Keepers Last Supper 2018

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Around 50 Keepers and friends gathered at the Chatter Chabad in Chevy Chase for the Maariv Service and this year’s Keepers Last Supper Celebration.  With the help of Reb Alan Bubes we were able to konvince Tony Kornheiser and Gary Williams to provide the evening’s entertainment with a Q & A kovering an array of topics of interest to our guys.

Tony and Gary handled a barrage of sports questions from our guys and the discussions lasted over an hour.  Most interestingly it seemed that two-thirds of the questions were about Terp Basketball in particular and College and Pro Hoops in general, which meant the lions share of the responses were in Gary’s court.

One of the few times Tony actually got to field a question…..yes he thinks Tiger will win twice in the next year


Keepers in rapt attention to the details….


Except maybe Sol who was clearly focusing on the meal ahead…..Sol will be Sol…


Richard took a moment to remind Santa’s helper that he really wants a high end performance car for Hannukah…


Gary kollecting himself while he tries to identify the best players to play for him during his storied coaching career at Lafayette, Boston College, Ohio State, and, of course, Maryland where he won a National Championship!


What…another question for Gary!!


Tony did get his moments though…..informing us that it is unlikely that Bryce Harper is worth $400 million to the Nats…..or anyone else!!


Click to listen to minutes 5 to 15….Tony’s humble account of the Keeper Q & A Session…. from his podcast the next morning


The Chatter food was fabulous….including the crab cakes and pigs in a blanket, standards at all Jewish celebratory functions and a robust low-calorie dinner buffet and some sweeeeeet mini-desserts…….

All the food groups were covered…including 50 Shades of Chocolate


After dinner we had an informal presentation of Woodmont’s hosting of the 2020 USGA Women’s Am from Double-D and Billy Burak.  They discussed the rationale of the club in pursuing this prestigious event and the opportunity to support the effort through the 1913 Campaign.  Over $80,000 has been raised already from Woodmont members with a goal of getting 150 families to support the effort.   You can get more information on this campaign by reaching out to Ron Bubes and Joann DiMeglio, the committee chairs.


David makes the pitch and distributes the chips….


Then of course it was time to give out the hardware from this year’s Keepers Kompetitions.


Konnor handled the duties of introducing the winners


Moe Mish and Len The Plumber took the Alt Shot Series by nose…


Howie Stein get a chuckle as Konnor presents him the distinguished Wedgewood Match Play Trophy


Howie had to beat load of single digit guys to win the Augusta Bracket before claiming the big prize


A nod and a wink from Rich “Kojak” Greenberg who won the Shinnecock Flight and finished second after his final’s match with Howie



Richard Goldstein dominated the Carnoustie Flight before losing to Kojak in the semis


Eddie Cohen took the extra base to win the Bellerive Flight before meeting Howie in the other semi-final match


Don Fisher stormed to victory in the Keepers Finale with a net 67….



Last year’s Kup Champion Paul “Pablo” Cohen recounts the length and breadth of the accomplishments of this year’s winner Marc Birnbaum


Marc “Birnie” Birnbaum dominating the last quarter of the season winning the Lead Dog Trophy as well as the kovetted Keepers Kup


The Kopper Hardware went to the year-long Keepers Kup top three-Marc Birnbaum, Don Fisher, and Howard Wollner respectively


Click to read Doc Keller’s annual poetic kontribution to the Keepers Last Supper

All in all the Keepers Last Supper was a festive evening of celebration of our 11th Year of The Keepers.  Special thanks to Konnor Farrell for all his work through the year.  We also thank the folks at Chatter for hosting this event and Tony Kornheiser and Gary Williams for lending their expertise to the evening’s program.

Keepers Klothing 2019

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Our Keepers fashion operatives have been busy at work assembling samples of the Keepers Kouture Kollection for 2019 and they are now on display in the Golf Shop TV Room for your viewing and size sampling.

This year’s kollection will include a handsome FootJoy Drop Needle Half-Zip Sweater, a matching FootJoy Diamond Print Short Sleeve Golf Shirt, an Under Armour T-Shirt, and a Keepers Hat and is covered through your Annual Keepers Fee.

The sweater comes in four colors for you to choose from-Grey, Black, Navy, and Heather Blue.  It is perfect for an over piece on a chilly day or simply going out to dinner at Stanford Grill with your honey. This is sized S, M, L, XL, and XXL in all colors.

The golf shirt works well under the sweater and is available in two colors Navy w/White Print and Blue Marlin w/White Print. Choose from sizes S, M, L, XL, and XXL (the Navy w/White comes in XXXL as well).

