Keepers Travel Gallery

The Keepers Logo continually wends it’s way around the planet as our faithful travel with friends and spouses to distant destinations in pursuit of one more check-off from the personal travel bucket list.

This gallery celebrates the seeding of the Keepers Word to new, potentially unrevealed bastions of Keeperdom.  It is amazing how appropriate Keepers Klothing has proven to be in all climates and ecosystems as you can witness below.

Here is some digital mud in your eye!!

We start with a random kollection of “singles” those smile for the kamera one-offs to mark the digital ground that one of us has been there.  Occasionally Keepers get to difficult to reach venues in their eternal wanderings.

(If you want to any image as a Keepsake just right click on it and pick ‘Save Image As’ to download to your PC)

Len The Plumber and the Missus heed the warning at Bethpage Black-September, 2016
Pablo Cohen and his paid advisor walked Pine Valley-July, 2017
Keepers glove on display with Howard Vogel on the 4th at Pacific Dunes-July, 2017
Len The Plumber on an exploratory trip to that golf destination in Machu Picchu…Llama with Keepers Windjacket-July, 2017
Included some market research for Keepers Klothing offerings…maybe an Alpaca sweater or this kolorful sombraro are a real possibility for 2018-July, 2017
Rick and Sande Brecher traveled to Ushuaia Golf Club in Argentina…to play an entertaining 9-holer in the southernmost city in the world
Ushuaia Golf Club borders the Tierro del Fuego National Park in the mountains of southern Argentina. In February, which would be their summer, Rick still needed his ski apparel and a rental set to enjoy this remote diamond in the rough.
Stewart Cherner, in the Keepers Footjoy Long Sleeve circa 2017, overlooks the first fairway at 13,000 feet on Mt. Eigor, Switzerland.  Ball flies 18% further at this altitude-September, 2017
Cherner Associates LLC in high altitude training in Switzerland for their upcoming 3rd konsecutive appearance in the Keepers Alt Shot Series Finals-September, 2017
In 2011 our Keepers internatonal emissary,  Chet Levine, found the exclusive Callaway Distributor in China….those are Michelle Wie Callaway/Barbie dolls in the background….
The Kommish, with The Little Lady, sports one of the many “Keepers Stripes” at the first hole at Kapalua’s Plantation Course-December, 2011
Allen “Return To Sender” Zweig kasts his shadow on the kavernous 15th at Black Diamond Ranch in Florida-January, 2012
Small group includes John “Freaky” Friedson, Mike “The Kar Kollector” Weber, and Steve “The Humble Country Dentist” Keller at The Boulders in Arizona-May, 2013
Always looking to experience the newest entries-Rick Brecher, Steve Keller, and Sonny Bloom at Streamsong in a previously uncharted part of Florida-March, 2014
Proof that Keepers play in anything-including hail the size of Pro V-1s at Blackwolf Run in Wisconsin-Craig Goodman, Mark Binstock, Arthur Blitz, and Rich Sussman-July, 2014
Taking in the full grandeur of Pelican Hill in Newport Beach, California-John “Freaky” Friedson, Mike “Https:” Weber, Steve “Press When Your Pissed” Keller, and Jim Fuhrman-April, 2015
Spectacular look down the 16th at Pete Dye’s La Quinta Mountain Course behind Len, Lisa, and friend-January, 2016
Rick Brecher needs the Keepers Zero Restriction vest as chilly dusk comes to the picturesque Arizona desert in 2016
Bay Hill 2018: Rich and Monica Sussman and Bobbi Gordon and Konnor Farrell hanging with the King (in bronze)
Artie and Susan Aronoff at Pebble Beach in 2018
Kommander Konnor leading his troops between stations at Augusta National in the 2018 National Drive, Chip, and Putt Kompetition
A group of Keeper Troubadours made a winter getaway trek to Turnberry, Florida in February, 2018-(L/R) Rick Goldstein, Rich Sussman, Craig Goodman, Len Goldman, Arnie Miller, Phil Schulman, Steve Keller, and Allen Zweig
Zweig, Sussman, Keller, and Goldstein….Apres golf. Eating always is a priority on these golf sorties…I think that is the patio grill over Rick’s shoulder.
Another Doc Keller golf entourage: The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island 2018-Bob Lynn, Steve Keller, Steve Pollock, and Jim Hawkins
