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Keepers Golf and Grounds/Golf Staff Appreciation Kook-Out-2017

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For our third year running it was The Keepers great pleasure to sponsor an appreciation kook-out for the Golf & Grounds and Golf Staff.  We want to acknowledge the amazing efforts of Pete’s staff who prepare and maintain our courses as well as all the people who run the golf shop and stage, schedule, and administrate the first tee.  Their efforts allow Woodmont members to enjoy the finest golf experience in the DC Metro Area every day.

Adam got the Gold Tongs Award for brats and dogs….well done!!


Pete Wendt and Barry Forman were the emcees for the event

By Fox News count there were 70+ staff and members in attendance for today’s delicious kook-out.   The fare included brats, dogs, and burgers off the grill manned by Adam Suelflow, Matt Sumpter, and Pete Wendt and bar-b-que beef, chicken, and pork from Mission BBQ.  Pete’s specialty were the frozen pond cheeseburgers you can normally only get north of the border.  There were sides, fruit, and multi-media cookies for dessert.

Visiting dignitaries included Rich Sussman, Billy Burak, and Keith Eig


The long and winding food line…but the wait was worth it


Golf & Grounds and Golf Staff in serious consumption


The desserts kept everyone engaged til the end

For The Keepers community service commitment begins close to home and we are glad to be able to do this special event each year.  Woodmont provides a first rate  golf course and golf experience to all of our members and we are blessed to have such a committed staff of people supporting this effort every day.



Keepers Used Club Kollections

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Through the generosity of Keepers, Woodmont Members, and the Golf Shop the Keepers Second Time Around Used Club Program has compiled a nice kollection of used clubs, golf bags, accessories, and balls to donate to the military rehab programs in our area.  We have accumulated 10 to 15 sets of irons, 50 assorted drivers and woods, 10 wedges, 5 putters, 10 to 15 golf bags, 1000 golf balls, and 40 pieces of new Keepers Klothing to donate.

Through the help of Steve Greiner down at the Fort Belvoir Army Golf Facility we will pass these on to veterans who are participating in the rehab programs down at Fort Belvoir and a new program at Andrews Air Force Base.  We appreciate the help of Steve Keller, Moe Dweck, Konnor Farrell, and the men in the Starters Area for helping to marshal these donations.

Just a portion of the booty kollected to pass on to the vets


Community service involvement and support is one of the central pillars of The Keepers and we approach it from many angles.  This year, besides this Second Time Around Program, The Keepers have done the following:

Made a $1000 Donation to the Woodmont Employee Assistance Fund

Kollected over $2000 in donations for the First Tee Program of Greater Washington

Ran the First Tee Mentor Outing

Donated $200 to the Alzheimers Fund through the Women’s 9-Holers Event

Donating $200 to the Play For Pink through the Women’s 18-Holer Event

Underwriting the prizes for the Men’s Play for Pink Event in October

Underwriting the Greens and Golf Staff Annual Kook-Out

Making total donations of over $4000 to the SMGA-Wounded Vets, Folds of Honor, and IDF Wounded Vets through our Players Pools Events and a matching Keepers Donation

Over 50 Keepers, Staff, and Kids who participated in the Keepers First Tee Mentor Outing

Thanks so much to all the Keepers for helping us provide this support to worthy causes in our community.


Keepers Wounded Warriors Fund Raisers: SAVE THE DATE

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The Keepers are sponsoring a pair of fund raising events for the Folds of Honor/SMGA Wounded Warriors Fund on Tuesday July 28 from 2:30 to 7 p.m.  These are new unique events you won’t want to miss…… so mark your calendar.

Planet Golf Presentation and Book Signing


Darius Oliver, an expert in Golf Course Design and Architecture, will be the feature guest at a cocktail reception at 5:30 p.m.  He is the author of two stunning coffee table golf books you should have in your golf library “Planet Golf” and “Planet Golf USA”.  After cocktails and hors d’oeuvres Darius will make a presentation of the making of his books and his views on course design around the world.  After his presentation and conversation members will be able to purchase personalized signed copies of the two books for $40 each or $70 for the pair-$10 of each book sale will go to support our military charity fund.

The Quarry at La Quinta in Palm Dessert
The Quarry at La Quinta in Palm Dessert
Eastward Ho on Cape Cod
Eastward Ho on Cape Cod












Each book catalogs of over 130 courses and are the definitive references to the greatest golf courses around the world and in the U.S..  The books include vivid photography from professional golf photographers David Scaletti and John and Jeannine Henebry of the most famous and interesting golf courses on the planet accompanied with Oliver’s extensive history and review of each course.  For remembering great courses you have played or simply wanting to know more about one’s you should play these two books will get plenty of attention sitting next to you favorite couch.

This event is open to all Woodmont members and their guests click to see more information about this cool event.

Wounded Warrior Golf Fund Raiser

Earlier that day The Keepers will have a Keepers & Friends 9-Hole event to celebrate the Planet Golf Book Presentation and to raise money for our annual donation to the Folds of Honor/SMGA Wounded Warriors organizations.  This will be a fun format open to all Keepers, spouses, Woodmont friends, and guests-$20 a player plus cart fee (no guest fees are required)-with half the money going to support our charities.  Starting at 2:30 p.m. we hope all the players will stay to enjoy the cocktail reception which follows at 5:30.

So start thinking about who you want to bring.  You are encouraged to invite your spouse, friends, or outside guests to these two events.  Sign ups will begin on July 8th through another posting on this site.  For more information on Darius Oliver check out his website at

Folds of Honor 2


Keepers ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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alsa_logoThe gauntlet was thrown down by Neuralstem and Ted Harada for The Keepers to accept the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  Being a group of dodgy old fools how could we not accept this invitation.  So today 10 of our members agreed to take a Dunkin Coolata Dowsing from family and friends at Woodmont Country Club.  Included in this chillin’ experience were Len Goldman, Micha Green, Rusty Minkoff, Howard Wollner, Alan Levine, Steve Keller, Moe Dweck, Allen Zweig, Sol Gordon, and Eddie Cohen.  As you can see below it was full of laughs and giggles.