The Under Armour T-Shirt is a light weight tech material, perfect for a work out in the Health Club, some yard work in the garden, or for a nap in your lounge chair after pretending your were working in the garden.  Available in the black it is sized S, M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL.

If you would like to purchase an additional Sweater for $75 or a second Golf Shirt for $45, just indicate that when you submit your choices of colors in each piece.

Footjoy Drop Needle Half-Zip Sweater

Drop Needle Sweater comes in Heather Blue, Navy, Grey, or Black

-Solid with drop-needle pattern is smart looking yet casual

-1/2 zip collar with leather zip pull

-Soft fabrication provides warmth and comfort

-Easy care with virtually no wrinkling or shrinkage

-Kontrast kolor Keepers K Logo on chest and Woodmont Golf Logo on left sleeve


Footjoy Short Sleeve Diamond Print Golf Shirt

Navy with White Print
Blue Marlin with White Print

-Solid with small diamond print

-Easy Care Performance Fabric-machine washable

-Three button placket with stand up collar

-Comfortable fit for layering

-White Keepers Logo left sleeve








Under Armour T-Shirt

-Solid light weight tech fabric-machine washable

-Resists shrinking

-Tech construction permeates moisture away from your body

-Black w/ small Under Armour Logo on front and large Circle K Logo on back


For your convenience we have sample sizes in all three clothing items in the golf shop until early January so you can stop in and try them on.

Please verify the size selections for your items from the Keepers Klothing 2019 line and let us know in the golf shop or by email so we can update our order with your preferences.

You can email Konnor at

Keepers Golf & Grounds/Golf Staff Appreciation Kook-Out 2018

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This was The Keepers fourth time sponsoring this appreciation kook-out for the Golf & Grounds and Golf Staff.  It is our opportunity to acknowledge the year-round efforts of Ryan’s staff who prepare and maintain our beautiful courses as well as all the people who run the golf shop and stage, schedule, and administrate the first tee.


Andrew Meulen, North Course Assist. Super, handled the Brats and Backed Beans


Corey Landon, South Course Assist. Super, responsible for well done burgers and dogs


We had a solid attendance of close to 60 staff and Keepers for today’s tasty Kook-Out.  The fare included your Kook-Out Standards-Brats and Kraut, Hot Dogs, and Burgers off the grill.  We also sourced some fine Pork and Chicken Bar-b-que with delectable Cole Slaw and Mac n’ Cheese from Mission BBQ.


Freaky Friedson, Brian Pizzimenti, Rich Sussman, and Billy Burak taking in the grill smells


Ryan Severidt and Keith Eig sharing tales of Crows, Geese, and Coyotes.


We had John Friedson, Billy Burak, Keith Eig, Moe Dweck, Norman Friedkin, Rich Sussman, Dan O’Neill (and Murphy) representing The Keepers and the Green’s Committee.


Lisa and Shawn sizing up their lunch selections


There was plenty of time to put faces to names and share some personal time with the Greens & Grounds and Golf Staff in attendance.


Golf Shop staff..Brandon Caiola in an early reveal of our Keepers FJ Sweater for 2019 and Jake Thompson lurking in the shadows behind the Mac n’ Cheese


Lots of eating and mingling as everyone enjoyed some relaxing down time together


For our organization community service commitment always begins close to home. We are pleased to continue this annual tradition to thank our Greens & Grounds/Golf Staff for everything they do.  Their devoted efforts allow all Woodmont members to enjoy one of the finest golf experiences in our area on a daily basis.



Keepers Vet Guest Day

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With the help of our good friend Steve Greiner, the PGA Professional who runs the Links To Freedom Program, a bunch of Keepers got to spend a delightful afternoon hacking it around the zoysia with six retired Military Veterans who have been associated with his fine program at Fort Belvoir.

Artie Aronoff, Steve Keller, Moe Dweck, Keith Eig, and Sol Gordon sponsored the visit of these vets and together we shared lunch, golf, and lots of big fish stories in a day of Keepers Kamaraderie.

Chillin with a cold one after golf, from the left, Cedric, Tony, Dan, Steve, Sol, Artie, Jimmy, and Marion

Andy and David were gracious enough to have Woodmont comp the guest fees for these veterans to facilitate the afternoon. Special thanks to Konnor Farrell for being our liason to Steve and the Links To Freedom in arranging for today’s festivities.