Keepers invade Ibis 2018:  Bernie Greenbaum, Mica Green, Steve Kersner, Phil Malet, Ronnie Greenbaum, Glenn Streidel, Brian Fein (kompany shirt and hat), and Rich Sussman
Opening of the new Woodmont North 18th Hole was on April 21, 2018
Five Keepers kut the ribbon and were the first to play it:  Steve Lustig, Alan Levine, Allen Zweig, Dave Nearpass, and Moe Dweck
The Kommish takes the Golfzilla Challenge at The Wood….there were not Pro V-1s!
2019 TPC Sawgrass 17th: Mike Levin, Billy Burak, Konnor Farrell, and Jake Thompson
Billy B at the PGA Show in 2019 celebrating with his followers the Solheim Cup going to Gleneagles this year
Graham “Pooky” Pooks, the Scotland/Ireland Travel Whisper, proudly poses with one of his supporters and the Solheim Cup, which will be in his neighborhood this coming summer
2019: John “Freaky” Friedson and Steve “Doc” Keller at lovely La Quinta Resort in Palm Desert. PGA West Stadium Course was this day’s stop.
Freaky stares down his recovery pitch shot at PGA West Stadium Course in 2019
Artie Aronoff dons his Keepers windbreaker at Ardglass Golf Club on the rocky coast of northeastern Ireland in 2019
Against the mountain backdrop at Royal County Down in Northern Ireland: Bob Berk, Barry Haberman, Artie Aronoff, and Cameron Murray
Artie Aronoff’s selfie at The Island Golf Club outside of Dublin, Ireland
Keepers Kolor War Headwear at 14,000 feet on Grays Peak Colorado in 2019
Artie Aronoff’s Keepers World Walking Tour took him to the highest peak in Africa at Kilimanjaro in the fall of 2019
Howie Stein, Susan Aronoff, and Artie Aronoff preparing for play at the 2019 PGA Tour RSM Classic Pro-Am at Sea Island, Georgia
Stewart Cherner left some Keepers Love left in the Kingsbarns Starter Shack window in Scotland, 2019
Bay Hill 2019: Steve Keller, Arnie Miller, Glenn Schwartz, Moe Dweck, and Len Goldman with Arnold
Keller Group In Cabo 2020: Charlie Cooper, Joel Cohen, Rick Brecher, Steve Keller, Ron Dweck–Chris Nicely, Mike Weber, and Sonny Bloom
Keepers Angling: Richard North pulled in a 37 pound Wahoo and a 6 lb Dolphinfish off shore in Jupiter, Fla in 2020.
Rick Payes runs into Larry Bergman a Philadelphia golfing friend of the Kommish at Plantation Preserve in Ft Lauderdale-December, 2020.
Keepin’ away from Kovid….. Kalifornia 2020..Jon and Ellen Bortz
George Solomon At Cypress
2021: George Solomon and friends on an idyllic visit to Cypress Point
Chet At Rustic Canyon Cart Path 2021
2021 Chet Levine at Rustic Canyon in Moorpark, CA….the cart paths are very rustic.
Chet Levine at Rustic Canyon 2021 1
2021-Chet chipping from the vast short grass surrounds that appear on every green complex. This gives this arid desert course a real linksy feel.
Sterling Hills 1
2021: Chet Levine visits Sterling Hills outside of L.A.
Sterling Hills 3
The conditions at Sterling were less then sterling….a bit over watered….
Industry Hills 1
2021: Chet at Industrial Hills-plenty of both-east of L.A.
Industry Hills 2
Two excellent courses named Babe (Zaharias) and Ike (Eisenhower)
Ohoopee Match Group Shot
2021-Ohoopee Match Club- Mike Fisher, Ron Bubes, Jon Bortz, Jeff Aeder, Don Fisher, Brian Kaplan, Michael Levy, and Howie Stein
Ohoopee Stein Kaplan Levy
2021 Ohoopee Match Play-Howie Stein, Brian Kaplan, and Michael Levy
Congressional Foursome 2021
2021-Did not travel real far but Keith, Moe, and Billy joined our old friend Pete to play the renovated Blue Course at Congressional Country Club
Chet Punta Canta Lakes With Guides
2022: Chet Levine in the Dominican Republic at the P.B. Dye Lakes Course in Punta Cana with a couple of guides
Chet Punta Canta Lakes Forced Carry
2022: Chet Levine has a forced carry over one of those bodies of water at Punta Cana Lakes Course in the Dominican Republic
Paul Cohen At Torrey April 2022
April 2022: Paul Cohen in Sunbeam Perth At 18 of Torrey Pines 
Noah at Brookline June 2022
June 2022: At The Country Club-Brookline for the U.S. Open-Future Kommish Noah in the Keepers Sunbeam Perth and Smile sampling the hardware

Over the years we have had official Keepers Trips as well a more informal buddy trips with lots of Keepers in tow.  They never fail to deliver spreading the visibility of the Keepers logo in its many manifestations.

