event of the year a roaring success.

Keepers and Gavel
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Keepers Pro-Schmo 2022

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Masters LogoWe will open the Keepers Kampaign for 2022 by bringing back an old favorite that we have not seen since 2019, the Keepers Pro-Schmo, a low impact Two-Man Team Kompetition where you play a best ball with a Virtual Pro score from Sunday’s final round The Masters.

What could be more fun then playing best ball with Rory, Jon, Jordan, Dustin, Justin, Scottie, Colin, or Brooks?

We will provide you with a scorecard a couple of days before the event which will have your Pro’s hole-by-hole Augusta score posted to par on the North Course.  You will play a virtual best ball between your Virtual Pro Partner’s gross score and your Schmo net score on each hole.

As is our custom we will split the field into two divisions playing for two sets of prizes.  The American Division will be Keepers with Handicap Indexes of 15.0 or less and the National Division comprised of those with Handicap Indexes of 15.1 or higher.  Prizes for winners include Keepers Kash Sweeps and Keepers Kup Points for the top five finishing Team Best Ball scores in each division.

If you are in the American Division you will have a choice of playing the Gold Tee or the Gold/Green Combo Tee in your event round with the appropriate 90% handicap from the tee of your choice.  The National Division players will choose between playing the Gold/Green Combo Tee or the Green Tee with the corresponding 90% handicap.

A scorecard with your designated Virtual Pro will be emailed to you before the event starts with lists of the American and National participants and the two event handicaps you have to choose from.  You can make your tee selection and dot your card accordingly for the strokes you get.  Once you have finished your event round just take a photo of the card and email it or text it to Moe to record your team’s event score.

Sign up for the event through the Kosher K below and your Virtual Pro Partner will be assigned by our artificial intelligence algorithm based on the random number you pick between 1 and 8 when you register.

It will be your responsibility to schedule your event round on the North Course, preferably with at least one other Keeper, between Wednesday May 13th and Wednesday May 20th.


Registration Is Closed For This Event


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Keepers Pairs Match Play 2022

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PairsThe Keepers Pairs Match Play is a new two-man kompetition intended to create a series of kontests that pit guys of similar skill levels against each other in a variety of two-man formats.

The first 40 teams who register will be divided into 5 flights by handicap index range. This is do or die, win you go on, lose you go home.

It takes three match wins to take home the handsome winner’s plaque as well as adequate Keepers Kup Points and Kash Sweeps.

The flights are:

Seminole       Royal Liverpool       National Golf Links

L.A.C.C.         Royal Lytham & St. Annes

The handicap ranges for each flight will be based on the handicap indexes of all who sign up.

In this competition the tees you play from in each match are dependent on your flight and the course we are playing.  Strokes are given based on the kompetitor’s handicaps as of the date of the match.  Winning a match gives each partner 50 Keepers Points and your team moves on to the next round.

Pairs Match Play Prizes (per man):

(5) Flight Winners get the handsome wood plaque and $100 in Kash Sweeps

(5) Flight Runners Up get $50 in Kash Sweeps


Please refer to this document to see the Pairs Match Play Completion Dates for each round.  If you are going to have trouble playing your first round by May 29th please do not sign up.  We do not grant any extension to these matches through the year.

Sign up now so you don’t get closed out of the Keepers Pairs Match Play.


Registration Is Closed For The Keepers Pairs


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Keepers Match Play 2022

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Brian Fein ChampionThe Keepers Match Play is one of the signature events on our schedule each year.  It takes four match wins to take home this handsome plaque as well as plenty of Keepers Kup Points and Kash Sweeps.

The first 96 guys who register will be divided into 6 flights by handicap index range which will pit you against players of similar skill in a win you go on, lose you go home format.  We will use your kurrent handicap index to determine your flight designation.

The flight handicap index ranges are:

Oakmont  4.6 to 9.3     Bandon Dunes  9.4 to 12    Pinehurst  12.3 to 14.6

Pebble Beach 14.8 to 18.2  Riviera  18.2 to 24    Oakland Hills 24.6 to 32.1

These ranges are subject to change based on who actually signs up for the kompetiton.

In this competition the tees you play from in each match is dependent on your flight and the course we are playing.  Strokes are given based on the two kompetitor’s handicaps as of the date of the match.  Winning a match gives you 100 Keepers Points and you move on to the next round.

Match Play Prizes:

(6) Flight Winners get the handsome wood plaque and $150 in Kash Sweeps

(6) Flight Runners Up get $75 in Kash Sweeps


Please refer to this document to see the Match Play Completion Dates for each round.  If you are going to have trouble playing your first round by May 22nd please do not sign up.  We do not grant any extension to these matches through the year.

