Keepers Kolor War 2019-Varmints Revenge

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This year’s Keepers Kolor War “Varmints Revenge” will pay respect to the role these lovable kreatures play in the heart of all Woodmont golfers.  The kompetition will be reconciled on Sunday May 19th with four teams of 12 players representing the Crows, the Gooses, the Deer, and the Coyotes in a full day of settling the score.

In a kollaborative Three-Stage Kompetition, Team Crows, Team Gooses, Team Deer, and Team Coyotes will vie for a pot of team Kash Sweeps as well as individual Keepers Kup points.  Team Kaptains will be designated from those who sign up and a draft of the four Varmint teams will ensue under the careful scrutiny of the Federal Election Kommission.  Handicaps in 2-Man matches provide a level playing field-using 80% for the course/tee being played.

Festivities begin Sunday morning with the First Stage Short Game Skills kompetition at The SID between 8:30 and 9:30.  One player from each team will be grouped by handicap level to kompete in 4 short game skills.  Each player will will have two shots at each skill target surrounded by koncentric circles worth 3, 2, or 1 point (2 extra points if you hole it).  Total points for each player across the four skills will go toward team and individual points.

What follows is each player kompeting with a partner in two nine-hole 2-man Team Matches playing off 6 tee times on each course starting at 9:45.  Second Stage is 2-Man Modified Alternate Shot with teammates playing a drive off each tee-selecting the best one-and then playing alternate shot until they hole out. Each hole is worth 4 points for a total of 36 available to a team in each match.  Team points for the match will be split between teammates for their individual points in this stage.

Without regrouping the back nine Third Stage Match is 2-Man Best Net Ball with players getting 80% of their course handicap.  Once again each hole is worth 4 points for a total of 36 available to a team in each match.  Team points for the match will be split between teammates for their individual points in this stage.

The winners booty…..members of the winning team get $50 Kash Sweeps per person with $25 Kash Sweeps per person for the runner-up team.  Individual points from matches will be tallied to determine the four team MVPs (top individual point totals) who get 200 Keepers Kup Points and a flashy MVP Medallion.  Second and Third MVP for each team will get 100 and 50 Keepers Kup Points respectively.

Kool Neon Trim Team Hats For 2019

In the League of Superheros Skirmish of 2018, it was Team Batman-Rick Brecher, Chet Levine, Nelson Cohen, Harry Harrison, Sol Gordon, Len Goldman, Steve Lustig, Billy Burack, Don Fisher, and Keith Eig-that prevailed for top team honors.

Come out and enjoy a raucous day of cheering for your teammates in our Keepers Team Kompetition……..slots are limited to 48 players so sign up now.


Registration Full…contact us at


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Keepers Kahootz-Alternate Shot Match Play Series 2019

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The Keepers Kahootz-Alternate Shot Match Play Series is one of our feature events of the year.  It is a chance to step out of your comfort zone and prove your mettle in the game the Scots call Foursomes playing true alternate shot with a partner of your selection.

This folkloric kompetition is played over three weekday evenings over two months where you and a partner of your choice will play 18-hole Alternate Shot matches against other teams playing in the Series.  This is a year-long competition but it is not single elimination so teams are guaranteed of at least three match opportunities over the Series.

Each evening starts at 5:00 in a shotgun start so we can get the 18-hole matches in before the sunlight is gone.  Your team will get 80% of the average of your two handicaps on the course each night-Blue Tees on the South and Gold Tees on the North (Blue/Green Option for those who qualify).

This is true alternate shot-one guy drives on the odd holes, the partner on the even holes playing alternate shot all the way into the cup.  It plays very fast as long as you don’t feel the obligation of apologizing to your partner each time you put him in a bad spot.

The Plumber and The Kommish took the top prize in 2018 by 1/2 a furlong


The scheduled three match nights are May 14th, May 29th, and June 11th.

You do not have to play all three nights to participate in this Series.

The 18-hole matches will be played for 1 point a hole-a total of 18 standings points available per team. For the purpose of the Series Standings we will only count the two best of three possible Two-Ball standing points performances for each team. This mitigates the effect on the standings if a team misses one Series event.

