Keepers Last Supper-2017

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The year end celebration was a festive evening of Hot Shoppes Fare and swapping big fish tales from the Keepers X season.  Besides the Mighty Moes, Teen Twists, Root Beer Floats, and Hot Fudge Ice Cream Cakes that were konsumed en masse, the 47 people attending got to hear about the Links To Freedom Army Rehab Program at Fort Belvoir from our guest speaker , the program director, Steve Greiner and his associate Jose Gonzales.  This is one of the many organizations we support through our kommunity service initiatives that serve the needs of returning veterans and their families.

We also managed to find time to hand out the hardware to the deserving winners of this year’s Keepers Kup, Kup Finale, Alternate Shot Series, and Match Play.  A good bit of well intentioned needling accompanied the presentation ceremonies.

























































The Alt-Shot Series Winners-Cherner-Cherner LLC


The Big Terp-Alan Schwartz-survivor of the Match Play Battle Royale


Keeper Kup Finale winner Howard Wollner tied for first with Kevin Bass


Neal Bobys finished third in the finale Kup Kompetition


Artie Aronoff was second in the Kup Standings when the day was done


Keepers Kup Champion and Lead Dog Winner Paul “Pablo” Cohen


(Click to read Doc Kellers sonnet that rekounts the Keepers X Season)






Krieg: In Memorium

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Arthur Hart Blitz             March 18, 1941-October 4, 2017

Arthur Blitz loved his Keepers nickname.  Fact is Arthur loved everyone’s nickname.  Nicknames kind of set a fraternal tone that made The Keepers such a lure for him.  He loved playing golf but loved the idea of sharing the experience of golf with friends even more.

To those who knew him well, Arthur’s appetite for reading golf, watching golf, and talking about golf was insatiable.  For him The Keepers were a natural fit.  Arthur was all in on The Keepers koncepts-komraderie, kompetition, and kommunity service.  The traditions, etiquette, and rules of the game presented so many conundrums that stoked Arthur’s curiousity.

An abiding interest in the rules made him a driving force behind our Rules Education Program


which covered respect for the game, maintenance of our golf facilities, handicap compliance, and pace of play.


Producing these reminders provided an outlet for Arthur’s creative and playful side.

Arthur was intensely interested in improving his game and worked at it every day.  The resiliency of his attitude on the golf course was something special.  No matter what just happened, he was convinced that the next shot he was going to play would be his best shot ever.  This positive enthusiasm was contagious and made it a joy to spend time with him on the course.

When he wasn’t playing he would spend hours working on his game……


or talking about working on his game……..

Our kommunity service initiatives had a special place in Arthur’s heart.  Whether it was outings for the Wounded Veterans, a mentor day with First Tee Kids, or just raising money for worthy charities, he brought an infectious enthusiasm to everything we did.

He especially enjoyed time with the kids…showing support for their interest in the game


with a little encouragement, some fundamental pointers, and unbridled love.

For Arthur, golf with his buddies was as good as it gets.  He was a regular on destination golf trips and this is how most of us got to know him-his warmth, intelligence, and devotion to his friends.

Arthur loved the rhythm of a golf trip with friends…golf, eat, sleep, and golf some more.


No matter the conditions, he was all in on the experience.


Arthur didn’t mind rubbing elbows with celebrity either.


But most of all Arthur just liked hanging with his friends.


In the words of fellow Keeper Joe Baldinger, “Arthur was the quintessential sage old lawyer, low key, yet focused, golf competitor and all around kind and decent man. His passing does create a void in our band of golfers as he was a sterling character amongst a sea of tarnished individuals.”

More than anything, Arthur Blitz was our good friend and we will miss him.

There will be one less set of footprints in the dew laden fairways early in the morning, but we will hold in our hearts as a blessing the fond memories of him and of good times we spent together.

(Click to read the obituary for Arthur Blitz)

Keepers Travel Gallery

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The Keepers Logo continually wends it’s way around the planet as our faithful travel with friends and spouses to distant destinations in pursuit of one more check-off from the personal travel bucket list.

