Keepers Kup Playoffs Zoysia Phase 2022-Results

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Keepers KupThe Keepers Kampaign came to a glorious konclusion on a beautiful Indian summer day on our North Course as we witnessed kompelling play across a field of 40 kompetitors.

Two worthy champions were krowned today, Phil “Moses” Schulman and Ray “You Can Call Me..” Thal, who dominated their American and National Divisions respectively over the last two months of the season.

Phil Schulman Kup and Lead Dog
Phil has his hands full with media appearances based on very konsistent performances across all genres this year.
Ray Thal Kup
Ray klearly takes to the kompetitive kauldron as witnessed by his stunning performance in the Bent Phase to put a hammer lock on the National’s Kopper Kup

The American Division filled out the top five spots with Rich “Kojak” Greenberg, Barry “The Barrister” Haberman, Arnie “20/20” Miller, and Len “The Plumber” Goldman.

Keepers Kup American Division 2022

The Nationals saw drama down to the wire as Steve “So What Are We Playing For” Keller slid into second place followed by Neal “I Found My Putting Stroke” Bobys, Alan “Terp Station” Schwartz, and Arthur “Getting The Hang Of This” Dubin.

Keepers Kup National Division 2022

The Zoysia Phase fostered only three guys breaking par today so it took focus and a hot putter to bring home the Kup Points and Sweeps for the final event.

In the American Division Arnie “20/20” Miller and Moe “Kommish” Dweck bested the field by 5 shots on the way to a pair of Gross 81-Net 69’s to take top honors.  Arnie slammed his foot to the floor in the final lap with birdie-birdie-par on the last three holes.  Moe put an early round hiccup behind him carding a birdie and ten pars and playing one-over for the last six holes.  Allen Zweig and Phil Malet tied third with Net 74 and Marc Birnbaum, Paul Cohen, and Rick Payes klosed out the American money with Net 75.

Zoysia Phase American Results 2022

Steve Keller knew what he was playing for as he won the National Division by 5 furlongs with a Gross 81-Net 67.  This was an end-to-end performance with pars on the first three and last three holes and a total of 11 pars and a birdie worthy of top money.  Steve Gordon and Mark A. Goldstein took second with Net 72s, followed by a troupe at 73 that included Ray Thal, Neal Bobys, Bobby Fogel, and Alan Schwartz.

Zoysian Phase National Results 2022

Kongratulations to our Keepers Kup Champions and the top finishers in the two divisions as well as our winners in the Zoysia Phase.

Special thanks to Cody for all of his efforts across the year in helping herd the kats and administer our Keepers Season.

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Keepers Kup Playoffs Bent Phase 2022-Results

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Keepers KupThe kompletion of the first phase of the Keepers Kup Playoffs officially brings us to the final turn and the home stretch drive for the two Kopper Kups.  The second phase will determine the final rankings and prize/kash sweeps payouts in year-long Keepers Kup Standings.

In the Bent Phase American Division it was a very tight race for the top five spots.  Barry “The Barrister” Haberman handled his business with an eagle on 3 and birdies on 5 and 6 on this way to a fine Gross 76-Net 68 to win the division by a kouple of shots.  Alan “Lowl” Levine took second with an impressive Net 70.  There were four tied at Net 71 including Artie “The Sundance Kid” Aronoff, Marc “Fine Grind” Birnbaum, Jeff “My Aim Is True” Cossman, and Peter “Through The Looking” Glass to share third.

Bent Phase American Results 2022

The National Division was a fireworks show with the top five finishers all in the 60’s.  The brightest of them all was Ray “You Can Call Me..” Thal who karded a kareer Gross 77-Net 66 to take top honors.  After a slow start on the first three Ray birdied 4, 5, and 6 for a front nine trifecta.  Adding another birdie on 13 he then hit every green and took two putts coming down the last four holes even par.  Second went to Bobby “Jack LaLanne” Fogel who shot a superb Net 67.  Two tied third as Burt “Kuddly Bear” Feldman and Steve “Nitro” Gordon came in with Net 68s.  Tied fifth at Net 69 were Neal “I Found My Stroke” Bobys, Arthur “Getting The Hang Of This” Dubin, and Mark “Acute” Engel.