Sign up soon so you don’t get closed out of the Keepers Match Play.


Registration Is Now Closed For This Event


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Keepers Kampaign Preview 2022

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Keepers Kups 2021

The annual march to lay claim on the Kopper Kups begins in April as 122 Keepers embark on the 2022 Keepers Kampaign.  This year it will include 18 kompetitions-10 Keepers Events and 8 Woodmont Golf Events-as the guys compete in two divisions throughout the year, American (Hcp Index of 15.0 or lower) and National (Hcp Index of 15.1 or higher), playing for their piece of over $10,000 in Kash Sweeps.  

The eight Woodmont Golf Events include Opening Day, Senior Member-Guest, Alzheimers Event, Woodmont Match Play Club Championship, (2) 18-Hole Couples events, Senior Club Championship, and the Woodmont Two-Man Team.  In all cases top finishing Keepers will win valuable Keepers Kup Points to enhance their position in the American or National Division.

This year The Keepers will have two year-long match play kompetitions, the Keepers Match Play and the Keepers Pairs Match Play, with matches once a month starting in May-win you advance, lose it is sayonara baby!  In these matches the tee you play is based on your bracket so everyone in your bracket will play the same tees.

The Keepers Match Play arrays 96 players according to handicap index in (6) flights called Oakmont, Bandon Dunes, Pinehurst, Pebble Beach, Riviera, and Oakland Hills for single elimination match play.  It takes four match wins to capture the bracket crown, konsiderable kup points and kash sweeps, and this handsome wood plaque kommemorating your accomplishment.

Herb Kushner Champion

The Keepers Pairs Match Play is new this year-a two-man team kompetition where the guys will select a partner to sign up with whose handicap index is in the same bracket designated by handicap range- Seminole Bracket (4.6-10.6 hcp index), Royal Liverpool (10.7-15.5), L.A.C.C. (15.6 to 21.1), and Royal Lytham/St. Annes (21.2 to 32.6).  We will create these four brackets with 8 teams in each (a total of 64 participants) and the play will begin.  It takes three match wins to take your bracket and all the goodies that go with it.

BTW, 25 Keepers points to anyone who can korrectly tell me the source of the naming convention of both Match Play kompetitions.  Email your entry to me by midnight Tuesday for a jump start on your Keepers Kup Point Kollection.

One change from last year regards the tees you will play from in Keepers events.  For all the other Keepers events but the two Match Plays players will have the option to play from one of two tees based on their division and the course we are playing.  Event handicap will depend on the tee you choose for that course.

If you are playing American-North you get to choose Gold or Gold/Green Combo and South you get to choose Blue or Blue/Green Combo.

If you are playing National-North you get to choose Gold/Green Combo or Green and South Blue/Green Combo or Green.

The regular season begins with a full field event on Sunday April 17th we call the Pro-Schmo.  Each Keeper is assigned a virtual pro partner whose scores from Sunday’s Masters final round will be matched to par on the Woodmont scorecard.  Together they will play a net best ball-it usually takes something in the low 60’s to take home this top prize.

We have brought back the Keepers Kount 2-3-4 Four-Man Team event in early May.  Guys will carefully choose among their friends to assemble a squad that will count 2 net best balls on the Par 5s, 3 net best balls on the Par 4s, and all four net balls on the Par 3’s.  Needless to say the three-pars can cause konsiderable konsternation in this format.

For the first time The Keepers will play a full field event with a block of tees times on a weekday afternoon.  With tee times from 12 noon to 2 pm guys will have to show their adaptive skills in the Keepers Half Sets when they play the full 18 holes on the South Course with only 7 clubs.   

In mid June the annual Keepers Beat The Pro will be played on Father’s Day Weekend.  This time each Keeper has to play a head-to-head 18 hole match against the scorecard of one of the pros from Thursday’s opening round of the U.S. Open at The Country Club At Brookline.  

In late July we bring back an old favorite, the Keepers Ham n Egg.  Pick a partner and guys will play a round where one player’s net scores count on the Odd Holes and his partner’s count on the Even Holes.  We do accommodate two well-timed flips during the round to help avoid a scorecard train wreck.

Alternate shot returns with the Pinehurst Glenmorangie on Sunday August 7th which always tests a teams ability to play without having to say their sorry.

The two-phase playoffs in late August and early September will konclude the Keepers Kampaign and determine who will hoist the Keepers Kup as champion in the American and National Divisions.

Sounds to me like another year long thrill ride………set your schedule to get your piece of the action!!!