This gallery celebrates the seeding of the Keepers Word to new, potentially unrevealed bastions of Keeperdom.  It is amazing how appropriate Keepers Klothing has proven to be in all climates and ecosystems as you can witness below.

(Click to view the Keepers Travel Gallery)

Keepers Klothing 2017

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Keepers X HatJust back from the Runway Ramp Reviews in Europe, The Keepers fashion operatives have assembled samples of the Footjoy Spring Performance Lines that will make up the Keepers Klothing Kollection for 2017.

This year’s kollection will include (2) Short Sleeve Performance Polos-one solid navy with white stripe trim and one navy/gray space dyed print-and the Keeper’s choice of  a  1/2 Zip Long Sleeve Navy Pullover or a 1/2 Zip Vest Solid Navy Vest.  The two over pieces have contrast trims in the zipper and the collar for a smart match with the short sleeve tops.

Besides the new Keepers X hat, every Keepers will get a Footjoy golf glove with an attached magnetic Keepers Kosher K ball marker.  Anyone can choose to get both 1/2 Zips and simply pay a additional $48 for the second piece or supplement their personal inventory of golf gloves for the year by paying $13 a piece for extra gloves (an $18 retail value in the shop).  Please indicate if you want the additional stuff when you verify your sizes.

All the Footjoy fashion pieces come from the performance section of the Footjoy Spring Catalog and should fit generously like the similar pieces from 2016 Keepers Under Armour Kollection.  All are available in S, M, L, XL, 2XL.  The glove comes in the standard sizes of Regular Small, Medium, Medium/Large, Large, Extra Large, and Double XL as well as the same sizes in Cadet for those us with shorter pointers.

Footjoy Short Sleeve Solid and Space Dyed Polos (you get both of them)

Space Dye and Stripe Trim Solid Navy SS Shirts
Space Dye and Stripe Trim Solid Navy SS Shirts

-Solid is ProDry Performance smooth pique in navy with white stripe trim on collar and placket

-Space Dyed is ProDry Performance Lisle with a self-collar

-Double-stitched seams throughout

-Exclusive ProDry Fabrtication wicks away moisture

-Provides excellent UV sun protection

-Easy Care Polyester Fabric with virtually no wrinkling or shrinkage

-Anti-Microbial Finish helps eliminate odor

-White Keepers Logo Left Sleeve and Woodmont Tinker-Toy Logo on Left Chest




1/2 Zip Long Sleeve Pullover with stand up collar
1/2 Zip Long Sleeve Pullover with stand up collar

Footjoy Long Sleeve Solid 1/2 Zip Pullover

-Solid Easy Care Performance Fabric with 5% Spandex in navy

-White trim in the zipper with sapphire blue trim in the neck

-1/2 zip with stand up collar, ribbed cuffs, and gathered waist

-Comfortable fit for layering

-White Keepers Logo left sleeve







Footjoy 1/2 Zip Solid Vest

1/2 Zip Vest will work over the solid and space dye shirts
1/2 Zip Vest will work over the solid and space dye shirts

-Solid Easy Care Performance Fabric with 5% Spandex in navy

-White trim in the zipper with sapphire blue trim in the neck

-1/2 zip with stand up collar and gathered waist

-Comfortable fit for layering

-White Keepers Logo left chest







Footjoy QMark Golf Glove Keepers Ball Marker
Footjoy QMark Golf Glove with Keepers Ball Marker


Footjoy QMark White Golf Glove w/Ball Marker

-Soft Cabretta leather

-Flexible knuckles and ventilated fingers for comfort

-Keepers Kosher K ball marker magnetically attaches to its outside flap









For your convenience we have sample sizes in all four clothing items in S, M, L, and XL in the golf shop until early January so you can stop in and try them on.  We also have the full selection of sizes of the golf gloves to try on as well.

Please verify the size selections for your items from the Keepers Klothing  2017 line and let us know so we can update our order with your preferences.

You can email Konnor at

Keepers Klothing 2016

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The Keepers Kouture Kommittee has been out around assembling The Keeper Look for 2016.  Swept up in the Jordan Spieth vortex they have selected three unique items for our members from the Spring Under Armour Golf Collection.  The KKK has chosen a Reversible Medal Play Vest in a Black/Steel combination, a stealth grey Long Sleeve 1/4 zip Club Fleece Top, and a Short Sleeve Scratch Plaid Polo in the same color.