The Keepers have passed on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to The Young Guns of Woodmont Country Club who we know can use a cold shower.  So assemble Young Guns and take the challenge!!!!

Through the generosity of many of our members we have assembled a contribution to the ALS Association of over $500 to aid in the research to conquer this dreaded disease.  We thank everyone involved at Woodmont who helped make fulfillment of this challenge possible and all the members of The Keepers who supported this worthy effort.

If you would like to make a donation directly to the ALS Foundation you can click here to get to the ALS Association secure website.



Keepers-First Tee Kids Celebration

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Keepers and GavelFFirst Tee Montgomery Countyor the fifth time this summer The Keepers sponsored an annual mentor outing with the sweet kids for the Montgomery County First Tee Program.  A grand time was had by all who participated in an afternoon of instruction, a little food, and some quality course time.  Special thanks to the folks from the First Tee,  Woodmont Staff, Keepers Management and Volunteers, and the smiles of the kids that make all of this worthwhile.


Check out the shots below of the day’s festivities (click on any picture for a larger view).

Warming up.....a wiggle to the left.....
Warming up…..a wiggle to the left…..
You place the ball here in your stance..
You place the ball here in your stance..











The chipping line with Trillium....
The chipping line with Trillium….
Put your left foot here.....
Put your left foot here…..











A little mentor guideance
A little mentor guidance
I say...I say....they went datta way!!
I say…I say….they went datta way!!










Down the line....
Down the


Swinging through....
Swinging through….














Can you believe what we just saw?
Longest drive…….twice!!
Trade a tomato for your pickle?
Trade a tomato for your pickle?














The Line Up


For more action photos check out the Keepers-First Tee posting at

Keepers-First Tee Mentor Outing

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First Tee Montgomery CountyYou are invited to join us as a volunteer/mentor at the annual Keepers-First Tee Mentor Outing on Thursday July 31st from 11 to 3 pm at Woodmont.  This is a fun day of “being a grandparent” to 25 wonderful kids who participate in the Montgomery County First Tee Program.  The kids age from 8 to 16 but all share two things in common-they love golf and know how to comport themselves in a golfing environment.  You will be amazed out what this First Tee Program does for these kids.

The outing begins at 11 am with a series of clinics on the range and in the Sidney Harman Short Game area.  Trillium and Brice will run the clinics and all you have to do as a volunteer is be supportive and lend a mentoring hand when needed.  A picnic lunch with the kids from around 12:30 to 1:oo on the range is then followed by some golf when we take them out for four holes of real mentor time on the course.  It all wraps up around 3:00 pm.

Don’t miss this opportunity to volunteer for this memorable day.  Keepers, Keepers Spouses, and any other Woodmont member are invited to participate-there is no cost to the volunteers.  If you or someone you know is interested please have them email us at  and we will add them to the list.

Special thanks to Steve Keller and John Friedson for organizing and chairing this event once again this year.

Last years group of kids and volunteers
Last years group of kids and volunteers


Some of last year’s revelry:

Maybe a mixed message but good intent
Maybe a mixed message but good intent
I am guessing there is some discussion of shots going on here
I am guessing there is some discussion of shots going on here
This way?  No this way!
This way? No this way!
Kris Tschetter had the kids full attention
Kris Tschetter had the kids full attention

Keepers-Wounded Warriors Outing

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Keepers and GavelThrough the generosity of 25 Keepers and Woodmont member sponsors the 3rd Annual Keepers/SMGA/Wounded Warriors Outing was held at Woodmont on June 25th.  Smiles abounded as  11 Keepers and 17 Warriors participated in an afternoon of golfin’ fun which included instruction time with Trillium Sellers, John Ronis, and Brice Busse, a picnic lunch, 18 holes of zoysia golf on the South Course, and some spinning of yarn after the golf over drinks and munchies.

Our guests included military husbands and wives, older and younger brothers,  buddies, and folks of all ilk who have served their country protecting the freedoms we share.   This is always a special day for both The Keepers and the Warriors who spend time sharing stories, jokes, and an occasional high five……kind of what we do all the time with our friends on the golf course.

SMGA LogoThese are special people who are blessed to have this SMGA/Wounded Warriors program provide them with golf lessons, equipment, assistive devices, and a strong dose of what the game of golf can do for your soul. Talking with them it is unanimous how much Jim Estes and his folks have done for them through this program in helping them rediscover a little bit of normalcy in their lives.

Thanks to all of the sponsors who helped underwrite this afternoon’s fun. We were able to add another $750 to our fund that facilitates a donation to the SMGA/Wounded Warriors at year’s end.


The staff, sponsors, and warriors who made the day happen
The staff, sponsors, and warriors who made the day happen


Photos courtesy of Rita Mhley Communications

Richard's intro to the day
Richard welcomes the faithful
Moe's shameless shilling of
Moe’s shameless shilling of


Explaining the lineage of the Keeper's Gavel
Explaining the lineage of the Keeper’s Gavel
Got to eat....main reason we came
Folks got to eat….the main reason we came
Trillium and Art discuss high level swing mechanics
Trillium and Art discuss high level swing mechanics …… or magic
Ralph and his trick or treat bag......seems satisfied...
Ralph and his trick or treat bag……seems satisfied…
Troop challenge coin...protocol says have it at the bar or you will have to pay for the round
201st Red Horse Squadron challenge coin…military protocol says have it in hand at the bar or you will have to pay for the round