Needless to say we have an increased appreciation of the kontribution these guys have made to our freedom and security with their personal sacrifices and dedication.  Cedric, Tony, Dan, Jimmy, Marion, and Clarence certainly appreciated the opportunity to enjoy the hospitality of Woodmont.  Best part was we forged new friendships with a bunch of guys that can only come from missing three footers together “that we always make”.

Herbie’s Ace

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Here is a grin for you!

Few things are sweeter then your first hole-in-one, even if you had to wait a long, long time for it to finally happen.

And on his 87th Birthday too….hands of the golf goddesses at work.

So it was this week for one our most sagely Keepers when Herbie Cherner’s Callaway found the bottom of the tin on the 4th of the South.  Of course he was wearing his smart looking Keeper’s Shirt which is only appropriate.

Congratulations Young Herbie!!

August, 2018

Keepers Last Supper-2017

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The year end celebration was a festive evening of Hot Shoppes Fare and swapping big fish tales from the Keepers X season.  Besides the Mighty Moes, Teen Twists, Root Beer Floats, and Hot Fudge Ice Cream Cakes that were konsumed en masse, the 47 people attending got to hear about the Links To Freedom Army Rehab Program at Fort Belvoir from our guest speaker , the program director, Steve Greiner and his associate Jose Gonzales.  This is one of the many organizations we support through our kommunity service initiatives that serve the needs of returning veterans and their families.

We also managed to find time to hand out the hardware to the deserving winners of this year’s Keepers Kup, Kup Finale, Alternate Shot Series, and Match Play.  A good bit of well intentioned needling accompanied the presentation ceremonies.

























































The Alt-Shot Series Winners-Cherner-Cherner LLC


The Big Terp-Alan Schwartz-survivor of the Match Play Battle Royale


Keeper Kup Finale winner Howard Wollner tied for first with Kevin Bass


Neal Bobys finished third in the finale Kup Kompetition


Artie Aronoff was second in the Kup Standings when the day was done


Keepers Kup Champion and Lead Dog Winner Paul “Pablo” Cohen


(Click to read Doc Kellers sonnet that rekounts the Keepers X Season)






Krieg: In Memorium

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Arthur Hart Blitz             March 18, 1941-October 4, 2017

Arthur Blitz loved his Keepers nickname.  Fact is Arthur loved everyone’s nickname.  Nicknames kind of set a fraternal tone that made The Keepers such a lure for him.  He loved playing golf but loved the idea of sharing the experience of golf with friends even more.

To those who knew him well, Arthur’s appetite for reading golf, watching golf, and talking about golf was insatiable.  For him The Keepers were a natural fit.  Arthur was all in on The Keepers koncepts-komraderie, kompetition, and kommunity service.  The traditions, etiquette, and rules of the game presented so many conundrums that stoked Arthur’s curiousity.

An abiding interest in the rules made him a driving force behind our Rules Education Program


which covered respect for the game, maintenance of our golf facilities, handicap compliance, and pace of play.


Producing these reminders provided an outlet for Arthur’s creative and playful side.

Arthur was intensely interested in improving his game and worked at it every day.  The resiliency of his attitude on the golf course was something special.  No matter what just happened, he was convinced that the next shot he was going to play would be his best shot ever.  This positive enthusiasm was contagious and made it a joy to spend time with him on the course.

When he wasn’t playing he would spend hours working on his game……


or talking about working on his game……..

Our kommunity service initiatives had a special place in Arthur’s heart.  Whether it was outings for the Wounded Veterans, a mentor day with First Tee Kids, or just raising money for worthy charities, he brought an infectious enthusiasm to everything we did.

He especially enjoyed time with the kids…showing support for their interest in the game


with a little encouragement, some fundamental pointers, and unbridled love.

For Arthur, golf with his buddies was as good as it gets.  He was a regular on destination golf trips and this is how most of us got to know him-his warmth, intelligence, and devotion to his friends.

Arthur loved the rhythm of a golf trip with friends…golf, eat, sleep, and golf some more.


No matter the conditions, he was all in on the experience.


Arthur didn’t mind rubbing elbows with celebrity either.


But most of all Arthur just liked hanging with his friends.


In the words of fellow Keeper Joe Baldinger, “Arthur was the quintessential sage old lawyer, low key, yet focused, golf competitor and all around kind and decent man. His passing does create a void in our band of golfers as he was a sterling character amongst a sea of tarnished individuals.”

More than anything, Arthur Blitz was our good friend and we will miss him.

There will be one less set of footprints in the dew laden fairways early in the morning, but we will hold in our hearts as a blessing the fond memories of him and of good times we spent together.

(Click to read the obituary for Arthur Blitz)