Click to see Keepers Schedule for 2022


Keepers Kup Playoffs 2021

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Keepers KupThe home stretch of the Keepers Year-Long Keepers Kup Kompetitions will be a Two-Phase Keepers Playoff Series.  Two rounds of net medal play with 90% course handicaps played over a three-week period in September with Kash Sweeps and Keepers Kup Points awarded to top finishers in the American and National Divisions.

It will be a tough row to hoe on the way to a championship in this format-no point resets as we have done in the past but plenty of points and sweeps available to high finishers in each phase.  Fan Duel says that anyone kurrently in the top 20 of their division in the Keepers Kup Standings has a shot of winning or sharing in the pile of Kash Sweeps.

Bent Phase-North Course round to be played between Tuesday August 31st and Friday September 10th.  Americans Gold Tees-Nationals Gold/Green Combo Tees.

Zoysia Phase-South Course round to be Sunday September 19th with scheduled tee times between 10 a.m. and 12:10 p.m.  Americans Blue Tees-Nationals Blue/Green Combo Tees.

Once you sign up it is your responsibility to schedule a tee time for the first phase round on the North Course in the designated time frame-please play with at least one other Keeper.

At the kompletion of your Bent Phase round tabulate your net score and take a photo of the card and e-mail ( or text it (301-379-1533).  We will update the Live Scoresheet for the event through this posting as the scores come in.


Keepers Kup Playoff Prizes:

Bent and Zoysia Phase Winners (each division):

          Kash Sweeps: 1st-$100, 2nd-$80, 3rd-$60, 4th $40, 5th $20

          Keepers Kup Points:  1st (300), 2nd (200), 3rd  (150), 4th (100), 5th (50)

Year-Long Keepers Kup Winners (each division):

          Kash Sweeps: 1st-$200, 2nd-$150, 3rd-$125, 4th-$75, 5th $50

          Kopper Keepers Kup Trophy for each division winner and runner-up

So sign up for the Keepers Kup Playoffs through the Kosher K below and we will email out Scorecards and Updated Event Handicaps before the Bent Phase begins.


Registration is closed for this event


Keepers First Tee Mentor Outing 2021

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In keeping with the past tradition, The Keepers will hold our annual First Tee Mentor Outing on Friday August 13th from 11 to 3 pm.  This is a fun day of “being a grandparent” to 35 wonderful kids from the Greater Washington DC First Tee Programs.  The kids age from 8 to 17 but all share two things in common-they love golf and know how to comport themselves in a golfing environment.

Full Group Shot 1
With 35 kids, staff, and volunteers it was a full house for the 2019 First Tee Outing

We invite Keepers and All Woodmont Members to be a volunteer/mentor and help us put on this awesome event.

In the past we have raised over $3,000 to donate to the First Tee Programs of Greater Washington through the generosity of the Woodmont membership.  You can make a donation to sponsor a kid for this event for just $60.   The cost of this event is totally underwritten by The Keepers, so the full proceeds of these sponsorship donations will go to The First Tee Of Greater Washington.



Woodmont Members can support The First Tee programs with a sponsorship donation by clicking below

Click to Sponsor a kid with a $60 donation to the First Tee of Greater Washington

Once you have registered to make a donation please make out a check to “First Tee of Greater Washington DC” and mail it to Moe Dweck at 6705 Bonaventure Court, Bethesda, MD 20817 




Volunteers Shot
Member Volunteers from the 2019 First Tee Outing

Keepers and Woodmont Members can participate as a volunteer/mentor by clicking below

Sign up to volunteer for the event
Click to Volunteer for the event



The outing begins at 11 am with a series of clinics on the range and in the Sidney Harman Short Game area.  Woodmont Staff will run the clinics and all you have to do as a volunteer is be supportive and lend a mentoring hand when needed.  A picnic lunch with the kids from around 12:30 to 1:00 in front of the Golf Shop is then followed by some golf when we take them out for four holes of real mentor time on the course.  It all wraps up around 3:00 pm.

Some action shots from the 2019 First Tee Mentor Celebration


Looking Down the range

Sophie Dhira Eugene Skylar Yuna Johan

Putting Ryan Sean Gabrielle Avery Josephine xx

Salieu Sol David Linc Keith and Eugene

Sol Lunch Lecture

Konnors gives goodies to Dimitrios

Special thanks to Steve Keller who will once again chair and run this event and to Konnor Farrell and the Woodmont Golf and Catering Staffs who make this event such a success.

Come join us for the event… will be amazed what this First Tee Program does for these kids and what spending an afternoon with these refreshing young people will do for you.