Bent Phase National Results 2022

There are only 18 holes left to determine the final rankings in the American and National Divisions-kompelling stuff!!!

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Keepers Pairs Match Play Results 2022

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PairsThe Keepers Pairs Match Play was an add to our schedule this year.  We took 40 Two-Man teams and had them competing head-to-head in 5 brackets based on handicap ranges.  As with our Keepers Match Play this kompetition was single elimination-win your team goes on, lose your team goes on sabbatical.

Each team would have to win three matches against like kompetition in order to take home the Keepers Kup Points,  Kash Sweeps, and a sporty trophy yet to be determined.

The result was four months of Keepers Pairs Match Play fraught with anxiety, deep exhales, and knuckle high fives.  At the end of the day five championship teams were still standing.

Bortz Stein

Seminole Bracket

Winner-       Howie Stein-Jon Bortz                      $100 Kash Sweeps each and The Trophies

Runner-Up- Brian Fein-Don Fisher                      $50 Kash Sweeps each

Dweck Goldman

Royal Liverpool Bracket

Winner-       Moe Dweck-Len Goldman              $100 Kash Sweeps each and The Trophies

Runner-Up- Don Greenberg-Rich Greenberg     $50 Kash Sweeps each

Schulman Miller

National Golf Links Bracket

Winner-       Phil Schulman-Arnie Miller              $100 Kash Sweeps each and The Trophies

Runner-Up- Peter Glass-Lew Selis                       $50 Kash Sweeps each

Green Benson

L.A.C.C. Bracket

Winner-       Dave Benson-Micah Green              $100 Kash Sweeps each and The Trophies

Runner-Up- Alan Schwartz-Mark Engel              $50 Kash Sweeps each


Royal Lytham/St. Annes Bracket

Winner-       Bernie Greenbaum-Ron Greenbaum   $100 Kash Sweeps each and The Trophies

Runner-Up- Rick Brecher-Mark A. Goldstein           $50 Kash Sweeps each

Click Here To See The Detail On The Pairs Match Play In Any Bracket

Kongratulations to Bracket Champions and thanks to all 80 Keepers who made this kompetition hum.

Keepers Match Play Results 2022

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The Keepers Match Play, one of the prestige events on our kalendar, had 96 guys competing head-to-head in 6 brackets based on handicap ranges.  This kompetition was single elimination-win you go on, lose you are done.

Each kompetitor would have to win four matches against their own kind in order to take home a pile of Keepers Kup Points, some serious Kash Sweeps, and this handsome plaque you see represented to the right.

The result was four months of great Keepers Match Play kompetition full of anxious moments,  near misses, and more then our share of extra playoff holes.  In the end we had six very worthy champions.

Match Play Cossman Oakmont 2022

Oakmont Bracket

Winner-       Jeff “May Aim Is True” Cossman        $150 Kash Sweeps and The Plaque

Runner-Up- Howie “The Quiet Assassin” Stein      $75 Kash Sweeps

Match Play Polsky Bandon 2022

Bandon Dunes Bracket

Winner-       Jimmy “Here and There” Polsky                               $150 Kash Sweeps and The Plaque

Runner-Up- Stewart “Remember Why We Are Here” Cherner     $75 Kash Sweeps

Match Play Schulman Pinehurst 2022

Pinehurst Bracket

Winner-       Phil “Moses” Schulman                     $150 Kash Sweeps and The Plaque

Runner-Up- Len “The Plumber” Goldman            $75 Kash Sweeps

Match Play Thal Pebble 2022

Pebble Beach Bracket

Winner-       Ray “You Can Call Me…” Thal                        $150 Kash Sweeps and The Plaque

Runner-Up- Dave “Got A Game Of His Own” Benson      $75 Kash Sweeps

Match Play Bobys Riviera 2022

Riviera Bracket

Winner-       Neal “Found My Putting Stroke” Bobys       $150 Kash Sweeps and The Plaque

Runner-Up- Alan “Terp Station” Schwartz                       $75 Kash Sweeps

Match Play Dubin Oakland Hills 2022

Oakland Hills Bracket

Winner-       Arthur “Getting The Hang of This” Dubin         $150 Kash Sweeps and The Plaque

Runner-Up- Eddie “Double Steal” Cohen                             $75 Kash Sweeps

Click Here To See The Detail On The Match Play In Any Bracket

Kongratulations to our bracket champions and thanks to all 96 of the Keepers who participated in this year’s riveting Keepers Match Play Kompetition.