We will poll the teams the week before each scheduled Series Night to determine who is coming and set the matches accordingly.   Keepers Points Payouts are garnered for the winner of each Alt-Shot Series match (50 Keepers points per man for a win and 25 per man for a tie).

The Final Series Standings will be based on your teams best two match performances after the three Alt-Shot Series matches-so you only need to play in two matches to have a chance to advance.

The top four teams in the Standings advance to the Final Fore for the championship playoff to determine the Keepers Kahootz Alternate Shot Match Play Series champion.  The scheduling of the championship playoff will be left open to accommodate the four qualifying teams with a drop dead date of August 18, 2019.

Aside from Keepers Points for each series match win or tie, Keepers Kash Sweeps and additional Keepers Points will be paid out to each team in the Final Fore based on their finish after the championship dust settles.  These ethereal trophies go to the winning team as well.

This vintage hardware awaits the two winners


If you are interested please sign up early….field will be limited to 24 teams.


Click Keepers Kosher K To Sign Up For the Keepers Kahootz:

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Keepers Pro Schmo 2019-Results

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In the face of threatening weather, over 40 Keepers showed up to stage our annual Keepers Pro Schmo with a little help from 8 of their virtual friends.  Playing the “New North” the Keepers got to experience the changes to the front nine green complexes that have been under wraps all winter.

Top honors in the National League Division went to Ron “Big Sky” Hirschel who teamed with fiesty Ian Poulter to shoot Net 61 on their better ball.  Tied second with Net 62 were Steve “Gordo” Gordon/Jon Rahm and Guy “Parfait” Berliner/Phil Mickelson.

In the American League it was Mike “Not Lew” Selis who carried Kevin Kisner on his back on their way to a shooting Net 62 to win their division.    A bit of a traffic jam developed in second place with Net 63 involving Steve “Peleton” Lustig/Kiradech Aphibarnrat, Len “The Plumber” Goldman/Justin Harding, and Bobby “Jack Lalanne” Fogel/Kiradech Aphibarnrat.  Fortunately no air bags were deployed.

(Click to see the full field Pro-Schmo Results and Prizes)


The Net Pars or Better Kash Game raised the first $350 toward The Keepers year-end military charity donations and paid out some walk around Kash Money to six Keepers who led this kompetition.

Net Pars or Better Payouts:

1st  Ron Hirschel 24 Points  $100 kash

T-2nd Paul Cohen and  Mike Selis 20 Points $75 kash each

T-4th Len Goldman, Sol Gordon, and Rich Greenberg 19 Points $30 kash each


The season ramps up quickly as we move into May with a Four-Club, Kolor War, and the first two of the Alt-Shot Series matches coming your way.  Stay tuned for the announcements and sign ups over the next few weeks.  Thanks to all who participated in kicking off our 12th Keepers Season.

Keepers Four Club 2019

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Next up  from the Keepers Schedule is our traditional Spring Four Club Event on Wednesday evening May 1st.  With after work Tee Times from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m., this is a 9-hole event where you play the front of the South with four clubs of your choice….and yes the putter is one of the four, unless you intend to “Keith” or “Billy” putt with your Sand Iron or Driver respectively.  You get 90% of your handicap and the Blue/Green Tee Option is available for those who qualify.


Pick em with care!!!

This is always a fun event and your kritical thinking on club selection for the day is krucial to your success.  This might require some on the ground research to determine exactly what four implements will best suit your distances on the front of the South.


Paul “Pablo” Cohen toasting his win in 2018


Event Prizing:

Keepers Kup Points to the top (5)-1st 150, 2nd 120, 3rd 90, 4th 60, 5th 30

Kash Sweeps to the top (3)-1st $100, 2nd $50, 3rd $25


This event challenges you to play outside your komfort zone, but you may be surprised how effective you can be if you pick the right implements.  Don’t get shut out of this fun and entertaining 9-hole game after work.

Sign up now through the Kosher K below:

Registration closed…contact Moe



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Par Three Tournament-2019

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With a name like “Throwback Threes” you might think the Woodmont Par Three Tournament this year was a compilation of replica holes of Ross, Raynor, Tillinghast, and MacKenzie of the “Golden Age of Golf Course Architecture”.  But with holes named after things like Pet Rocks, Flip Hairdoos, Mood Rings, and Bell Bottoms it is more likely to harken back memories of those “Halcyon Days” of your youth.