These three pieces can be worn in multiple permutations and the bonus is that they will definitely go with the grey Keepers hat and black and grey Keepers short sleeve wind shirt from 2015 that already adorn your wardrobe.  Like Domino Pizza combinations, the fashion possibilities seem endless.

All three pieces are listed in the Under Armour catalog as “Loose Fitting” which is their politically korrect way of saying they should fit men of our demographic generously like the quality brand name garments The Keepers have provided in the past from Millar or Martin.  Each comes in the one color shown so no decisions need to be made on your part except the size.  All three are available in S, M, L, XL, 2XL.

(click on any photo to get an enhanced view of the garments)

IMG_0826Short Sleeve Scratch Plaid Polo

-5.4 oz 88% Polyester/12% Elastane tech fabrication

-30+ UPF protects Keeper skin from harmful UV exposure

-Moisture Transport System wicks sweat away

-Stretchy, light & breathable

-All over embossed pattern is Euro kool

-Self collar with collar stand

-Silver Keepers Chest Logo



Long Sleeve Club Fleece TopConnor in LS Quarter Zip (1)

-7 oz 100% Polyester

-Heathered sweater fleece

-1/4 zip with rib collar, cuffs, and side panels

-Comfortable loose fit for layering

-Silver Keepers Logo left sleeve





IMG_0822Medal Play Reversible Vest

-7 oz 100% Polyester knit reverses to 1.8 oz woven quilted

-Open hand pockets both sides

-Concealed chest pocket on grey side for stashing stuff

-Silver Keepers Chest Logo on black side

-Under Armour Logo in back collar both sides



We have sample sizes in all three items in M, L, and XL in the golf shop so you can stop in and try them on.  Please verify your size selections for these three items of Keepers Klothing  2016 and let us know so we can update our order correctly.

L.S. 1/4 Zip and S.S. Scratch Plaid Tops
L.S. 1/4 Zip and S.S. Scratch Plaid Tops

Black/Grey Reversible Vest-Knit front and quilted woven back
Black/Grey Reversible-Knit front and quilted woven back

Seasonal Offerings

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Our merchandising staff has sought out a couple of pieces to accessorize your golf wardrobe for days when you decide to play in spite of the conditions and all common sense.  As we know Keepers are survivors….they are prepared for anything.

Keepers Knit HatFor that chilly morning in October or March after you have waited out the frost delay you can don this soft acrylic hat to keep the keppie warm.  Available in the Black/White/Red combo it is one size fits all with a three inch cuff to pull down over your ears and a multi-color pom-pom which will make you a perfect match with your Titleist knit headcover.  Keepers proudly around the crown you can display your Keepers awareness for chilly morning golf, shoveling snow off your driveway, or schussing Ruthie’s Run at the end of the day on Aspen Mountain.

Click to get to the order form for the Keepers Winter Hat
Click to get to the order form for the Keepers Knit Winter Hat

You might want two-one for the golf bag and one for the ski bag.  $20 each….hit the Kosher K for this item to order.

Keepers Rain HatNow for those soggy days or simply when a cloud burst sneaks up on you on the 4th tee of the North Course you will want this Bandon Bucket Rain Hat.  It is made from a Supplex nylon fabric that is waterproof and wind resistant.  The unique fedora styling is not your grandfather’s bucket hat and you can manipulate the brim to gutter water away from your playing view.  One Size Fits most (7 1/4 to 7 5/8) it has an adjustable and removable chinstrap which may be functional in a 40 m.p.h. Irish cross wind.  Should roll up to nothing to stash it in your golf bag so it is there when you need it.  The Keepers logo will be embroidered in gold on this black hat.

$24 each….hit the Kosher K for this item to order.

Click to get to the order form for the Keepers Rain Hat
Click to get to the order form for the Keepers Bucket Rain Hat

Note that acquisition of each of these hats is subject to getting orders of at least the manufacturers minimum of 24 for each one.  We will bill your Woodmont account for your purchases once they arrive and are put in your locker.