Keepers Kup Playoffs Results 2021

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Once again this year we had a two-phase format for the final leg to determine the Keepers Kup Champions.  The first phase was played on the Bent of the North Course the first week in September followed by a final 18 holes on the Zoysia on Sunday September 19th.

Keepers Kups 2021
2021 Keepers Kup Winners: American Division-Don Fisher and Brian Fein National Division-Neal Bobys and Bob Fogel

In the Bent Phase the American Division was dominated by Steve “Lear Jet” Lerman and Ronnie “The Tooth” Rosenberg who scorched the field with a pair of net 68’s to take the top prize. Allen “Return To Sender” Zweig was close behind with a net 69 for third. Two were tied fourth with net 70, Don “Star Kiss” Fisher and Jimmy “Here and There” Polsky.

The Nationals had a similar scenario with Ron “Separdie” Dweck and Bobby “Jack Lalanne” Fogel throwing down net 67’s to win the division. Third alone was Burt “Cuddly Bear” Feldman with net 69. A tie for fourth between Rich “Sweet Man” Sussman and Kolman “Chaps” Apt who shot net 71.

This left the Lead Dogs to beat going into the Zoysia Phase as Don Fisher and Neal Bobys, but there was still a number of guys who could snatch the Kups if they did not post a decent number and protect their positions at the top of the American and National Division Standings respectively.  

Lead Dog Trophies 2021
Lead Dogs entering the final phase: Don Fisher-American Division–Neal Bobys-National Division

We could not have asked for a more perfect golf day on the South Course-recently nicknamed little Arizona due to Ryan’s efficient grass management program.  It was sunny, clear, comfortably in the 70’s.  The fairways were lush and giving no roll, the roughs were toasted and mostly lift, clean, and place, and the greens had just enough pace to keep your attention.   

The playing conditions and the playoff pressure combined to make it a difficult scoring day, no one in the field of over 50 Keepers managed a net round under par.  The front nine created lots of hopeful expectation yielding net birdies galore, but the back nine showed it’s teeth, where high scores were lurking, and many found their hopes come crashing back to the ground in a heap.

In the American Division Don “Star Kiss” Fisher played a solid round as a front runner, shooting a one under par 34 on the front which included birdies on 5 and 9.  Leaking a little oil on the inward nine he had a 41 for gross 75/net 71.  This tied him for first with two others, Jimmy “Mostly Here” Polsky and Howard “I Filed For An Extension” Wollner.  Jimmy was steady with 40-41-81 and Howard was more cyclical with 35-45-80 but they both ended up net 71.  Tied fourth were at net 72 were Yale “Truth and Light” Kaplan, Artie “The Sundance Kid” Aronoff, and Arnie “20/20” Miller.

Once the Points and Sweeps were metted out, you can check them out through the “Results Of The Zoysia Phase” link below, Star Kiss maintained his grasp on the Keepers Kup and Brian “Moving Violation” Fein took second as Truth and Light fell just short of catching him due to the three-way share on the fourth place points.

Fisher American Winner
Star Kiss kapped a dominating season long performance in the Americans with today’s net 71 to hoist the Kopper Kup.

The Nationals had a similar result though there were some excellent individual performance by guys who were theoretically not in the mix.  Chet “Multiple Lives” Levine took first in the Zoysia Phase using his 23 shots wisely on the way to a fine Net 72.  Tied second with Net 75s were Rick “Orange Line” Cohen, Bernie “Dental Floss” Greenbaum, and Herbie “The Ageless Wonder” Cherner. 

