Keepers Match Play Results 2020

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This year’s Keepers Match Play was a full-fledged five-match handicaped flighted affair.  Each of the five flights represented a tight range of handicaps which meant that in almost none of the four matches it took to win a bracket more than a handful of shots were being given.  This led to lots and lots of nail biting, tension laden outcomes for the participants trying to get a krack at the winner’s kash sweeps and the handsome plaques displayed below.

In the First Tee Flight the final match would have pitted two of our lowest handicaps in The Keepers with Howie “The Quiet Assassin” Stein vs Mike “The Coach” Fisher in an eagerly anticipated match-up.  Unfortunately, due to unreconcilable scheduling issues, the match did not materialize and they decided to call it a tie and split the sweeps.


SMGA Flight

Winner-       Yale “Truth and Light” Kaplan   $125 Kash Sweeps and The Plaque

Runner-Up- Allen “Zee” Zweig                        $50 Kash Sweeps

Links To Freedom Flight

Winner-       Burt “Kuddly Bear” Feldman    $125 Kash Sweeps and The Plaque

Runner-Up- Phil “Shomer” Schulman          $50 Kash Sweeps


Friends of the IDF Flight

Winner-       Neal “Found My Putting Stroke” Bobys   $125 Kash Sweeps and The Plaque

Runner-Up- Bernie “Cousin” Greenbaum                      $50 Kash Sweeps

Folds of Honor Flight

Winner-       Alan “Terripan Station” Schwartz            $125 Kash Sweeps and The Plaque

Runner-Up- Rick “Father of Sunkist” Cohen                 $50 Kash Sweeps

Kongratulations to our bracket champions and thanks to all 80 of the Keepers who participated in this year’s riveting Keepers Match Play.

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