Keepers Match Play 2015

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Keepers and GavelThe Keepers Match Play is a year-long single elimination version of March Madness which pits each of our guys against each other over the course of the season in search of one Keeper who will stand tall over all others as Match Play Champion.  There is one match a month…. win to move on…..lose return to your locker room cubicle despondent.

The matches are set by the Copyright Pending Stewart Cherner Equitable Match Seeding Formula which insures that players of similar handicaps compete against each other in the Play-In, First Round, and Second Round matches.  With 74 guys filling a grid of 64 there are 10 Play-In matches made up of the new Keepers and guys of similar handicap who did not have Play-In matches last year.  These Play-In Matches will be played on the North Course between April 1st and April 26th.

The 32 first round matches for the entire grid are to be played on the South Course (once it is open) on or before May 17th.  It is the responsibility of each pair of kompetitors to find a time to play their match at their earliest convenience.

WARNING:  The deadline is closer than it seems.

Remember that the Keepers Match Play Policy is that there are no extensions granted for the deadline of matches.  If kompetitors cannot agree on a time to play the first round match by May 17th they will both be forfeited and out of the kompetition.  There is no calling the Commish asking for an exception.

Match Rules:

-18 holes played under USGA rules pertaining to Match Play. Rulings or disputes will be decided by David or another Golf Professional

-Played on the course designated in the grid for each round from the Gold Tee (North) or Blue Tee (South)

-90% of the current course handicaps stroked off the low ball

-If a Keeper is authorized to play the Green Tee under the Keepers Senior Policy they may choose to play the Green Tee using their Green Tee Course handicap and do not have to give back any further adjustment to the other player.

-Ties after 18 holes must return to the 1st tee for a sudden-death playoff

-It is the responsibility of the winner indicate match result on the Match Play Grid on the Keepers Bulletin Board in the men’s locker room

There are links below for printable copies of the Keepers Match Play Grid and the Match End Dates for all rounds.

Good luck…..may the best Keeper prevail!

(Click to see the Keepers Match Play Grid)

(Click to see the Match End Dates)


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