Keepers Beat-The-Pro 2015-Results

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Keepers and GavelThe atmosphere was near manic in front of the scoreboard at today’s Keepers Beat-The-Pro event….the leaderboard looked like the Nasdaq Exchange being hacked by Chinese IT interns….with the leader changing with every group being posted.  32 Keepers teed it up in a match against a virtual pro score from Thursday’s Memorial at Jack’s Place.  Keepers got 110% of their handicap earning 3 points for each hole won and 1 point for each hole tied.  The pace of play was a bit sluggish due to cart path only and virtual pros taking long looks at their virtual yardage books.

When the screens stopped flashing and the put and call slips were swept up from the exchange floor Eddie “Phil” Cohen and Paul “Found My Groove” Cohen had thrashed Nick Watney and Rickie Fowler respectively garnering a winning total of 33 points to tie for first.  Steve “Trente” Lustig’s cup overflowed winning 32 points against Rickie and taking third place.  Tied for fourth with 28 pts were Ron “Tee It Forward” Edlavitch dusting Dustin Johnson and Len “The Plumber” Goldman beating on Rickie again.

Special thanks to Marcus “Stretchman” Elliot and his operatives for the soothing pre-game prep for our guys today.

The Bootie:

T-1st  Eddie Cohen and Paul Cohen  250 Keepers Kup Points and $75 Kash Sweeps each

3rd  Steve Lustig 150 Keepers Kup Points and $25 Kash Sweeps

T-4th  Ron Edlavitch and Len Goldman 75 Keepers Kup Points each

(Click to see the full results on the Beat-The-Pro Saturday Keepers)


In the Folds of Honor/SMGA-Wounded Warriors Players Pool Kash Game the format was net best ball on the hardest nine holes on the South-handicap holes 1 through 9.  Eddie Cohen and Steve Lustig shot net 34 on the King Kong nine to win $90 each in first money.  Ron Edlavitch posted a 35 for third place to win $60.  Tied fourth with 37-earning their $20 back-were the big three Ron “The Defender” Greenbaum, Ron “Saxa” Kleinman, and Howard “Take That” Postal.

Another $310 was added from the proceeds to the Players Pool Pot for this year’s donation to the Folds of Honor Foundation and SMGA-Wounded Warriors organizations.

(Click to see all the scores from today’s Players Pool Kompetition)


Eddie "Phil" Cohen tied 1st Place
Eddie “Phil” Cohen thumbs up-tied 1st Place








With Paul "Found My Groove" Cohen
With Paul “Found My Groove” Cohen at 33
Steve "Trente" Lustig drawing attention with  3rd
Steve “Trente” Lustig drawing attention to 32 and 3rd

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