This put a scare in the hearts of the leaders who clearly were not going to get the top Kup Points or Kash Sweeps in this phase.  Tied fifth were Neal “Found My Putting Stroke” Bobys, Steve “What Are We Playing For” Keller, and Phil “Musaf Express” Schulman with Net 76.  Once again you can see the Zoysia prizing through the link below.

With all the Zoysia tumult in the Nationals the top five positions in the division for the Kup remained unchanged.  Neal took the Nationals Top Prize for the second year running and second fell to Bobby “Jack Lalane” Fogel who had an outstanding year winning two events and finishing top five in three others.  Alan “Terp Station” Schwartz was third, followed in fourth by Mark “Acute” Engel, and Herbie “The Other Ageless Wonder” Kushner who finished fifth.

Bobys National Winner
Neal used strong performances in the Match Play, Woodmont Two-Man Team, Woodmont Flighted Club Championship, and Woodmont Senior Championship on his way to winning the Kup this year.

You can see the American and National Division Keepers Kup Results and prizes by clicking on the Kosher K below.

 Special thanks to our main man Konnor and his staff for the support and assistance in administering our program through the year.  Let’s not forget Cathy Goodrich for her efforts in keeping us looking sharp in this year’s Keepers Klothing Kollection.

Thanks to all of you for making this Keepers Kampaign of 2021 such a success with your enthusiastic participation. 


Results Of The Bent Phase 


Results Of The Zoysia Phase      


Click to see Keepers Kup Results


Keepers Match Play Results 2021

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With a full Keepers schedule once again in 2021, the Keepers Match Play, one of the most statured kompetitions of the year,  returned in a new and expanded version.  We had 96 guys competing in 6 brackets in the Keepers Match Play based on handicap ranges.

Each kompetitor would have to win four matches against their own kind in order to take home a pile of Keepers Kup Points, some serious Kash Sweeps, and this handsome plaque you see represented to the right.

The result was four months of great Keepers Match Play kompetition full of nail biting,  klose calls, and more then our share of extra hole playoffs.  In the end we had six very worthy champions.

Brian Fein Champion

Titleist Tsi Bracket

Winner-       Brian “Moving Violation” Fein        $150 Kash Sweeps and The Plaque

Runner-Up- Howie “The Quiet Assassin” Stein   $75 Kash Sweeps

Steve Lerman Champion

Taylormade SIM Bracket

Winner-       Steve “Lear Jet” Lerman                  $150 Kash Sweeps and The Plaque

Runner-Up- Yale “Truth and Light” Kaplan         $75 Kash Sweeps

Norman Goldberg Champ

Calloway Epic Bracket

Winner-       Norman “Stormin'” Goldberg        $150 Kash Sweeps and The Plaque

Runner-Up- Howard “Stogie I” Wollner             $75 Kash Sweeps

Guy Berliner Champ

XXIO Prime Bracket

Winner-       Guy “Good Humor” Berliner           $150 Kash Sweeps and The Plaque

Runner-Up- Steve “Country Dentist” Keller        $75 Kash Sweeps

Micah Green Champion

Cobra Radspeed Bracket

Winner-       Micah “Acres” Green                       $150 Kash Sweeps and The Plaque

Runner-Up- Neal “Stand Up Putter” Bobys         $75 Kash Sweeps

Herb Kushner Champion

Ping G425 Bracket

Winner-       Herbie “True Shoes” Kushner         $150 Kash Sweeps and The Plaque

Runner-Up- Rick “Orange Line” Cohen               $75 Kash Sweeps


To make it even further engaging, anyone who lost a first round match was guaranteed a second chance in one of 6 korresponding brackets in our 2nd Swing Match Play-kind of a Bridesmaid’s Kompetition-that allowed them to play on and reach for the bouquet, winning Keepers Kup Points and Kash Sweeps along the way.

Once again what followed was three months of kompetitive matches of players of like kaliber that resulted in 6 more worthy winners.