Whistling Straits Wisconsin 2008

First official Keepers Trip was fifteen of the early adopters-August, 2008
Red and Blue Team Keepers Shirts-Josh Tremblay, Moe “Mish” Dweck, Bobby “Founder” Cohen, and Robert “L” Cohen-August, 2008
We met up with all the locals….some were more persistent than others-August, 2008
Three Pete Dye Courses on the dance card-the 10th on The River-August, 2008
Here is the splendific view up the 11th at The Irish-August, 2008
Billy goat Keepers traverse the Postcard Par 3 17th on The Straits-August, 2008

Sand Valley, Kohler, and Erin Hills Wisconsin 2017

Ten years later six Keepers on a Wisconsin buddies trip…Joe Baldinger, Jimmy Polsky, Billy Burak, Steve Lustig, Rusty Minkoff, and Barry Minkoff-July, 2017
Rusty Minkoff and Flash Philipson steering their own at the new Sand Valley-July, 2018
Steve “Fidel” Lustig with his ever present Havana at The Irish-July, 2017
Joe “What are we playing for” Baldinger donning the “original” Keepers Kap at The Irish-July, 2017
Only photographic evidence that Jimmy “The Tripmeister” Polsky came along-July, 2017
Billy Burak in his consumer comfort many shelves to little time-July, 2017
Real food….on golf trips men play golf, eat, and sleep….and then repeat…July, 2017
Buddies in arms at Erin Hills-Billy “First Cut” Burak and Alan “Lowl” Levine-July, 2017
Startling wildness of Erin Hills… of the 2017 U.S. Open…..July, 2017
Alan Levine works on a recovery at Erin Hills-July, 2017

USGA Museum New Jersey 2009

Eight Keeper Historians visited the USGA Museum in Far Hills along with some side golf at Somerset Hills, Hamilton Farm, and Ridgewood-April, 2009
Took more precision to get eight bags in this van then eight Keepers-April, 2009
The Band included Stewart Cherner, Rusty Minkoff, Keith Eig, Bobby Cohen, Billy Burak, Bruce Ochsman, Moe Dweck, and Josh “Our Fearless Leader” Tremblay-April, 2009
Besides rooms and rooms of amazing golf artifacts and memorabilia the museum had a very old fashioned putting green with authentic period putters to try out-April, 2009
Tremblay, Eig, Cohen, and Ochsman strike the period poses during the vintage putting kontest-April, 2009

Kinloch Golf Club 2009

Keepers first visit to Kinloch Golf Club outside of Richmond-Moe Dweck, Tom Burne, Howard Wollner, Josh Tremblay, Bobby Lipnick, Rusty Minkoff, Alan Levine, Allen Zweig-August, 2009
Spectacular presentation on this Lester George design looking up at the 6th green across the environmental area below-August, 2009
The Halfway House features a unique Char-grilled Peanut Butter and Jelly Delight-August, 2009
Par 5 9th crosses the mishugas twice on the way up to the clubhouse-August, 2009
All Keepers Trips feature fine culinary moments like bar-b-que ribs at Allmans-August, 2009
And of course dessert….real Soft Serve from the vintage Electrolux at Carl’s in Fredricksburg-August, 2009

Other Golf Destinations 2009-2010

Posing with The King at his Pennsylvania haunt at Laurel Valley-Alan Levine, Josh Tremblay, Rusty Minkoff, and Moe Dweck-September, 2009
Rest of the mishpacha Steve Lustig, Nick Flickinger, Steve Keller, and Alan Marx-September, 2009
Laurel Valley clubhouse displayed endless Arnie memorabilia like this photo of Arnie and Jack as pards in the National Four Ball in 1970
An autumn day trip up to Wilmington Country Club-Jon Minkoff, Josh Tremblay, Steve Keller, Nick Flickinger, Rusty Minkoff, Billy Burak, and Moe Dweck-October, 2009
Keepers long weekend down at Donald Ross’s Pinehurst playing all the numbers #2, #4, #7, and #8-Norman Freidkin, Bruce Ochsman, Sol Gordon, Nick Flickinger, Moe Dweck, Billy Burak, Rusty Minkoff, Allen Zweig, and Alan Levine-November, 2009
Sol Gordon striking the winning post with Payne and Billy Burak-November, 2009
Moe Dweck and Rusty Minkoff being a bit more respectful of the champion-November, 2009
Eclectik group of Keepers did an overnight to Saucon Valley in Northern Pennsylvania whose Old Course hosted the Women’s and Senior U.S. Opens-David Dorn, Rich Sussman, Steve Bernstein, Billy Burak, Sol Gordon, Arthur Blitz, and Moe Dweck-August, 2010
This fearsome threesome of Sol Gordon, Billy Burak, and Moe Dweck toured the Grace Course together-August, 2010