Don’t miss this opportunity to fill out your Keepers wardrobe with a couple of practical seasonal accessories.

The SID Hat….Limited Edition

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The SID Sticker (1)Just arrived in the golf shop are a small collection of limited edition hats commemorating the Sidney Harman Short Game Area…..A.K.A. “The SID”.  These one size fits American Needle hats are made of a high tech fabric called Technocrat which is light, airy, and helps keep you cool by channeling away perspiration.

They come in the three wicked colors-electric blue, black, and charcoal-sporting The SID patch logo on the front, the Sidney’s frog on the side, and the lyric phrase “pitching in perfect Harmany” across the back.  You also get the a bonus SID sticker with each hat.

SID HatWhether you are grinding through tubes of balls working on your Otis Elevator Flop or your chunk-n-run bunker shot at The SID you will want to be donning one of these cool hats.  There are a limited amount available so get yours before they are all gone.

Keepers Giveaway Goodies 2015

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Keepers and GavelAfter culling the fashion world from sea to shining sea the Keeper haberdashery specialists came up with this coordinated package of kool stuff for The Keepers in 2015.


Zero Restriction Waterproof Short Sleeve Windshirt

JacketThis awesome black windshirt is 100% waterproof with short sleeves to allow unrestricted swing motion when the surprise spring showers hit.  Grey trim on the 1/2 zip collar and pockets and the Keepers logo proudly on the chest.  A wet weather necessity for sure.








Pete Millar Not So Striped Cotton Golf Shirt and a Three-Way American Needle Keepers Hat

Shirt HatThe Peter Millar 100% cotton shirt has a subtle black stripe over a textured background with the Keepers logo in black on the sleeve.  The grey contrasting collar makes works with the windshirt or all by itself.

The American Needle hat is a three-part special.  Sporting the traditional logo as a patch on the front and the Kosher K embroided on the back over the adjustable size strap.  The hang tag is the bonus-it is actually a peel away Keepers sticker that can be used in a number of creative forums.




Limited Edition Keepers Logo Poker Chip and Mini Sharpies.

Marker SharpieFinally, to accessorize the play on the course The Keepers can throw down to mark their ball the always subtle Keepers Poker Chip in either black or gold.  It is fully reversible with The Keepers Logo on the front and the Kosher K on the back.  The Keepers Mini Sharpies are a utilitarian accessory for marking the ball or signing fan autographs after the round.

Any way you slice or hook it, The Keepers will once again be decked out for serious play on the course and off.



Corner of Keepers and Beacon

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The Keepers reach extends to historic Kitty Hawk in North Carolina

Corner of Keepers and Beacon

As filed by our investigative reporter Len The Plumber

Keepers Kollection 2014

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The Spring 2014 Keepers Wear and Accessories have arrived in time for the season opening Pro-Schmo this Saturday.  Keepers and Gavel

The Keepers Fashion Subcommittee scanned the entire PGA Merchandise Show in January just to find items worthy of being part of this year’s kollection.   In celebration of Keepers Seven, our seventh year in the kamaraderie business, we have elevated the Keepers Gavel to a position of appropriate recognition, sporting it on our Keepers Hat and Towel this year.  No, it is not an elementary school recorder, the Olympic Torch, or a paint brush….it is The Keepers Gavel spawned from a cathartic experience of one of our weighty members at the first Keepers Last Supper in 2008.

The Gavel Hat, Gavel Towel, and The Keepers Ball Cleaner
The Gavel Hat, Gavel Towel, and The Keepers Ball Cleaner

Included this year are all cotton long sleeve sweatshirts, vests, and golf shirts from Martin Sportswear.  Presented in a soft and soothing island periwinkle these should work as well at Joe’s Stone Crab Happy Hour as stalking the fifth fairway on the North.   As always, The Keepers will look resplendent in this year’s selections.


Martin 100% Cotton Vest and Golf Shirt
Martin 100% Cotton Vest and Golf Shirt




the long lleeve stripe trim cotton sweatshirt from Martin
The long sleeve stripe trim cotton sweatshirt from Martin








But heed the warning: Wash cotton fabrics in warm water and hang dry to avoid unwanted size changes.