Titleist 975 Bracket

Winner-       Barry “The Barrister” Haberman       $75 Kash Sweeps

Runner-Up- Andy “Quick Draw” Rodnan               $25 Kash Sweeps

Taylor Burner Bubble Bracket

Winner-       Len “The Plumber” Goldman              $75 Kash Sweeps

Runner-Up- Howard “Golf Club Atlas” Vogel         $25 Kash Sweeps

Calloway Big Bertha Bracket

Winner-       Billy “First Cut” Burak                             $75 Kash Sweeps

Runner-Up- Marc “Digital Subscription” Magazine $25 Kash Sweeps

XXIO 8 Bracket

Winner-       Rusty “Far, Far Away” Minkoff              $75 Kash Sweeps

Runner-Up- Mark “Acute” Engel                                $25 Kash Sweeps

Cobra AMP Bracket

Winner-       Mark “Gold Futures” Futrovsky            $75 Kash Sweeps

Runner-Up- Chet “Multiple Lives” Levine                $25 Kash Sweeps

Ping I3 Bracket

Winner-       Sonny “Chief Blooming Sun” Bloom    $75 Kash Sweeps

Runner-Up- Monroe “Breezy” Brett                         $25 Kash Sweeps


Kongratulations to our bracket champions and thanks to all 96 of the Keepers who participated in this year’s riveting Keepers Match Play and 2nd Swing Match Play Kompetitions.

Woodmont Opening Day Results 2021

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Opening Day, as they say in the AT&T kommercial, is “A Big Deal” on the Woodmont golf scene and the North Course proved to be a quality test for the field in today’s individual and team kompetitions. There were 54 Keepers among the 180 players who participated in today’s golf hoopla and they strongly represented themselves among the folks who took home today’s top prizes.

Mark Engel will add some hardware to his mantel bearing this name as low net for the day.

In the individual kompetitions Mark “Acute” Engel won the Ourisman Trophy for low net for the day with an 86 net 67 and earned 200 Keepers Kup Points for the effort. Don “Starkist” Fisher got 100 Kup Points as low net in the A Flight with an offsetting birdie to his 4 bogies on his way to a fine 75 net 68. Rusty “Far, Far Away” Minkoff returned to shoot 87 net 68 to take low net in the C Flight and 100 Kup Points.

The top finishing teams in the Four-Man Team Net Kompetition were replete with Keepers who earned valuable Kup Points. Three of the four teams who tied for first at 15-under par were Keepers Kombos netting 217 Keepers Kup Points per man.

Alan “Terp Station” Schwartz–Don “Mr. Tell” Greenberg–Ron “Daily Play” Kleinman–Rich “Kojak” Greenberg

Allen “Return To Sender” Zweig–Yale “Truth and Light” Kaplan–Burt “Kuddly Bear” Feldman–Moe “Dog Walker” Dweck

Rick “Pick n” Payes–Jerry “Defibrillator” Leener–Rick “Sweet Man” Sussman–Mark “Acute” Engel

Fourth place among teams with our guys included Mark “Gold” Futrovsky who got 100 points for his team finishing 12-under par.

The fifth place team with Keepers finished 11-under netting 50 Kup Points per man and included Kevin “Bullseye” Bass, Marc “Flash” Fleisher, and Steve “Nitro” Gordon.

Congratulations to all of these guys for today’s fine performance and thanks to all of you who supported this Woodmont event.

Keepers Match Play Results 2020

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This year’s Keepers Match Play was a full-fledged five-match handicaped flighted affair.  Each of the five flights represented a tight range of handicaps which meant that in almost none of the four matches it took to win a bracket more than a handful of shots were being given.  This led to lots and lots of nail biting, tension laden outcomes for the participants trying to get a krack at the winner’s kash sweeps and the handsome plaques displayed below.

In the First Tee Flight the final match would have pitted two of our lowest handicaps in The Keepers with Howie “The Quiet Assassin” Stein vs Mike “The Coach” Fisher in an eagerly anticipated match-up.  Unfortunately, due to unreconcilable scheduling issues, the match did not materialize and they decided to call it a tie and split the sweeps.