The Woodmont Par Three has become one of the most popular events of the year as it attracts over 100 participants-men, women, and qualified juniors- to compete in two divisions based on total team handicaps.  It will be played on Sunday April 28th with assigned Tee Times between 7:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

This year the design firm of D & F Associates have fashioned 18 unique Par 3 holes from the Zoysia fields of the South Golf Course.  With holes ranging 70 to 190 yards and two sets of tees on each hole, you will find approach angles into the greens from places you could not imagine.   You have never seen your course look or play like this….these holes will challenge your creativity and the full array of arrows in your quiver.

#1 Hookah unfurls from the Back Tee on the South’s first hole to the left SID Green

Grab your buddies, your spouses, or your kids and assemble your own 4-Person Team to play in this Step-Aside Scramble format.  The individual challenge is made slightly easier by the fact that your result does not have to count on each shot.  To make the kompetition fun for everyone, we split the field into two flights based on the team scramble handicap assigned to each team.  There will be Gross and Net Prizes in each flight once again this year.

#5 Fondue-Tempts you with a play from the solitude of the 7th Fairway across the pond into the back of the 5th Green.  No cheese in this one!

As you can see below, it took excellent team play to take home the Monopoly Sweeps in 2018.  For the Community Chest Flight the veteran crew of Gene Sachs, Matt Bergman, Andy Friedlander, and Steve Block took the gross prize with 43.  The net winner in this division with 42.9 was the team of Joe Scheffres, Mike Bobys, Neal Bobys, and Paul Cohen.  In the Chance Flight Rick Brecher, Nathan Greenbaum, Howard Isaacson, and Ron Edlavitch teamed up for 47 to win the gross and the team of Mike Fisher, Bernie Greenbaum, Ronnie Greenbaum, and Peter Jessel finished the “Greenbaum Sweep” and carded 44 to win the net.

Besides the sweeps prizes for all winners, there are serious Keepers Kup Points going to our guys in the top five finishing groups with Keepers.  So gather some friends and sign up your four-person squad for Throwback Threes through the Woodmont Golf Registration portal by clicking the Peace Sign below.

Click to register for Throwback Threes thru Golf Registration


(Click to review the downloadable hole listing)

(Click to review the course map with Regular and Forward Tees)

(Click to see a downloadable Yardage Book for the Par Three Course)

Keepers Pro-Schmo 2019

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The Keepers Kampaign for 2019 opens with our annual Keepers Pro-Schmo on Sunday April 14th where our guys will be playing in a low impact Two-Man Best Ball with a Virtual Pro score from Thursday’s round at Augusta.

Play begins with assigned tee times from 8:30 to 10:30 am with 90% handicap from the Gold Tees on the New North Course.  The Blue/Green Combo Tee option is available to players whose Handicap Index plus their Age is greater than or equal to 92.  Keep in mind that dependent on the weather, it is likely to be Cart Path Only that day.

We expect to have our customary large turn out so we will split the field into two divisions playing for two sets of prizes.  The American League will be Keepers with Handicap Indexes of 14.9 or less and the National League comprised of those with Handicap Indexes of 15 or higher.  Prizes for winners include Keepers Kash Sweeps to the top three and Keepers Kup Points for the top five finishing net team scores.

Using AI and our patented Keepers Random Eight Selection methodology, players pick one of (8) pro partner’s scores from Thursday’s round at The Masters. The Pro’s hole-by-hole score is posted to par on the North Course and they play a virtual best ball between the Pro Partner’s gross score and the Keeper Schmo’s net score on each hole.

In 2018 we had a full tee sheet and four hungry Keepers, March Birnbaum, Phil Cantor, Steve Lustig, and Artie Aronoff, tied first in the American League Division with efficient Net 60’s to split Kup Points and Kash Sweeps.  In the National League Division Gary Faigen teamed with a rejuvenated Tiger Woods to steal the top spot with Net 58 scoring 300 Keepers Kup Points and $100 in Kash Sweeps.