PGA Merchandise Show and Bay Hill 2012-2015

Trips each January to Orlando with staff to attend the PGA Merchandise Show have given a number of Keepers the opportunity to witness the madness of golf product development and sales up close and personal
It starts each year with Demo Day which is held on the spacious practice grounds at Orange County Golf Club outside of Orlando.  This is an opportunity to test drive every new club being introduced or even contemplated for the next year.
Rick Brecher and Billy Burak on the ground for Demo Day-January, 2015
Lots of photo opps with the sponsorship stars-Arthur Blitz and Jesper Parnavik chumin’ it up at the Cobra Demo tent-January, 2015
Things move inside to the 100,000 plus square foot Orlando convention center where Alan Levine and Billy Burak can try and buy some of the cutting edge range finders not in the stores yet-January, 2015
The Kommish discovers Deron, his twin brother from another mother, at a Golf Recovery Footwear booth….who even knew there was such as golf recovery footwear-January, 2015
All the stars are out and glad to share embrace with their fans of all ages….Kathy meets her virtual god-son Jordan just three months before she got to cheer him on in person to his first Green Jacket in April-January, 2015
Because our guy knows a guy we get to enjoy the hamish warmth of Arnie’s Bay Hill Golf Club and Lodge which is a special experience all it’s own-February, 2013
Arnie and Winnie Palmer’s fingerprints are everywhere in this place.  Many Keepers actually got to shake hands with the King and exchange pleasantries-February, 2013
We are talking Latrobe Old about a men’s locker room where the gin tables and the bar are in the same space as the lockers and showers-February, 2013
Even the culinary offerings are totally unique…breakfast is not breakfast as usual at Arnie’s Place-January, 2012
Let’s not forget Arnie’s Bay Hill Course, which hosts the Arnold Palmer Invitational each spring.  The wharf hole, the Par 5 5th, is a pure Arnold risk and reward affair-February, 2013
The Kommish, Little Lady, and Troy our golf guide of the Bay Hill Course-February, 2013

Ko Samui Island Thailand, 2013

Chet Levine, one of our many itinerant Keepers, took a speedboat detour off his cruise ship in Southeast Asia, to experience a tropical golfing oasis at the Santiburi Samui Golf and Beach Resort on Ko Samui Island in Thailand-April 2013
Shown here with his valued caretaker, wearing traditional Keepers sanctioned caddie garb, whose knowledge of every inch of the course proved invaluable-April 2013
Besides normal on course duties, like shielding their players from insidious UV rays, these women reminded  them to beware of snakes and other creatures that foreigners would not typically expect to encounter while searching for a wayward Titleist-April 2013
There were moments of glory-this Keepers celebration move, following a prodigious drive that led to one of Chet’s two birdies of the day, shows that some communication can reach across all language barriers-April, 2013

Dubai, Arab Emirates 2013

Next stop on the same trip for Chet was Dubai and the Emirates Golf Club, a regular stop on the European Tour
Posing with the silver trophy…the same one Tiger hoisted in 2008

Melbourne, Australia 2016

In 2016 Chet was way down under….visiting Royal Melbourne Golf Club…a classic old school venue originally designed on a flash overseas tour by Alister MacKenzie in the 1920’s
….the President’s Cup in 2011….Phil pictured above playing in this storied event

Pebble Beach 2015

Steve “The Kroupier” Keller kalculating the trash from the floating crap game at Pebble Beach-August, 2015
Kaptin Keith Eig and his lead scout at Pebble Beach…check out he color of the surf-August, 2015
From the patio overlooking the 18th at Pebble Beach-Bobby Lipnick, Mike Weber, Steve Keller, Chris Niceley, and Lenny Goldman-August, 2015
Mike “World Wide” Weber searching for “service” at land’s end at the 17th at Pebble-August, 2015
The full troupe…Lenny Goldman, Steve Keller, Mike Weber, Mark Binstock, Chris Niceley, Keith Eig, Bobby Lipnick, and John Friedson-August, 2015