SMGA Flight

Winner-       Yale “Truth and Light” Kaplan   $125 Kash Sweeps and The Plaque

Runner-Up- Allen “Zee” Zweig                        $50 Kash Sweeps

Links To Freedom Flight

Winner-       Burt “Kuddly Bear” Feldman    $125 Kash Sweeps and The Plaque

Runner-Up- Phil “Shomer” Schulman          $50 Kash Sweeps


Friends of the IDF Flight

Winner-       Neal “Found My Putting Stroke” Bobys   $125 Kash Sweeps and The Plaque

Runner-Up- Bernie “Cousin” Greenbaum                      $50 Kash Sweeps

Folds of Honor Flight

Winner-       Alan “Terripan Station” Schwartz            $125 Kash Sweeps and The Plaque

Runner-Up- Rick “Father of Sunkist” Cohen                 $50 Kash Sweeps

Kongratulations to our bracket champions and thanks to all 80 of the Keepers who participated in this year’s riveting Keepers Match Play.

Keepers Half Smokes Playoffs Results 2020

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Once the smoke had cleared two Keepers, Jimmy “Boom Boom” Polsky and Neal “Found My Putting” Bobys, prevailed in the Two-Phase Half Smokes Playoffs and stood atop of the American and National Divisions respectively.  They had to grind out top level performances on both the Zoysia and the Bent to claim the soon to be cherished Keepers Half Smoke Headcover Trophies and a pile of Kash Sweeps.

The Half Smokes Winners-Jimmy Polsky American-Neal Bobys National

In the opening stanza Barry “Making This A Habit” Haberman led the Americans with a fine Net 69 on the Zoysia followed by Kevin “Bullseye” Bass with Net 70.  In the Nationals four guys tied first with Net 70 including Neal, Rick “Mr. Persistence” Cohen, Marc “The Bronx Bantam” Fink, and Burt “Kuddly Bear” Feldman.

This set the table for an interesting pair of Half Smokes Standings going into the final phase. 

Bobys and Cohen were in a virtual two-man race for top honors in the Nationals with no one else left within striking distance.  Kuddly Bear, who had been hovering in third in the Nationals, pulled a Bill Belichick maneuver with his fine play down the stretch by sinking his index below the 15.0 level in early September and switching into the American Division for the final phase to claim the top spot.  It was a mere 5 point advantage, with Boom Boom and Allen “Mr. August” Zweig hot on his heels, but Burt set himself up as the man to katch.

In the first two days of the Bent Phase on the North, Jimmy ground out a fine 39-43-82 and used his 13 shots to set the bar in the Americans at Net 69.  Volleys were fired with Burt posting a fine Net 70 on the final day to tie second with Rick “I Am Gonna Get Paid” Payes, including birdies on 13 and 18.  But Burt fell a shot short of tying Jimmy for first in this phase and relinquished his slim lead to finish second in the standings.  Mr. August lost a bit of his mojo with the change of seasons  and fell just out of the top five in the Bent Phase but held on to the #3 spot in the American Standings for the year.

On the Nationals side Steve “Nitro” Gordon did what he has done a number of times in Keepers kompetitions this year quantum leaping the field shooting a kareer round.  He was one over on the Par 3’s and made an unlikely birdie on the 17th of the North on the way to a 7-Under Net 65 to lock up the phase first spot early in the week.  A couple of Net 69’s by Harry “Sifford” Harrison and Rusty “The Itinerant One” Minkoff took second in the Nationals Bent Phase.  In the head to head Neal’s Net 70 tied fourth and he held on to eak out the year-long victory over Mr. Persistence” by 165 points.


Results Of The Zoysia Phase 


Results Of The Bent Phase      


With all the maneuvering done the final year-long standings in each division looked like this.