Father Faigen, with Eldrick looking on, points the way to victory in the National Division


There will also be a voluntary Players Pool Kash Kompetition-Pars or Better-for those who are interested in a side game.  As is our tradition, half the $20 entry toll goes to fund our combined military kontributions at the end of the year to the Folds of Honor Foundation, SMGA Wounded Veterans, Israeli Defense Fund Veterans, and Links To Freedom Program.

Field is limited to the first 48 Keepers who sign up, so don’t tarry….sign up by clicking the Kosher K below.


Event Sign Up Closed  Email

Keepers Last Supper 2018

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Around 50 Keepers and friends gathered at the Chatter Chabad in Chevy Chase for the Maariv Service and this year’s Keepers Last Supper Celebration.  With the help of Reb Alan Bubes we were able to konvince Tony Kornheiser and Gary Williams to provide the evening’s entertainment with a Q & A kovering an array of topics of interest to our guys.

Tony and Gary handled a barrage of sports questions from our guys and the discussions lasted over an hour.  Most interestingly it seemed that two-thirds of the questions were about Terp Basketball in particular and College and Pro Hoops in general, which meant the lions share of the responses were in Gary’s court.

One of the few times Tony actually got to field a question…..yes he thinks Tiger will win twice in the next year


Keepers in rapt attention to the details….


Except maybe Sol who was clearly focusing on the meal ahead…..Sol will be Sol…


Richard took a moment to remind Santa’s helper that he really wants a high end performance car for Hannukah…


Gary kollecting himself while he tries to identify the best players to play for him during his storied coaching career at Lafayette, Boston College, Ohio State, and, of course, Maryland where he won a National Championship!


What…another question for Gary!!


Tony did get his moments though…..informing us that it is unlikely that Bryce Harper is worth $400 million to the Nats…..or anyone else!!


Click to listen to minutes 5 to 15….Tony’s humble account of the Keeper Q & A Session…. from his podcast the next morning


The Chatter food was fabulous….including the crab cakes and pigs in a blanket, standards at all Jewish celebratory functions and a robust low-calorie dinner buffet and some sweeeeeet mini-desserts…….

All the food groups were covered…including 50 Shades of Chocolate


After dinner we had an informal presentation of Woodmont’s hosting of the 2020 USGA Women’s Am from Double-D and Billy Burak.  They discussed the rationale of the club in pursuing this prestigious event and the opportunity to support the effort through the 1913 Campaign.  Over $80,000 has been raised already from Woodmont members with a goal of getting 150 families to support the effort.   You can get more information on this campaign by reaching out to Ron Bubes and Joann DiMeglio, the committee chairs.


David makes the pitch and distributes the chips….


Then of course it was time to give out the hardware from this year’s Keepers Kompetitions.


Konnor handled the duties of introducing the winners


Moe Mish and Len The Plumber took the Alt Shot Series by nose…


Howie Stein get a chuckle as Konnor presents him the distinguished Wedgewood Match Play Trophy


Howie had to beat load of single digit guys to win the Augusta Bracket before claiming the big prize


A nod and a wink from Rich “Kojak” Greenberg who won the Shinnecock Flight and finished second after his final’s match with Howie



Richard Goldstein dominated the Carnoustie Flight before losing to Kojak in the semis


Eddie Cohen took the extra base to win the Bellerive Flight before meeting Howie in the other semi-final match


Don Fisher stormed to victory in the Keepers Finale with a net 67….



Last year’s Kup Champion Paul “Pablo” Cohen recounts the length and breadth of the accomplishments of this year’s winner Marc Birnbaum


Marc “Birnie” Birnbaum dominating the last quarter of the season winning the Lead Dog Trophy as well as the kovetted Keepers Kup


The Kopper Hardware went to the year-long Keepers Kup top three-Marc Birnbaum, Don Fisher, and Howard Wollner respectively


Click to read Doc Keller’s annual poetic kontribution to the Keepers Last Supper

All in all the Keepers Last Supper was a festive evening of celebration of our 11th Year of The Keepers.  Special thanks to Konnor Farrell for all his work through the year.  We also thank the folks at Chatter for hosting this event and Tony Kornheiser and Gary Williams for lending their expertise to the evening’s program.