Across The Pond-Scottish Highlands 2o13

Trips to the  Scottish Highlands in the north often begin at the Second Home of Golf-Royal Dornoch. Dressed in appropriate Keepers gear-Barry Minkoff,Billy Burak, Moe Dweck, Rusty Minkoff, Michael Koslow, Jimmy Polsky, Jon Adler, and Richard Philipson-July, 2013
Dornoch was the childhood home of Donald Ross and it in many ways provided a plethora of design features, like crowned greens, that he later introduced in America-July, 2013
On to Castle Stuart near Inverness..the Art Deco Clubhouse sits like the bridge of an ocean liner overlooking a dramatic terraced links design created by Gil Hanse-July, 2013.
Looking down the approach to the 18th you can see it had been a dry and parched summer in Scotland and brown was the new green.  Mickelson had his links golf epiphany just a week prior winning the Scottish Open in a dramatic playoff on this hole-July, 2013
This troupe is all smiles having just walked off the 18th-Billy “Long Pants” Burak, Jimmy “The Tripmeister” Polsky, Richard “Flash” Philipson, and Moe “Kommish” Dweck-July, 2013
Then Royal Aberdeen where we encountered the Texas A & M Ladies Pilate Squad working the first tee-July, 2013
As you can see our travel manager James was pleased with this unexpected extra curricular development….as was every male within a drive and a four-iron-July, 2013
At Cruden Bay we found all the teeth links golf could provide-fog, a wee bit of rain, some wind, and, of course, the gorse-July, 2013
Chiilin’ with an Iron Bru after some mano-a-mano shopping at the Carnoustie Golf Shop-Rusty Minkoff, Jon Adler, Jimmy Polsky, and Barry Minkoff-July, 2013
We did eventually get out to play the “hardest links course on the planet”….Rusty with the Chiropractor’s Delight Bunker Shot on the 6th hole-July, 2013
We paused for a respectful moment of silence at the edge of the burn wall commemorated appropriately for John Van De Velde infamous escapade in the 1999 Open Championship-July, 2013
Moe and Billy have outlasted the Barry Burn with the help of local consultants-July, 2013
The Kommish listening intensely to youthful advice contemplating a 22-degree hybrid into the 17th at Crail Golf Links-July, 2013
With the Ladies British Open coming the next week we could not play the Old Course but we walked it….Billy Burak, Rusty Minkoff, and Moe Dweck muggin’ just shy of the Swilcan Bridge-July, 2013
We did find time for burgers and shakes at Ziggy’s, an Americanized institution, in St. Andrews-July, 2013

Scotland, 2017

Gary Faigen’s trip to Scotland began in East Lothian on the coast of the North Sea just south of Edinburgh.  He and his college buds walked the hidden gem at North Berwick which included the original Redan Par 3, so often copied around the world.  Here they are standing on one of the many hills at Gullane where the Scottish Open was played in 2016.  Kevin Riordan, Gary Faigen (in Keepers All-Weather Vest), Chuck Tauck, and Jim Shepard at Gullane 2-July, 2017
The troupe headed north to St. Andrews where you see Gary modeling our 2015 Peter Millar Keepers Textured Stripe Shirt while standing just above the mayhem that konstantly exists on the first tee of the Old Course.  Old Course Hotel in the distance-July, 2017
Any trip around the Old Course is not komplete without a number of visits to the koncealed and challenging bunkers strewn throughout this famous links.  To his admission, this is one of the few that Gary actually avoided-July, 2017
After a day playing Jean Van De Velde’s nightmare, the Carnoustie Golf Club an hour north of St. Andrews, they made the long journey west to Machrihanish Golf Club, one of the truly remote links destinations beyond Glaskow on a strip of land across the Firth of Clyde, fronting the Atlantic Ocean.  This is one destination rarely visited by American tourists.  Gary is maintaining body warmth with the 2016 Keepers Under Armour ensemble of the reversible vest and long sleeve sweatshirt-July, 2017
A splinter representation of the group-Gary Faigen, Stuart Yaguda, and Chuck Tauck-at Machrihanish.  Check out this horizon and the rich blue color of the sky and the raging sea behind them-July, 2017

