Keepers Pro-Schmo 2022

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Masters LogoWe will open the Keepers Kampaign for 2022 by bringing back an old favorite that we have not seen since 2019, the Keepers Pro-Schmo, a low impact Two-Man Team Kompetition where you play a best ball with a Virtual Pro score from Sunday’s final round The Masters.

What could be more fun then playing best ball with Rory, Jon, Jordan, Dustin, Justin, Scottie, Colin, or Brooks?

We will provide you with a scorecard a couple of days before the event which will have your Pro’s hole-by-hole Augusta score posted to par on the North Course.  You will play a virtual best ball between your Virtual Pro Partner’s gross score and your Schmo net score on each hole.

As is our custom we will split the field into two divisions playing for two sets of prizes.  The American Division will be Keepers with Handicap Indexes of 15.0 or less and the National Division comprised of those with Handicap Indexes of 15.1 or higher.  Prizes for winners include Keepers Kash Sweeps and Keepers Kup Points for the top five finishing Team Best Ball scores in each division.

If you are in the American Division you will have a choice of playing the Gold Tee or the Gold/Green Combo Tee in your event round with the appropriate 90% handicap from the tee of your choice.  The National Division players will choose between playing the Gold/Green Combo Tee or the Green Tee with the corresponding 90% handicap.

A scorecard with your designated Virtual Pro will be emailed to you before the event starts with lists of the American and National participants and the two event handicaps you have to choose from.  You can make your tee selection and dot your card accordingly for the strokes you get.  Once you have finished your event round just take a photo of the card and email it or text it to Moe to record your team’s event score.

Sign up for the event through the Kosher K below and your Virtual Pro Partner will be assigned by our artificial intelligence algorithm based on the random number you pick between 1 and 8 when you register.

It will be your responsibility to schedule your event round on the North Course, preferably with at least one other Keeper, between Wednesday May 13th and Wednesday May 20th.


Registration Is Closed For This Event


Keepers and Gavel
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