The Keepers Registration 2023

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The sixteenth year of The Keepers is in for a bit of a facelift.  We are slimming down the program profile a tinch to make it a bit more manageable but we promise it will still deliver plenty of opportunity for fun with your friends that you have come to expect.

The Keepers Season will be anchored by of our two signature year-long kompetitions, The Keepers Match Play and The Keepers Pairs Alt Shot Match Play.  We will also have five individual full-field Keepers events, about one a month from April through August, with designated tee times featuring innovative formats to be held on Thursday afternoons or Friday mornings.  Our season will konclude with a spanking new 36-man team event called the Keepers Loop Invitational to be held in late September on our new Par 3 facility.  This should bring back festive memories of The Keepers Kolor Wars of years past.

We are increasing the Kash Sweeps payouts for all of our Keepers events, extending prizes to the top 8 finishers rather then the top 5 in each division as has been our tradition.  Most of these events will have separate American and National Divisions based on handicap indexes with separate prizing and all will allow participants the option of playing from two different tees in each division with corresponding event handicaps based on your tee of choice. 

This year there will be kash sweeps paid out for every match win in the two year-long match play kompetitions.  The Loop Invitational will be laden with plenty of kash sweeps winnings for individual as well as team performances.  Overall the Kash Sweeps payouts for the year will be $12,500, up over 20% from last year.

Registration for the two year-long match play kompetitions will go out by email in January and sign-ups for the monthly Keepers Events will be emailed about two weeks before each one.  Kualifying for the Keepers Loop Invitational will be based on your year long performances in all of our Kepeers events-so it will behoove you to play often and play well.

Keepers Kommunity Service Initiatives will continue, supporting charities like The First Tee, Friends of the IDF Vets, SMGA-Wounded Veterans, and Links To Freedom with annual donations.  Closer to home we will support the Woodmont Employees Assistance Program, our annual Greens and Grounds/Golf Staff kook-out, Alzheimer’s Event, and Morgan Pressel Breast Cancer Event.  We hope to add an outside speakers event for our members as well.  

The major change for 2023 is we will no longer have our year-long Keepers Kup Kompetitions.  Though you will be encouraged to play in Woodmont golf events like Opening Day, Member Guest, Two-Man Team,  Senior Championship, Couples Events and the like, there will no longer be Keepers Kup Points for participating or finishing in the top five of these events.  There will no longer be Keepers Kup Points for play in our Keepers events either, strictly Keepers Kash Sweeps for top eight division performers in our events.  This eliminates having to track these Keepers play in these Woodmont events or keep up standings throughout the year.

The Keepers fee for the year remains the same $380, which will be billed to your Woodmont account at the beginning of the 2023 golf season.  This will fund our annual budget that pays for our event prizes and hardware, Keepers Klothing for each member, our support of worthy organizations through our Kommunity Service Initiatives, and other initiatives through the year.  

Please click on The Keepers Gavel below to register your participation in The Keepers for 2023.


Keepers and Gavel
Registration Closed-Call Moe


(Click to see who has registered for The Keepers for 2023)

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