Ireland, 2017

Guy trips to southwest Ireland seek more moderate temperatures and conditions…these guys found neither…but with Keepers layers Lahinch-Arnie Miller, Phil Schulman, Steve Keller, John Friedson, Craig Goodman, Mike Weber, Chris Niceley, Arnie Miller-June, 2017
At Lahinch the tradition is to check out the goats to know what the weather will be…these guys apparently were desperate for some sunshine..Chris Niceley, Phil Schulman, Arnie Miller, Lenny Goldman and John Friedson molesting the goat, Steve Keller, Craig Goodman, and Mike Weber-June, 2017
Low pressure systems persist at Doonbeg-Lenny Goldman, Craig Goodman, Mike Weber, Arnie Miller, Steve Keller, Chris Niceley, John Friedson, and Phil Schulman-June, 2017
Dedicated Keepers in arms at Ballybunion…Arnie “20/20” Miller and Mike “World Wide” Weber-June, 2017
Len “The Plumber” Goldman lifting one in the finest Irish tradition while Phil “Shul” Schulman checks his pixels…both are looking sharp in the Keepers UA fleece long sleeve from 2016 Keepers Kollection-June, 2017
Reassembled at Arnie’s Tralee Golf Club-Keller, Goodman, Miller, Friedson, The King, Goldman, Schulman, Weber, and Niceley-June, 2017
Before entering Troll Land that makes up the back nine at Palmer’s Tralee Steve Keller looks like kool and kollected pondering this approach-June, 2017
Arnie “The Aviator” Miller, wearing the 2017 Keepers Footjoy Long Sleeve, stands on the tee at the first of the Troll Land Par 3’s on the back nine at Tralee…..this is the same hallowed ground that created a “singular moment” for another Keeper Jim “I Didn’t Travel Across The Ocean To Lay Up” Polsky back in 1999.
Dooks Golf Club is a hidden treasure along the Ring of Kerry…these Keepers have on the full revue of Keepers Kaps to protect their heads from that sliver of sunshine developing over their shoulder-John Friedson, Steve Keller, Arnie Miller, Len Goldman, Mike Weber, Craig Goodman, and Phil Schulman-June, 2017
Just a short harrowing ride further down the Ring of Kerry brought the guys to Waterville Golf Links… full all-weather gear they understand where the place got it’s name-Arnie Miller, Mike Weber, Len Goldman, Phil Schulman, and John Friedson brave the elements once more-June, 2017
Many of these trips end tiptoeing across the daunting cliffs of Old Head Golf Links on the southern coast.  Wait a minute those are shadows….the sun is actually out!!  “Freaky” Friedson, “Plumb Bob” Goldman, “Two Step” Miller, and “Kar Kollector” Weber hold firm against the breeze trying to cast them over the edge-June, 2017
With the Old Head Lighthouse and the Atlantic over their shoulder, the more sanguine party of Keepers includes Chris “Distinguished Guest” Niceley, Craig “The Traditionalist” Goodman, Phil “Have You Heard the One About” Schulman, and Steve “The Tour Planner” Keller-June, 2017
Two steps headin’ for the door…. or the airport…..June, 2017

Trump National California 2017

Monterey 2017

A small group of guys ventured to the Monterey Coast of California to take in a small rota of some of the most scenic courses California has to offer.  Here is the postcard view of the Shore Course at the super private Monterey Peninsula Golf Club, one of the host courses of the A T & T Pro-Am each February-September, 2017
The early morning round at Monterey Peninsula, with the marine layer still hovering, had Allen Zweig, Don Rogers, and Alan Schwartz sporting Keepers all-weather gear-September, 2017
How things change rapidly in this coastal ecosystem…the pristine look down of the jagged coastline off the back of the fourth tee at Spyglass Hill that afternoon-September, 2017
What a difference 4 hours makes….stripped down to fighting weight for the afternoon at Spyglass Hill.  Steve Lustig, Dave Nearpass, Allen Zweig, and Don Rogers above the Par 3 third with attack implements in hand-September, 2017
First Tee at Pebble Beach….Dave Nearpass, Alan Schwartz, Allen Zweig, Don Middleburg, Steve Lustig, Don Rogers, Ross Hechinger, and Jerry Fox
5th Tee At Pebble
Now at Pebble Beach…here is the view of Jack Nicklaus’s remastered 5th hole
Guys at Pebble
Ross Hechinger, Dave Nearpass, Alan Schwartz, and Steve Lustigwith #6 behind
From the tee box on 5 the majestic Par 5 6th stretches out on the coastline above the Pacific Ocean
6th Tee at Pebble
The spectacular view down the fairway of the Par 5 6th
The look down the iconic short pitch 7th at Pebble…could be Sand Wedge or 4-iron depending on the day’s breezes off the Pacific
Lustig Fox Schwartz Hechinger at 7th Pebble
Steve Lustig, Jerry Fox, Alan Schwartz, and Ross Hechinger with lay-up clubs at the 8th Tee at Pebble
18th Tee at Pebble
Who would not recognize the intimidating tee shot of the finishing hole at Pebble
Schwartz and Hechinger on 18 Pebble
Terp Station Schwartz overlooks Ross Hechinger overlooking his line on the 18th
Lustig at 18 Pebble
Carmel Bay behind him, Steve Lustig’s work is done on the 18th green
Apparently they ran into celebrities from all the ages….
They even found time for reflection with youth on the tranquil dunes above Spanish Bay
Inn at Spanish Bay
What an awesome coastline view from the Inn at Spanish Bay to end the day

Streamsong 2017

Our Keepers trip to Streamsong in central Florida included Double-D, Pete The Grass Maven, and 14 guys of varying golf aptitude.  We walked and played ’em all….Blue, Red, and the new Black.  Other then a little waiting for food service and shuttles between facilities, it was a grand experience for all who went.

