Keepers Kup Playoffs Zoysia Phase 2022-Results

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Keepers KupThe Keepers Kampaign came to a glorious konclusion on a beautiful Indian summer day on our North Course as we witnessed kompelling play across a field of 40 kompetitors.

Two worthy champions were krowned today, Phil “Moses” Schulman and Ray “You Can Call Me..” Thal, who dominated their American and National Divisions respectively over the last two months of the season.

Phil Schulman Kup and Lead Dog
Phil has his hands full with media appearances based on very konsistent performances across all genres this year.
Ray Thal Kup
Ray klearly takes to the kompetitive kauldron as witnessed by his stunning performance in the Bent Phase to put a hammer lock on the National’s Kopper Kup

The American Division filled out the top five spots with Rich “Kojak” Greenberg, Barry “The Barrister” Haberman, Arnie “20/20” Miller, and Len “The Plumber” Goldman.

Keepers Kup American Division 2022

The Nationals saw drama down to the wire as Steve “So What Are We Playing For” Keller slid into second place followed by Neal “I Found My Putting Stroke” Bobys, Alan “Terp Station” Schwartz, and Arthur “Getting The Hang Of This” Dubin.

Keepers Kup National Division 2022

The Zoysia Phase fostered only three guys breaking par today so it took focus and a hot putter to bring home the Kup Points and Sweeps for the final event.

In the American Division Arnie “20/20” Miller and Moe “Kommish” Dweck bested the field by 5 shots on the way to a pair of Gross 81-Net 69’s to take top honors.  Arnie slammed his foot to the floor in the final lap with birdie-birdie-par on the last three holes.  Moe put an early round hiccup behind him carding a birdie and ten pars and playing one-over for the last six holes.  Allen Zweig and Phil Malet tied third with Net 74 and Marc Birnbaum, Paul Cohen, and Rick Payes klosed out the American money with Net 75.

Zoysia Phase American Results 2022

Steve Keller knew what he was playing for as he won the National Division by 5 furlongs with a Gross 81-Net 67.  This was an end-to-end performance with pars on the first three and last three holes and a total of 11 pars and a birdie worthy of top money.  Steve Gordon and Mark A. Goldstein took second with Net 72s, followed by a troupe at 73 that included Ray Thal, Neal Bobys, Bobby Fogel, and Alan Schwartz.

Zoysian Phase National Results 2022

Kongratulations to our Keepers Kup Champions and the top finishers in the two divisions as well as our winners in the Zoysia Phase.

Special thanks to Cody for all of his efforts across the year in helping herd the kats and administer our Keepers Season.

Click to see full field results

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