Par Three Tournament 2015-Results

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The Courthouse Winds were up for Northern Exposure, the 2015 Woodmont Par Three Tournament, contested today by 100 men and women over a 2041 Yard Par 54 track designed by D & D & W Associates.  33 Keepers were part of the kompetion which was played as a Step-Back Scramble for both Gross and Net Prizes.

The Keepers team of Rusty “Joe D” Minkoff, Alan “The Hanging Judge” Levine, and Jim “Boom Boom” Polsky torched the field with both the low gross and low net scores for the day with 46 and 40.9 respectively.  As you can imagine they were hitting it close and making the putts with 8 birdies over the 18 holes.  In the post game interview Joe D said they were never close to making a bogie getting top performances throughout their line up.  As you can see, our flag was well represented as three other teams with Keepers finished in the money.

(Click to review the Par Three Tournament Results)

Impact to the Keepers Kup Standings was significant as the top five net finishing scores with Keepers on the squad shared the Kup Points.  The standings through two events can be viewed by clicking the Keepers Kup Standings link to the right.

Keepers Results:

1st Low Net:  Rusty Minkoff, Alan Levine, and Jim Polsky   300 points per man

2nd Low Net: Mike Fisher  200 points

3rd Low Net: Richard Goldstein and Rich Sussman  150 points per man

4th Low Net: Moe Dweck, Keith Eig, and Rick Brecher  100 points per man

5th Low Net: Arthur Blitz, Paul Cohen, Neal Bobys, and Ken Brooks

Par Three Scoreboard 1Par Three Scoreboard 2

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      I apologize for this. It has been removed from our site.

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