Dedication Plaque

1st Blue Par 4
First look of the trip off the elevated tee box on the Doak Blue Course was panoramic
Apt Pablo Schifman Bobys
Some of the kulprits….Neal “Transport” Bobys, Howard “Bass Man” Issacson, Paul “Pablo” Cohen, and, a visiting dignitary, Kolman Apt
Weber Mish Rusty Fisher
Mike “www.” Weber, Moe “Mish” Dweck, Rusty “AI” Minkoff, and Mike “Koach” Fisher
Fleisher Billy Pete Sol
Marc “Jimmy Dean” Fleisher, Billy “B” Burak, Pete “The Grassman” Wendt, and Sol “The Wildlife Is Frettin” Gordon
7 Blue Par 3
The Par 3 7th on the Blue Course is pure golf poetry to the eye…who would have thunk this place has been built on an old phosphate mine
Fleisher Regal Waffle
Marc Fleisher, with customized crowned waffle and fruit accompaniment… signature chop sticks not shown
Kolman Mish Jimmy Dean
Day 2, against the backdrop of the first on the Coore/Crenshaw Red Course, Kolman, Mish,  and Jimmy Dean
Fleisher Apt BBQ Shack
Kolman and Marc stopping for provisions at the BBQ Shack at the turn
16 Red Par 3
The formidable challenge of the full forced carry on the 16th of the Red…..Pete made the all-world par save from the steps next to the front bunker
The Gauntlet Putting Course
Apres Golf facilities included The Gauntlet, a massive putting course similar to the Ladies Putting Course at St. Andrews, and a six-hole Approach and Putt Course
Isaacson and kissy bass
Extra-curricular’s included Bass Man, in Keeper Kap and FJ Wind Shirt, making kissy fish with his katch of the day
LTP as Libarache
Of course there was sufficient eating and drinking going on between games
Dorn Sid-ing
Day 3: Double-D on the practice ground refining his short game skills
Pete Preparing
Pete, in what turned out to be a futile search this day  for the swing magic before facing the Black
Ninija Turtle
Wildlife abounds….this is not a reflection of pace of play on the Black
Mish Meditating 1
The Mish in a moment of contemplation….conjuring up tomorrow’s format
18 Black Approach
The truly splendific finishing Kape Hole on Gil Hanse’s Black Course

Dye-umvirate 2017

To-Dye-for headwear from the Ocean Course, Harbour Town, and TPC Sawgrass

Rusty and Jan Minkoff got this very clever idea to combine some Southern Culture and with Pete Dye Golf in the form of a road trip through South Caroline, Georgia, and Northern Florida.  Besides taking in hand woven straw baskets in Charleston and southern architecture of Savannah, they managed to sneak in a few rounds on three of Pete and Alice Dye’s most memorable courses.

In front of the signature Lighthouse at the 18th at Harbour Town Golf Links
Jan’s fine splash recovery from the bunker on the short 9th at Harbour Town
What would a trip to the Ocean Course be without a warning about reptiles?
No idle warning at that…..
From the tee of the “Easy….what’s-the-big-deal” 17th at Sawgrass
Rusty’s approach on long and winding finishing hole at the Stadium Course
Jan has a moment of reflection with Pete in the clubhouse at Sawgrass

Capetown, South Africa 2018

In 2018, Chet and Joanie Levine’s “Part’s Unknown” travel adventures took them to South Africa and Zimbabwe.
Chet and Joanie enjoyed some of Milnerton’s glorious seaside views
Steenberg Golf Club, in the Capetown area, came on line in 1996, and is considered one of the premier new golfing venues in the country
In Metropolitan Golf Club they found an interesting historical artifact.  One of the oldest golf courses on the continent it was built in 1895.  Since renovated it occupies a tight piece of Capetown real estate adjacent to the football stadium.  The course now sports 9 full length hole complexes, 14 greens, and a unique composite 18-hole golf experience for it’s membership and guests.