(Click to see the 2020 Keepers Half Smokes American League Final Standings)

(Click to see the 2020 Keepers Half Smokes National League Final Standings)

Winners Shares:

American Division

1st Jimmy Polsky 1385 Points  $200 Kash Sweeps and Keepers Half Smokes Headcover Trophy

2nd Burt Feldman 1265 Points $150 Kash Sweeps

3rd Allen Zweig  1005 Points $125 Kash Sweeps

4th Yale Kaplan  915 Points $75 Kash Sweeps

5th Don Fisher 905 Points $50 Kash Sweeps


National Division

1st Neal Bobys 1320 Points  $200 Kash Sweeps and Keepers Half Smokes Headcover Trophy

2nd Rick Cohen 1155 Points $150 Kash Sweeps

3rd Steve Gordon 850 Points $125 Kash Sweeps

4th Eddie Cohen  675 Points $75 Kash Sweeps

5th Mark A. Goldstein 585 Points $50 Kash Sweeps


Kongratulations to our winners.  We want to thank all the Keepers whose enthusiasm swelled the ranks of our Kreative Keepers Virtual Kompetitions since June making this 13th Keepers Kampaign something to remember.

Keepers Kup Finale 2019-Results

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Sunday’s Keeper Kup Finale makes it evident that the Keepers Estuary has been subject to global warming as the scoring indicates our little habitat was in a full boil with some folkloric performances.  This event historically takes net 67 to 69 to take home the Keepers Flag-only Doc Keller has bested that in a Finale in the last seven years.

This year three Keepers moved the line like Bob Beamon at the 1968 Mexico Olympics creating a standard that might just take another 21 years to replicate.  And Rockville doesn’t even have altitude in to explain this.


A pair of supersonic Net 62’s by Howie Stein and Artie Aronoff took home the flag today

The early torrid pace was set by Howard “Stogie I” Wollner who carded a 41-38-79 for Net 65.  Howard has spent the last month working through some swing and mental iterations with his team that have apparently kicked in. Four birdies in a five hole stretch from 10 to 14 on the inward nine had Howard sitting comfortably at the scorer’s table working on his acceptance speech.

Artie proved to be the first spoiler when he handed in his impeccable scorecard

Artie “The Sundance Kid” Aronoff ruined that with a 35-39-74 for Net 62 that set a bar no one would have ever dreamed of.  As you can see below his 35 on the front nine included birdies on 4, 6, and 8 before moving into cruise mode with six pars on the back on the way to a career best score of 74.

Lots of circles on both of these cards-Net 62….who would have thunk it!

Howie “The Quiet Assassin” Stein already had the Lead Dog Trophy in hand going into the Finale and was determined to finish the job properly.  The word spread like a wild Komanche grass fire that he had five birdies in the outward half to make the turn at 4-under par.   Not leaving anything to chance Q.A. birdied the two three-pars on the back to couple his 34 with 36 for a Gross 68 that bested the entire field’s Net scores except the aforementioned duo.  His Net 62 tied Sundance and nailed down the Year-Long Keepers Kup by 42 furlongs with a total of 4780 Kup Points.

The Howie Trifecta-Lead Dog, Finale Winner, and Keepers Kup Champion 2019

The rest of the field actually played at a normal Finale clip.  Kevin “I’m All Better” Bass shot net 69 followed by Steve “I Finally Got My Range Swing to the Course” Lerman with net 70,  Paul “Pablo” Cohen with Net 71, and  Don “The Don” Fisher, Rich “Kojak” Greenberg, and Jon “Majors” Bortz with Net 72’s.

As you can see below the winning spoils were quite lucrative for the top eight Keepers Kup Finishers as well as the Finale Top Three.

(Click to see the detail of the full field scoring)

Our 50/50 raffle random drawing made four Keepers happy paying off $210 per man.  Through the generosity of all who participated, we raised an additional $900 for beneficiary organizations to our Year End Military Donations-Folds of Honor, SMGA/Wounded Vets, Israeli Defense Wounded Veterans, and the Links To Freedom.

Sunday’s kompetition was a fitting ending to the Keepers Season.  We appreciate the work of Konnor and the golf staff in helping put on this three-ring circus all year.  Special thanks to all of you whose enthusiastic participation in our Keepers events through the year make the Keepers program something special.