Punta Cana 2018

Punta Cana 2018: John “Freaky” Friedson, Steve “Simple Country Dentist” Keller, and Rick “Magellan” Brecher
Freaky and the Simple Country Dentist at the Corales Course in Punta Cana
Punta Cana Team Shot: (L/R) Chris Niceley, Charley Cooper, John Friedson, Sonny Bloom, Steve Keller, Rick Brecher, Ron Dweck, and Joel Cohen

Punta Cana II 2018

Don Rogers Annual Trip basks in the sun at Corales in Punta Cana in April of 2018
The Corales Course has lots of natural hazards in play
Michael Levy, Steve Peck, Allen Zweig, and Jerry Fox doing a line dance
Keepers Keith Eig, David Ruben, and Allen Zweig at Corales
The course at Punta Espada is equally breathtaking
Shore holes at Punta Espada bring Pebble Beach to mind
Keith Eig plying his craft above the shoreline in Punta Cana
Keith Eig and Allen Zweig basking in the Caribbean sun
All the kulprits from the Don Rogers Trip of 2018

Bandon Dunes 2018

Seven guys plus Andy Heiberger went to Bandon in August of 2018.  We did what guys always do on these trips-played golf, slept, and ate, two out of three we did quite well.  We played em all-Bandon Dunes, Pacific Dunes, Old MacDonald, Bandon Trails, Bandon Preserve, and The Punchbowl-some with more proficiency then others but a good time was had by all.

Monday at Old MacDonald-Jim, Neal Bobys, Mish Moe, Dennis, Rob, and Michael Bobys
Camp Supervisor Andy calculating the damage
Solvin “Deer Tracker” Gordon,  Marc “Yassar” Fleisher, Michael “Long Ball” Bobys, and Neal “Down Grain” Bobys doing some creative putting at the Punchbowl
Bandon Preserve Approach and Putt Course-Neal Bobys tees off on #1 with Michael, Marc, Andy, and Billy observing
Keepers plodding about in the hazy mist on #9 on The Preserve………
The Conga Putting Line on the finishing tee at The Preserve-Moe, Sol, Marc, Billy, Michael, Neal, and Andy
Doing what we do best…Bruce Ochsman, Solvin Gordon, Marc Fleisher, Neal Bobys, Michael Bobys, Andy Heiberger, Billy Burak, and Moe Dweck
The full entourage against the Bandon Blue Sky

Casa de Campo 2018

A mother lode of Keepers went to Casa de Campo in the fall of 2018 as part of a Woodmont golf trip organized by Double-D and our own Konnor “Ranger Hal” Farrell.  We played an array of challenging Pete Dye courses including the Teeth of the Dog, Dye Fore, Casa Links, and La Romana Country Club members course over this five-day excursion.  The scenery was awesome and the golf challenges just as spectacular.

Lavish Villa accommodations were provided with an attendant who cooked breakfast for us each morning and even took care of the laundry.  Keepers know how to eat….we sampled the fare at an array of tasty restaurants across the campus.

Ranger Hal Konnor and Double D-they had ever detail of the trip collated in those back packs
Teeth of the Dog #16 is one jaw dropping hole where you just hope not to feed the fish
The Fun Bunch-Moe Mish, Doc Keller, Late Night Fleisher, and Konnor commiserating at the Teeth of the Dog
World Wide Weber, Doc Keller, and Steve “Not sure where this is going” Lustig at one of the many scenic seaside holes at The Dog
The last 100 yards of the scenic Par 5 10th at the Dye Fore Course
Doc Keller, Craig Goodman, Double-D, and Len The Plumber with their back to the gorge that runs through the back nine at the Dye Fore Course
Ronnie “Bella Bola” Rosenberg tuning up for the day ahead
Dapper Kolman Apt and Harry “Sifford” Harrison making a few last minute adjustments
Howard “Keepers Wear” Isaacson was resplendent in 2018 Keepers K Hat and FJ Shirt.  That is Dave Feldman getting a few swing tips from Konnor Farrell in the background.
Mr. Bill surrounded by a rainbow halo driving off at Casa Links
The Professionals….Konnor, Brice, and Dorn playing for 5 zeros on The Links
Ronnie, Steve, Mike, and Brice enjoying a lavish Italian meal at La Piazzetta
The mariachi band handled the  Hava Nagilah request, which stirred the crowd to it’s feet
We celebrated Steve Keller’s 66th at Minitas Beach Club Restaurant with an entertaining Phil Schulman roast and a sweet cake with a pyrotechnic roman candle
Tranquility in the late afternoon on the Teeth of the Dog

We hope you have enjoyed this little photographic prance through the Keeper’s decade.  This is always a work in progress so feel free to kontribute more images to the kause.

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